Crazy Expensive Celebrity Houses – Only Millionaires Could Afford! MASTER

Kamala Harris – West End, Washington ($1.85 Million)

History setter Kamala Harris became the first-ever woman of color to be Vice President of the USA in 2021. Previously, she was the senator of California, so it is here that we have found her previous residence. She did, however, live in a two-bedroom apartment in the West End neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The abode sprawled across 1,700 square feet with an elegant interior and large glass windows. Harris sold the house for $1.85 million. Since becoming Vice President, she’s been a resident at Number One Observatory Circle in Washington.

Hillary Clinton – New York ($1.7 Million)

The 67th United States secretary of state, politician, and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, owns an impressive home in Washington, D.C. The abode is co-owned with her husband, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Their Whitehaven christened house is a ’50s-built Georgian-style home.

Hillary and Bill also own a $1.7 million Dutch-colonial-style residence in the Chappaqua area of New York. The house, bought in 1999, has many rooms, a pool, and all the modern facilities any ex-president could want. The Clintons divide their time between the houses. Hillary’s book, “State of Terror,” was published in 2021.

Donald Trump Jr. – Florida ($49 Million)

Donald Trump Jr. is the 45th President of the United States of America’s son. He sold his $8.14 million Bridgehampton house to buy a luxurious $9.7 million mansion in Jupiter, Florida, in 2021. Seeking a peaceful area to live in, he moved to this new abode with his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Aside from the earlier mentioned places, Trump Jr. once lived in a Palm Beach mansion. It is located next to the Mar-a-Lago Beach Club. In March 2021, the New York Post reported that the oceanfront home was up for sale at a whopping $49 million.

Ivanka Trump – Indian Creek Island ($30 Million)

Ivanka Trump and her family settled down on Indian Creek Island after leaving Washington, D.C., following her father’s loss in the 2021 presidential elections. The private and gated island called “Billionaire’s Bunker” is not new to hosting several millionaires, with Ivanka being a recent addition to the list.

Ivanka bought a vast $30-million lot on the island with her American investor husband, Jared Kushner. Of course, her new home is just an hour away from Mar-a-Lago! She appeared in a TV special documentary, “Love & the Constitution,” in February 2022.

Barack and Michelle Obama – Kalorama ($8.1 Million)

The Obamas are perhaps one of the most powerful couples ever to grace the White House. When they moved from the house on the hill in 2016, they moved into an $8.1 million, 8,200-square-foot mansion in Kalorama. The three-story abode has eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, tall windows, and chimneys.

Barack and Michelle spend most of their vacation days at his 29-acre abode on Martha’s Vineyard. It cost them around $11.7 million in 2019. Barrack was on the receiving end in 2021 when he celebrated his 60th birthday with many guests at the mansion.

Rachael Ray – The Hamptons ($3.25 Million)

Over the years, celebrity chef Rachael Ray has won many hearts with her delicacies. She has had a successful career as a producer of popular cooking shows such as “30 Minute Meals.” This TV chef has invested massively in real estate.

Together with her husband, John Cusimano, they decided to go for an elegant, grand summer home. The house is fitted with a white living area and two beautifully designed kitchens. Unfortunately, in 2020, the house burned down, and the couple rebuilt it and later sold it for $3.25 million. In 2021, Ray appeared on “Entertainment Tonight” and on the TV series “The View.”

Kelly Ripa – Manhattan ($27 Million)

“All My Children” star Kelly Ripa has had a good name and reputation in the film industry. Apart from her roles, she’s also a co-host of the show “Live! With Kelly and Ryan.” Her acting prowess earned her the honor of receiving her sixth daytime Emmy Award in 2019.

Together with her husband, Mark Consuelos, they purchased their Manhattan abode in 2013. This $27 million house covers about 7,796 square feet of space. The couple enjoys its magnificent features with their three children. In 2021, Ripa starred in the film “Exhumed.”

Richard Simmons – Beverly Hills ($6.07 Million)

Richard Simmons is a fitness and healthy-living enthusiast who is as eccentric and flamboyant as they come. He owns several homes, one of them being the beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. When he purchased the house in 1982, it went for $670K. It has risen to a value of over $6.07 million.

This wellness guru enjoys a beautiful view of the Hollywood Hills, a black bottom pool, and a two-story miniature version of his home outside the main entrance door. Simmons appeared in the 2022 documentary “King Cake: The Joie de Vivre.”

Reba McEntire – Tennessee ($7.9 Million)

Country music star Reba McEntire is a household name in the American music industry. She has a soulful voice that lights up every part of the world. In fact, in 2022, she commenced her global tour to continue blessing her fans with her angelic voice and songs.

McEntire lives a luxurious life in a Tennessee home that sits on 13,000 square feet worth $7.9 million. Though the house is vast on an 83-acre estate, this musician rests her head in a plush home in Beverly Hills. In 2021, the “Dear Rodeo” hitmaker released her 34th album, “Revived, Remixed, Revisited.”

Elizabeth Warren – Cambridge ($3 Million)

Elizabeth Warren is a well-known politician for her incredible work as Massachusetts’ Senior Senator. She’s married to Bruce Mann, who has vast experience and a successful real estate career. The couple lives in their two estates.

One of their common estates is the Cambridge home, which has a value of over $3 million. Warren enjoys a fortune of over $12 million and the privileges of her home with her husband. The house has a Victorian style, sitting on 3,700 square feet, more than enough for this lovely couple. In 2021, she published “Pinkie Promises.”

Tucker Carlson – Washington, D.C. ($2 Million)

Tucker Carlson is a prominent figure in the American media industry. He’s a TV personality and political commentator who has been hosting a political talk show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” since 2016. He bought the house in 2011 when it went for $2 million.

They listed the house later in 2020, asking for $3.95 million. This house had valuable features like five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a home gym, and an outdoor swimming pool. After selling the house, he purchased another worth $2 million miles away. Carlson appeared in the TV series “Jesse Watters Primetime” in January 2022.

Ron Howard – Connecticut ($27.5 Million)

This Connecticut mansion only calls for people with the pedigree of director and actor Ron Howard. The $200-million rich man spent around $27.5 million to own this massive six-bedroom, tennis court, and gigantic indoor pool home. The mansion with a private lake perfectly balances the calm and the bustle of life, being neither in the city nor in the suburbs.

Over the years, Howard has been involved in many projects, like “Happy Days,” “Angels and Demons,” and “A Beautiful Mind.” The Motion Picture Sound Editors honored him in December 2021 at the 69th MPSE Golden Reel Awards with its annual Filmmaker Award.

Jack Nicholson – Malibu ($3.5 Million)

For over five decades, actor Jack Nicholson has graced our screens, working on projects like “The Bucket List” and “The Shining.” His $400 million fortune has enabled him to own a few estates. He lived in this $3.5 million, two-home Malibu property, which he later sold.

Nicholson’s home had a main house and a caretaker’s house. It was built back in the ’60s with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a gorgeous ocean view. The veteran actor appears in public occasionally, appearing in the series “Hollywood Insider” in 2021. In 2022, he was spotted at a Lakers game.

Kaley Cuoco – Hidden Hills, California, ($12 Million)

Penny of “The Big Bang Theory,” as many fans would know Kaley Cuoco, is the role that drove her to prominence. She’s a regular face and well-known personality in Hollywood, having worked on “8 Simple Rules,” “The Wedding Ringer,” and the 2020 series, “The Flight Attendant.”

As Cuoco continues to look for that one true love, she jointly built this lovely $12 million “monochrome” California mansion in Hidden Hills with her former billionaire heir-husband, Karl Cook. The colossal home has exquisite furnishings and a horse ranch. She’s Cassie Bowden in the ongoing TV series “The Flight Attendant.”

Adam Sandler – Los Angeles ($12 Million)

Some stars come around to shake the entertainment industry for good, and one such character is Adam Sandler. He has captivated audiences in films such as “That’s My Boy,” “Grown Ups,” and “Just Go with It.” Sandler produced “Home Team” in January 2022.

Of course, as one of the biggest names in the industry, Sandler’s fortune has grown to about $420 million. He can use it to buy whatever luxury estate he wants, including his Los Angeles house. Purchased in 2014, it is worth $12 million. It’s surrounded by forests and has enchanting Hawaiian fountains.

Lori Loughlin – Hidden Hills, California ($9.5 Million)

The role of Rebecca “Aunt Becky” Donaldson Katsopolis in “Full House” and its reboot, “Fuller House,” thrust Lori Loughlin into the limelight. Other works by her include “Secret Admirer,” “When Hope Calls,” and “Christmas Makeover.” In 2020, she and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, made news from buying a massive Hidden Hills, California mansion.

Loughlin spent about $9.5 million on the 2019 completed architectural masterpiece. The home covers a 12,000-square-foot area and comes with nine bedrooms and six bathrooms. In January 2022, she mourned the loss of her former “Full House” co-star, Bob Saget.

Kyra Sedgwick – Los Angeles ($2.5 Million)

Easily recognizable from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Kyra Sedgwick has also done other projects. She’s been involved with “The Edge of Seventeen,” “The Closer,” and “The Game Plan.” Nothing slows her down, as she starred in the 2021 TV series “Call Your Mother” as Jean Raines.

Sedgwick and her husband, Kevin Bacon, live in Los Angeles, in the Los Feliz area. Their $2.5 million, 2,760-square-foot house was bought in 2012. It has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a gym, and a home office. The home also has an expansive garden with a swimming pool.

Amanda Holden – Cotswolds ($1.18 Million)

Amanda Holden, singer and judge of “Britain’s Got Talent,” has some houses registered in her name. She owns a bungalow in Surrey and a $1.18-million cottage in the Cotswolds. Her love for interior design allows her to decorate the houses as she wants and knows how!

The cottage has bold and vibrant color paintings with beautiful flowers and plants bordering the exterior. Her posted pictures show a music room and a decorated bar with bubble lights. Holden was in the news for Simon Cowell’s “surprise” engagement and as a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions in 2022.

Ben Stiller – New York ($15.3 Million)

Ben Stiller’s acting and comedic careers peaked in the early ’00s, winning him many accolades. He was prominent in “Meet the Parents,” “Zoolander,” and “Night at the Museum.” Though still very active, he and his wife, Christine Taylor, moved back to New York and placed their $11.5 million Los Angeles home up for sale.

Stiller splurged $15.3 million in 2016, as per the Observer. The residence is a house-sized, high-floor condo located in an ultra-luxurious complex in West Village, New York. In 2021, Stiller appeared in the film “Locked Down.”

Diana Ross – Greenwich ($14.4 Million)

For years, one hit after the other has made Diana Ross an icon in the music world. She belted out hits like “Endless Love,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” and “If We Hold On Together.” Not tired of music yet, she released her latest album in November 2021, “Thank You.”

Ross lives in a castle-like $7.3 million Greenwich home that she bought in 2006. It has since gone up in value, standing at around $14.4 million in 2022. The massive 12,562-square-foot estate has 11 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a waterfront villa, a spiral staircase, a tennis court, and a pool.

Jessica Biel – New York City ($29 Million)

The most famous celebrities have never been shy about owning residences in New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world. What do you know? Jessica Biel is one such star. Together with her legendary singer-songwriter husband, Justin Timberlake, they bought a $20.2 million, 5,375-square-foot Manhattan penthouse in the city in 2017.

Biel and Timberlake reportedly sold the house for $29 million in 2022. Of course, the penthouse came with all the facilities they needed, like a New York skyline view, a Turkish spa, a rooftop garden, a swimming pool, and a kids’ playroom.

Rebel Wilson – New York ($2.95 Million)

Apparently, New York City has a pull on most celebrities. Not to be left behind, Rebel Wilson took her chance to grow her impressive $16-million portfolio of residences. Apart from her $2.95 million, two-story West Hollywood home, she owns a two-bedroom New York penthouse, purchased at $2.95 million in 2017.

The internationally acclaimed “Pitch Perfect” and “Bachelorette” star lives in her Greenwich, 1,343-square-foot flat. The apartment comes with a luxurious and private indoor pool and exclusive building services. Wilson was seen in the show “Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking” in 2021.

Simon Cowell – Beverly Hills ($29 Million)

Multi-tasking seems to be one of the strengths of Simon Cowell. He’s been a judge and executive producer of “Britain’s Got Talent,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The X Factor.” He loves developing talents, earning him the tag ‘celebrity maker.’ Some groups that owe him a big-time are Little Mix, One Direction, and Fifth Harmony.

With success comes wealth and the desire to live lavishly; therefore, Cowell bought a bachelor pad in Beverly Hills worth $29 million. The house with high-tech features and a monochromatic vibe was sold in 2020. Cowell proposed to Lauren Silverman in January 2022.

Drew Brees – New Orleans ($1.6 Million)

Drew Brees is a legend of the game, a former American football quarterback who plied his trade in the NFL for many years. Arguably, he’s the best quarterback to ever play for the New Orleans team. His love for the game and his team pushed him to buy a $1.6-million, 5,000-square-foot home in the New Orleans area.

Purchased in 2006, the Brees mansion has walk-in closets in every room, a vast swimming pool, Jacuzzi-style bathtubs, and well-lit interiors. The stunning 10,800-square-foot home has a massive backyard with azaleas, palm trees, and a landscaped garden. Reportedly, the Saints tried to lure him out of retirement in 2021.

Jeff Gordon – North Carolina ($4.4 Million)

Former professional stock car racing driver and Daytona 500 champion Jeff Gordon found the perfect home for his family in the South Park neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. Estimated at around $4.4 million, the house has a dedicated children’s playhouse. It sounds like a dream home with its wine cellar, billiard room, pool, and bar!

Gordon’s luxurious home has four bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. It sits on 13,705 square feet, enough space for a guest house with a touch of Georgian Colonial-style architecture. He announced the NABC Rides for a Reason Virtual Car Show’s best winner in 2022.

Serena Williams – Bel-Air ($8.1 Million)

Fans of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” came to know of the existence of Bel-Air through the show. Serena Williams, a tennis legend and icon, has a special connection with the place. She bought a house there, which she lived in for 13 years until 2019. The home turned out to be an excellent investment, selling it for $8.1 million.

According to Mansion Global, the second-highest women’s tennis grand slam winner bought the house for $6.62 million. Williams said in February 2022 that she had made plans to retire from tennis, enough for over a decade, and would have more children.

Hayden Panettiere – Nashville ($2.1 Million)

Sometimes the show you’re in can influence your decisions in life. Hayden Panettiere, known for her performance in “Nashville,” decided to settle in Nashville. Her $2.1 million Tennessee rustic home contains ample space for bookshelves and a music room. Of course, it is for all her guitars!

For her home decor, Panettiere drew inspiration from the ocean. Its interior was spruced up with the help of Benjamin Vandiver, a friend that’s into professional interior designing. She’s been missing in action for some time but was seen in the 2021 documentary “Justin Bieber: The New Me.”

A.J. Cook – Los Angeles (Undisclosed)

A.J. Cook, who’s the star of “Criminal Minds,” has decided to live a quiet life away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. It seems she doesn’t want her mind and that of her family with two kids read by anyone! She and her husband, Nathan Andersen, invested in an average-sized Los Angeles house.

Cook is so secretive that even her home’s value is unknown! Since her show ended in 2020, it can be said that it was a good idea to invest in a sensible estate. Reportedly, as of 2022, she’s helping put real-life criminals behind bars.

Naomi Campbell – Turkey ($100 Million)

A supermodel like Naomi Campbell is perhaps used to receiving expensive gifts. When CNBC and other major sources reported that on her 41st birthday, she received a $100-million Egyptian Eye of Horus house in Turkey, not many questioned it. Luxury Property Turkey revealed that it was a prank.

Campbell does have a luxurious villa in Malindi, Kenya, though. In 2021, she gave Architectural Digest an inside look at the estate. It amazed fans with its surrounding nature, and she may be relaxing there, having featured in “Black Saints” and welcoming a newborn in 2021.

Katherine Heigl – California ($3 Million)

Keeping things classy is a strength of actress and former fashion model Katherine Heigl. This is a fete she’s taken to her choice of residence. Over the years, she’s wowed us with “Knocked Up,” “The Ugly Truth,” and “Life as We Know It.” She was the executive producer and a cast member of the TV series “Firefly Lane” in 2022.

For a classy lady, it’s no shock that Heigl lives in a vintage $3 million ’20s mansion built with cozy fireplaces and a swimming pool. The residence sprawls across 3,690 square feet with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, lush trees, and a white and gray interior.

Diane Kruger – New York ($4.2 Million)

According to Business Insider, the most expensive residence ever sold in America is a $238 million penthouse in New York. Even so, this hasn’t turned off celebrities like Diane Kruger, a German actress who prefers to be part of this beautiful city, its pricey residences notwithstanding.

The “Troy” star bought a $4.2 million, two-bedroom apartment in New York, offering views of the city’s gorgeous skyline. It has a cozy but simple space with crystal ornaments and wooden details. It’s described as an eco-conscious loft in Downtown NYC by Variety. Kruger was part of the 2022 all-girl action film “The 355.”

Lee Majors – Houston (Undisclosed)

Lee Majors, star of “The Six Million Dollar Man,” is a legend in the film industry. He has been an iconic figure for many actors since he started acting in the ’60s. Together with his wife, Faith Cross, they own a lovely home in Houston, Texas.

Though they haven’t disclosed its worth, it’s elegantly made with a mixture of western-ish and cowboy chic style. Even though Majors is still active in acting, he enjoys a fortune of over $15 million, which is enough to take him through his retirement. In 2021, he starred in the film “Narco Sub.”

Kenneth Copeland – Texas ($6.3 Million)

The American televangelist Kenneth Copeland is one of the wealthiest preacher-broadcasters in the US and perhaps globally. Though he has been criticized before for misusing donations to finance his personal interests, he enjoys a fortune of over $300 million.

Preacher Copeland has several stunning mansions. One of them is the Taxes home worth over $6.3 million. The beautiful abode sits on a 25-acre estate and has a bigger garage, tennis court, and a jet landing. In 2022, Copeland and his wife, Gloria, continued to host their show, “The Believer’s Voice of Victory.”

Nick Nolte – Malibu, Florida ($8.25 Million)

Nick Nolte has had a successful acting career, appearing in “The Prince of Tides,” “A Walk in the Woods,” and the 2020 movie “Last Words.” Part of his $75 million fortune is reflected in the lavish, French-style estate in Malibu, Florida.

Nolte’s home can be described as extreme, with a tennis court, a few lion statues, and a large swimming pool. The home’s value is around $6 million, though he put it up for sale for about $8.25 million. In 2021, he shaved off his trademark beard to play a homeless man in the film “Rittenhouse.”

Samuel L. Jackson – Los Angeles ($8.3 Million)

Whoever hasn’t heard of the brilliant actor Samuel L. Jackson isn’t a movie fan. He’s one of the highest-grossing stars ever, known for “Django Unchained,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” He and his wife, LaTanya Richardson, have lived in their Los Angeles mansion for the past two decades.

Jackson’s $8.3-million home sprawls at 11,738 square feet with a pool, a tennis court, and a gorgeous view of the hills. The luscious trees and land surrounding the house make it a great hiking place. In January 2022, he appeared in a TV mini-series documentary, “Janet Jackson.”

Ellen DeGeneres – Santa Barbara, California ($45 million)

This $45-million Santa Barbara, California mansion was the home of Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia De Rossi. The comedic host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” had a 1930 designed house. The pair, known as masters of flipping houses, listed the home for sale in 2017.

The former DeGeneres home was known as “The Villa,” featuring terra-cotta interiors and 18th-century tiles. The details gave it a very rustic yet modern overall vibe. It sits on 10,500 square feet, holding six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and nine fireplaces. In 2021, the $500-million worth star announced the imminent end of her show.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell – California ($6.9 Million)

For decades, actress Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russell have been part of the acting world. The couple is known to be longtime Hollywood lovebirds, and it seems that their chemistry is out of this world. One of the things that make them stand out is their passion for real estate.

Hawk and Russell own several homes together, and one of them is based in Palm Desert, California. The house is worth around $6.9 million. It has an opulent vibe, a cozy living area, a dry sauna, five bedrooms, and five bathrooms. In 2020, the two starred in the film “The Christmas Chronicles 2.”

Gwen Stefani – Los Angeles ($13 Million)

“Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak” hit maker Gwen Stefani is one of the most noticeable musicians worldwide. Without a doubt, her work speaks louder as she has sold over 30 million albums globally. She has also won many accolades, including three Grammy Awards and two Billboard Music Awards.

For a long time, Stefani and her husband, Blake Shelton, have been house hunting. In 2020, they finally fell for a stunning $13 million mansion in Los Angeles. The house has an outdoor pool, eye-catching interiors, a huge kitchen, and a bar. On December 25th, 2021, Stefani performed in the TV special “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade.”

Troy Aikman – Dallas ($5.4 Million)

Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman is an iconic figure to many American football lovers. He has been a Fox Network sports presenter and top sports analyst since he retired in 2000. Having two successful careers presented him with more reasons to have the most comfortable home.

Aikman bought the triple-storied residence in 2014 when it went for $4.25 million and later sold it for $5.4 million. The house has unique features like a stunning kitchen, a free-standing soaking bathtub, and a home theater with a wine cellar. In October 2021, Aikman appeared in a TV semi-documentary, “NFL Icons.”

Don Lemon – Sag Harbor ($3.1 Million)

Regional Emmy Award winner Don Lemon needs no introduction because he lets his good work speak for him. Despite having his own show, “Don Lemon Tonight,” he is still a regular on “CNN Tonight.” He decided not to live too far away from work, living in Sag Harbor, near the studios.

In 2017, Lemon went into his pocket and got a $3.1 million house. He’s also a home enthusiast, as he has sold several ones in his name. This talented presenter appeared in an episode of the podcast series “Just Headlines” in 2021.

Gayle King – Manhattan ($7.1 Million)

TV personality and journalist Gayle King has an exceptional name in the media industry. In fact, in 2019, she is one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential women globally. Apart from being a proficient broadcast journalist at CBS News, she’s also a co-host on “CBS Morning.”

King seems to make a fortune from her career, reflecting her high-end lifestyle. She owns a colossal penthouse with three and a half bedrooms and a walk-in closet. Her luxurious abode has an estimated cost of over $7.1 million. In 2021, she appeared in a TV series documentary, “CBS Reports.”

Rob Gronkowski – Boston ($2.3 Million)

Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski retired from the NFL in March 2019 due to nagging injuries but made a comeback in April 2020. He’s the tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gronk worked as a sports analyst for Fox Sports in his brief retirement.

Never shy of the limelight, Gronkowski and his houses have been featured a lot in the news. In 2021, he paid $1.9 million for a 2,063-square-foot, two-bedroom home in Boston and sold it for a $2.3 million profit. He appeared in a TV series documentary, “Man in the Arena,” in 2022.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Canada ($27 Million)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have pulled a “Megxit,” leaving their royal duties and British abode, but they’ve since bought a beautiful home in California. They eyed this luxurious $27-million home in the Kitsilano neighborhood before the purchase, and this four-level residence comes with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

The property sits on a 12,300-square-foot waterfront estate with a 6,800-square-foot gate and a hedge line. Cosmopolitan reported in January 2022 that the royal couple was looking to sell their Montecito home and are planning to move to a new home, particularly in Los Angeles.

Dustin Johnson – Florida ($4.95 Million)

In 2015, American professional PGA golfer Dustin Johnson bought his Palm Beach Garden in Florida at $4.95 million. This Mediterranean stylish house has three ocean-view balconies and a swimming pool. It is sprawling over 8,200 square feet and has a wine cellar and a vast living room.

Johnson and fiancée Paulina Gretzky live in this stunning home with a master bedroom, two walk-in closets, and five bedrooms. The parents of two had a beautiful birthday celebration for Gretzky in December 2021. As for Johnson, he became a two-time winner of the Saudi International on February 7, 2021.

Gemma Collins – Essex ($1.85 Million)

Gemma Collins has always been a bubbly and fun person to be around. Fans of the “The Only Way is Essex” star named her $1.85 million Essex abode “Pink Paradise” to match her fun personality. Collins purchased the barn in 2021. She decorated it in the best way she knew how!

Collins’ house is full of bright and vibrant colors and interiors, like a king-size royal bed and velvet sofas. Her room is full of glitzy furniture and has a walk-in closet. In 2021, she appeared in the series “The Wheel” and “The Weakest Link.”

Susan Boyle – Lothian, Scotland ($88.15K)

The song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables thrust singer Susan Boyle into the limelight when she sang it on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009. She won everyone’s hearts with her performance. Her humble beginnings shaped her career to become a $40 million star, and she’s sold over 19 million records worldwide.

For over six decades, Boyle has lived in her $88.15K Lothian, Scotland council house. She had it overhauled with renovation, fixing the gray wooden flooring, gray interiors, and adding a grand piano room. Her song “Wings to Fly” got played at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Cat Deeley – Los Angeles ($4.95 Million)

Hosting the shows “So You Think You Can Dance,” “CD: the UK,” and “SMTV Live” made Cat Deeley famous. This TV personality has a beautiful home in the luxurious Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. She bought the house for $2.1 million in 2006, though the home’s value has risen to around $4.95 million.

Deeley, her husband, Patrick Kielty, and their two sons live in the house and enjoy its spa and pool. She can work from her home office and keep fit at the home gym. She was a guest judge on “The Great British Menu” in 2022.

Anthony McPartlin – Wimbledon ($8.24 Million)

Famously known as Ant when working alongside Declan Donnelly, “Dec,” Anthony McPartlin has been a famous star over the years. He has appeared on “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway,” “Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey,” and “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

McPartlin’s $40-million fortune enables him to own an $8.24-million house in Wimbledon. His wife, Anne-Marie Corbett, and two daughters enjoy the home’s seven bedrooms. The house was named “Love Nest” by Hello! due to the tall trees around it. Donnelly was a creative consultant for “Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win” in 2022.

Mike Pence – Carmel, Indiana ($1.93 Million)

After finishing his last tenure as the former Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence left Washington, DC, to live at his family home in Carmel, Indiana. He moved to his hometown in early 2021 and purchased a mansion worth over $1.93 million.

The 10,349-square-foot abode has incredible features like seven bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, an indoor basketball court, a dock, a pool, and several terraces. We believe Pence feels more at ease in Indiana because he was the state’s former governor. In 2022, he made an appearance in “Arte Journal.”

Jennifer Aniston – Bel Air, California ($21 Million)

The hit comedy series “Friends” took the entertainment world by storm in the ’90s. One of the show’s standout stars was Jennifer Aniston, or should we say Rachel Green? Since then, she has appeared in many projects, including “Murder Mystery,” “The Morning Show,” and “We’re the Millers.”

Aniston has amassed a wealth amounting to $300 million, enough to own and live in a stunning $21-million Bel Air, California mansion. The 10,186-square-foot vintage house bought in 2011 has seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. In 2021, she joined her former co-stars in “Friends: The Reunion.”