Measure Up: Discover Your Position Among Celebrities in Height and Weight!

Rebel Wilson – 5’4″, 195 Pounds

With a dynamic presence that lights up the screen, this thespian stands at a confident 5-foot-4. Her journey, marked by a transformative weight loss, saw her tip the scale at around 195 pounds, showcasing her dedication to health and fitness. Breaking out in “Pitch Perfect” and “Bridesmaids,” Rebel Wilson has become synonymous with fearless humor and undeniable talent.

Kate Winslet – 5’7″, 139 Pounds

Renowned for her compelling performances, Kate Winslet has captivated audiences with her depth and versatility. From the tragic romance of “Titanic” to the complex drama of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Avatar: The Way of Water,” her roles have garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following.

Standing 5-foot-7 tall and with a weight that reflects her commitment to body positivity, around 139 pounds, Kate’s presence in Hollywood challenges conventional beauty standards. Her career, marked by bold choices and unforgettable characters, showcases how her physicality enhances her portrayal of strong, independent women. They’ve made her an enduring icon of the silver screen.

Jennifer Aniston – 5’5″, 117 Pounds

Jennifer Aniston, the beloved actress standing at 5-foot-5, has become an icon of television and film with a career that spans decades. Best known for her role as Rachel on the hit TV series “Friends,” her charm and comedic timing have made her a household name. Her roles in films like “Marley & Me” and “The Break-Up” have showcased her acting versatility.

With her weight elegantly balancing her frame at around 117 pounds, Jennifer’s physical fitness has been as much a part of her public persona as her performances. “The Morning Show” star embodies the Hollywood ideal of health and beauty with effortless grace.

Charlize Theron – 5’10”, 121 Pounds

With an imposing height of 5-foot-10, this Oscar-winning actress commands every scene with an unmatched blend of grace and power. Charlize Theron, celebrated for transformative roles in “Monster,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “F9: The Fast Saga,” and “Bombshell,” has built a career on versatility and fearless character portrayals.

Her physicality, balancing elegantly at 121 pounds, has allowed her to convincingly embody a wide range of characters, from a distressed serial killer to a post-apocalyptic warrior. Charlize’s height and physique have not only complemented her roles but have also become integral to her commanding presence, both on-screen and off, as a true Hollywood icon.

Taylor Swift – 5’10”, 119 Pounds

At an impressive 5-foot-10, Taylor Swift towers in the music industry not only with her height but with her monumental talent. With a weight of 119 pounds, the “You Belong with Me” hitmaker’s slender frame belies the strength of her voice and the depth of her songwriting.

Renowned for chart-toppers like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” she’s evolved from country sweetheart to pop sensation to indie folk artist, showcasing her versatility across genres. Taylor’s physical appearance mirrors the towering impact of her career. She stands tall, testifying to her enduring influence and ability to connect with fans worldwide through her evocative lyrics and melodies.

Ariana Grande – 5’1″, 104 Pounds

A vocal powerhouse in a petite frame, Ariana Grande tips the scale at 104 pounds, bringing unparalleled energy to the pop music scene. Famous for her wide vocal range and hit songs like “Thank U, Next,” “Die For You,” and “7 Rings,” she’s become a symbol of resilience and empowerment.

Her journey from a teen actress in “Victorious” to a global pop sensation showcases her versatility and dedication. Standing at 5-foot-1, her stature perfectly complements her larger-than-life persona, proving that dynamism isn’t measured in inches. Ariana’s ability to command the stage, regardless of her height, has made her an enduring icon in the music industry.

Katy Perry – 5’8″, 130 Pounds

Emanating star power at 5-foot-8, this pop sensation burst onto the scene with her unforgettable anthems. Known for hits like “Firework” and “Roar,” Katy Perry has become a symbol of empowerment and catchy pop music. Her over-the-top performances and dynamic vocal range have captivated audiences worldwide, making her a mainstay in the music industry.

Balancing her frame at a healthy 130 pounds, Katy’s physique complements her energetic stage presence, allowing her to deliver high-octane performances that match the vivacity of her songs. The “When I’m Gone” singer’s height and weight have seamlessly integrated into her career, embodying the larger-than-life persona that fans adore.

Britney Spears – 5’4″, 135 Pounds

Energizing the pop world with her dynamic performances, the Princess of Pop tips the scale at 135 pounds. Britney Spears catapulted to fame with hits like “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic,” becoming an icon of the 2000s. Her remarkable musical journey is adorned with chart-topping albums and memorable performances, marking her as the quintessential pop princess.

With a height of 5-foot-4, Britney’s presence on stage is as commanding as her voice, blending perfectly with her energetic dance routines. Her physique and performance style have made her a symbol of pop culture, showcasing how talent and determination can create a lasting legacy in the entertainment world.

Beyoncé – 5’7″, 135 Pounds

Dominating the music scene with an unparalleled voice and stage presence, she stands tall at 5-foot-7, embodying power and grace. Famous for hits like “Crazy in Love” and groundbreaking albums such as “Lemonade,” Beyoncé has redefined what it means to be a global superstar. Her performances, marked by electrifying choreography and vocal prowess, showcase how her stature complements her larger-than-life persona.

Beyond her musical achievements, Beyoncé’s influence extends to fashion, business, and activism, making her a modern icon. Tipping the scale at 135 pounds, her fitness and strength enable the endurance and energy required to command the world’s biggest stages, blending seamlessly with her career’s demands.

Rihanna – 5’8″, 141 Pounds

Elevating the music industry with her distinct voice and daring fashion, Rihanna has become an icon of innovation and empowerment. Hits like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds” showcase her versatility as an artist, while her Fenty Beauty line revolutionizes inclusivity in cosmetics. Known for her philanthropy and business acumen, she blends her career with advocacy, influencing millions.

Rihanna’s presence is as commanding in boardrooms as it is on stage, making her a role model for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike. Standing at 5-foot-8 and tipping the scale at 141 pounds, her build complements her commanding personality, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with in every arena she enters.

Selena Gomez – 5’5″, 152 Pounds

Tipping the scale at 152 pounds, Conchita embodies resilience and talent in a fiercely competitive industry. Rising to fame with Disney, Selena Gomez swiftly transitioned into a pop sensation and revered actress, known for hits like “Come & Get It” and her role in “Spring Breakers” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Beyond entertainment, her advocacy for mental health has inspired millions, seamlessly integrating her personal struggles with her public persona to advocate for change. Standing at 5-foot-5, Selena’s aura has never hindered her from standing tall in the face of adversity. She proves that strength and influence extend far beyond physical dimensions in shaping a legacy.

Miley Cyrus – 5’5″, 110 Pounds

Miley Cyrus, a dynamo of talent and controversy, tips the scale at 110 pounds, crafting a career that’s as notable for its reinventions as its hits. From her early days as Disney’s “Hannah Montana” to chart-topping tracks like “Wrecking Ball,” she’s masterfully navigated the transition from teen idol to pop superstar.

Her voice, both powerful and moving, resonates in anthems of freedom and self-discovery. Standing at 5-foot-5, her stature is no measure of her vast influence, proving that impact leaves a mark far beyond physical dimensions. Miley’s journey underscores her ability to adapt and evolve, making her an enduring figure in the entertainment industry.

Heidi Klum – 5’9″, 137 Pounds

The runway has rarely seen such splendor as when the 5-foot-9 Heidi Klum steps onto it. An icon in fashion, television, and business, she’s graced countless covers and catwalks, becoming synonymous with style and sophistication. Her famous works include being Victoria’s Secret Angel and hosting “Project Runway,” where she blends her industry knowledge with a charismatic presence.

Her aura, paired with a physique meticulously maintained at around 137 pounds, perfectly complements her diverse career, enabling her to embody elegance in fashion and assertiveness in television. Heidi’s success, including hosting “Project Runway,” illustrates how height and weight can enhance one’s presence in the competitive world of entertainment.

Jennifer Lawrence – 5’9″, 139 Pounds

With an Oscar win for “Silver Linings Playbook” and leading roles in “The Hunger Games” and the “X-Men” series, Jennifer Lawrence has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses. Her remarkable ability to portray a wide range of characters has won her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Known for her down-to-earth personality and candid humor, she stands at 5-foot-9 and tips the scale at 139 pounds, blending her physical attributes seamlessly with her roles. Whether playing a dystopian heroine or a troubled widow, Jennifer’s height and physique contribute to her commanding screen presence, making her performances all the more powerful and relatable.

Christina Aguilera – 5″2″, 110 Pounds

At 5-foot-2 and tipping the scale at an estimated 110 pounds, this dynamo voice has etched a permanent mark on the music industry with her powerhouse vocals and commanding presence. Christina Aguilera burst onto the scene in 1999, captivating audiences with her vocal range and emotive performances.

Her stature, while petite, has never dimmed her ability to dominate the stage, proving that talent knows no physical bounds. Christina’s physical attributes have played a pivotal role in crafting her iconic image, from music videos to live performances, showcasing a blend of vulnerability and strength that mirrors the depth and versatility of her musical repertoire.

Karlie Kloss – 6’2″, 126 Pounds

Soaring at an impressive height of 6-foot-2, Karlie Kloss’ frame, while tipping the scale at 126 pounds, embodies the epitome of the modern supermodel. Known for her striking walk and ethereal beauty, she’s graced the world’s most prestigious runways, from Paris to New York. She’s designers’ favorite muse thanks to her towering presence, which sets her apart.

Karlie’s contributions extend beyond modeling and being a mother of two, as she’s also a tech advocate, encouraging young women to pursue science and technology. Her 2015-founded Kode with Klossy coder camp helps gender non-conforming youth and young women mitigate gender issues related to technology.

Halle Berry – 5’5″, 121 Pounds

With a height of 5-foot-5, Halle Berry commands the screen with an elegance matched by few. An Oscar-winning actress known for her roles in “Monster’s Ball,” “Die Another Day,” and “X-Men,” she’s long been celebrated not just for her acting prowess but for breaking barriers in Hollywood.

Halle’s career is a showcase of versatility, seamlessly moving between drama and action, a testament to her physical and emotional range. Approaching her roles with a blend of intensity and grace, she’s maintained a physique that’s both fit and powerful, tipping the scale at around 121 pounds, exemplifying the strength and resilience of the characters she portrays.

Kylie Jenner – 5’6″, 136 Pounds

She revolutionized the beauty industry with her eponymous brand, making headlines as a young entrepreneur and social media titan. Famous for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and Kylie Cosmetics, she’s become a household name, blending her personal brand with her entrepreneurial ventures. The socialite is, however, more than her trade.

Standing at 5-foot-6 and tipping the scale at 136 pounds, Kylie Jenner’s physical presence is as commanding as her business acumen. Her journey from reality TV star to self-made billionaire showcases a blend of savvy marketing and personal branding. Indeed, height and weight are just numbers in the face of ambition and success.

Shakira – 5’2″, 119 Pounds

A global music sensation, Shakira has enchanted audiences with her electrifying performances and hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka.” Known for blending Latin, rock, and pop genres, her dynamic voice and unique sound have earned her multiple Grammy awards, catapulting her to international stardom.

With a weight of 119 pounds, her agile physique allows for her iconic and trademark dance moves. Shakira’s ability to convey powerful emotions through her music and movements has solidified her status as a pop icon. Standing at 5-foot-2, her stature has never diminished the immense presence she commands on stage, proving that true talent knows no height.

Blake Lively – 5’10”, 139 Pounds

Radiating glamour at 5-foot-10, Blake Lively became a style icon and a beloved actress with a knack for captivating audiences. Known for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in “Gossip Girl,” her career has been marked by versatile performances in films like “The Age of Adaline” and “A Simple Favor.”

Tipping the scale at 139 pounds, her statuesque presence and impeccable fashion sense have made her a red-carpet favorite, seamlessly blending her height and physique with her roles on screen and her personal brand. “The Shallows” star’s ability to embody elegance while embracing her natural beauty has made her a role model for women worldwide.

Miranda Kerr – 5’9″, 117 Pounds

At 5-foot-9, Australian glamor queen Miranda Kerr epitomizes the grace and vitality of a leading supermodel, her career blossoming from her early days with Victoria’s Secret to becoming a sought-after face in fashion. Her physique mirrors her dedication to wellness and organic beauty. The skincare guru is tipping the scale at 117 pounds.

Miranda has seamlessly integrated her personal ethos into her professional life. Her ventures beyond modeling, including her skincare line, KORA Organics, reflect her commitment to natural health and beauty. Her height and weight have not just complemented her career but have been integral to her brand, embodying the holistic lifestyle she advocates.

Scarlett Johansson – 5’3″, 120 Pounds

Tipping the scale at 120 pounds, her on-screen presence is as commanding as her versatility. Known for her roles in “Lost in Translation” and “Marriage Story,” Scarlett Johansson has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most talented and bankable actresses. Her ability to delve into diverse characters, from a cunning spy to a troubled newlywed, showcases her range and dedication.

Standing at 5-foot-3, Scarlett’s stature is perfectly suited for the dynamic roles she embodies, proving that true star power lies in talent and presence, not in inches. Her career testifies to how physical attributes can enhance a performer’s appeal and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of cinema.

Meghan Markle – 5’6″, 113 Pounds

The Duchess of Sussex, with an illustrious background in acting and philanthropy, became a global icon after marrying Prince Harry in 2018. Famous for her role in “Suits” and her advocacy for gender equality, Meghan Markle’s transition from Hollywood to royalty has captivated the world.

Her elegant frame, carrying approximately 113 pounds, mirrors the grace and poise she maintains in the public eye. At 5-foot-6, Meghan’s height and her humanitarian work seamlessly blend, portraying a figure of inspiration and influence. Her journey underscores the power of personal identity and compassion in shaping not just a career but a legacy that transcends borders and societal expectations.

Jessica Alba – 5’7″, 127 Pounds

She skyrocketed to fame with her captivating performances in “Dark Angel” and “Fantastic Four,” becoming a household name for her roles that blend strength with vulnerability. Known for her entrepreneurial spirit as the co-founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba has seamlessly transitioned from Hollywood to the boardroom, showcasing her versatility beyond the screen.

Tipping the scale at 127 pounds, her commitment to health and wellness mirrors the ethos of her brand, emphasizing clean living and sustainability. This alignment of personal values with professional endeavors highlights how Jessica’s career and physical fitness complement each other, standing tall at 5-foot-7, testifying to her dynamic persona and enduring influence.

Kate Middleton – 5’9″, 120 Pounds

Grace personified, this monarch stands tall at 5-foot-9, embodying elegance and poise as a member of the British royal family. Famous for her philanthropic efforts and fashion sense, Kate Middleton has become a beloved figure worldwide. Her work in mental health advocacy and children’s welfare has garnered respect and admiration, highlighting her commitment to public service.

Kate’s role as a royal has seamlessly integrated with her personal passions, making her a modern symbol of compassion and style. With a weight that reflects her healthy lifestyle at around 120 pounds, her physical fitness complements her duties, showcasing the balance between public expectations and personal well-being.

Jennifer Lopez – 5’5″, 130 Pounds

Standing at a statuesque 5-foot-5, Jennifer Lopez has become an emblem of talent and tenacity in the entertainment world. Lola, with her dynamic career spanning acting in “Selena” and “Hustlers,” to chart-topping hits like “On The Floor,” embodies the versatility and resilience of a true superstar.

Her weight, a balanced 130 pounds, mirrors her disciplined approach to health and fitness, integral to her energetic performances. Jennifer’s ability to seamlessly blend her physical prowess with her artistic endeavors has solidified her status as an icon. She inspires countless fans to embrace their strength and ambition with the same fervor she brings to her life and career.

Sarah Jessica Parker – 5’3″, 126 Pounds

Sarah Jessica Parker has become synonymous with fashion and groundbreaking television roles, with an illustrious career that spans decades. Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in “S*x and the City,” “Equal Justice,” and “And Just Like That…,” she’s redefined women’s portrayal on screen, blending humor, heartache, and high heels.

Standing at a height of 5-foot-3, her character’s larger-than-life persona belied Sarah’s petite stature, proving that presence is not dictated by inches. Tipping the scale at around 125 pounds, her physicality has effortlessly matched the diverse roles she’s embraced, from romantic comedies to dramatic films, embodying versatility and resilience in an ever-changing industry.

Kendall Jenner – 5’10”, 128 Pounds

The towering 5-foot-10 model and TV personality Kendall Jenner has made waves in the fashion industry not just with her height but with a physique that’s as enigmatic as her career. Tipping the scale at approximately 128 pounds, her slender frame and remarkable height blend seamlessly into the world of modeling, where she reigns supreme.

Famous for being part of the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty since 2007, Kendall quickly outgrew her reality TV roots to become a global fashion icon. Her height and weight have become almost as iconic as her runway walks, embodying the epitome of high fashion standards and setting trends worldwide.

Gigi Hadid – 5’11”, 119 Pounds

Standing tall at 5-foot-11 with a weight that gracefully hovers around 119 pounds, this supermodel has carved out her niche in the fashion world with an elegance that’s both effortless and striking. Gigi Hadid, known for her captivating presence both on and off the runway, has become a household name since her modeling debut in 2011.

Her height and lean physique have not only become her trademark but also accentuate the haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces she wears, making her a muse for designers worldwide. This perfect blend of physical attributes has propelled her career, making her a symbol of modern beauty standards in the industry.

Victoria Beckham – 5’4″, 105 Pounds

Transitioning from pop royalty to fashion mogul, she carved a niche in high fashion with her eponymous label. Famous as “Posh Spice” from the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham then dazzled the world with her sleek, minimalist designs, earning acclaim in the fiercely competitive fashion industry. Her keen eye for detail and silhouette reshaped modern elegance.

This beloved figure in design circles tips the scale at 105 pounds; her slender frame often serves as a canvas for her creations. It showcases the seamless blend of her personal style with her professional achievements. At 5-foot-4, Victoria’s stature in fashion towers, proving her enduring influence extends far beyond the stage.

Sofía Vergara – 5’7″, 138 Pounds

With her spirited personality and unmistakable accent, Sofía Vergara became a household name as Gloria in “Modern Family,” earning her critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. Her roles in “Hot Pursuit” and “Chef” further showcased her versatility and comedic timing, making her one of television’s most beloved actresses.

Beyond the screen, Sofía’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen her venture into fashion and business, becoming a role model for Latina women everywhere. Tipping the scale at 138 pounds, her presence is as commanding off-screen as on. With a height of 5-foot-7 that complements her larger-than-life character, she proves to be a force in both entertainment and business.

Penélope Cruz – 5’6″, 137 Pounds

The allure and talent of Spanish actress Penélope Cruz have captivated audiences worldwide, tipping the scale at 137 pounds. Renowned for her roles in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” for which she won an Academy Award, and her compelling performances in “Vanilla Sky” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” she’s become a symbol of international cinema.

Her versatility as an actress and her seamless transition between English and Spanish-speaking roles have endeared her to a global audience. Standing at 5-foot-6, the “Murder on the Orient Express” star’s build is as commanding as her presence on screen, embodying the essence of her characters with unparalleled depth and authenticity.

Megan Fox – 5’4″, 115 Pounds

Megan Fox has captivated audiences with her smoldering looks and formidable acting chops. She stands at a striking 5-foot-4 with a physique that has become almost as famous as her roles. Known for her breakout role in “Transformers” and her unforgettable performance in “Jennifer’s Body,” the actress has become a symbol of beauty and strength in Hollywood.

Her weight, elegantly poised at 115 pounds, complements her roles, which often blend allure with fierce independence. The “Midnight in the Switchgrass” star’s physical attributes have seamlessly integrated into her career, enhancing her portrayal of characters that are making her a perennial figure in the entertainment industry.

Lady Gaga – 5’1″, 117 Pounds

Elevating pop culture with her 5-foot-1 stature, this music and fashion icon breaks barriers and sets trends. Lady Gaga, tipping the scale at 117 pounds, has redefined celebrity with her audacious talent and avant-garde style. Famous for hits like “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and her Oscar-winning song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born,” her career testifies to her versatility as an artist.

The “Just Dance” singer’s physical dimensions, while petite, have never hindered her larger-than-life persona; instead, they’ve accentuated her presence, proving that power and influence transcend physical size. Gaga’s ability to command the stage and screen showcases the immense force of her artistry and personality.

Demi Moore – 5’5″, 126 Pounds

Commanding attention with her 5-foot-5 build, Demi Moore has become a formidable force in Hollywood, known for her dramatic depth and versatile roles. From the steamy “Indecent Proposal” to the empowering “G.I. Jane” and “General Hospital,” her performances are as unforgettable as her physical transformation for roles, showcasing her dedication to her craft.

Weighing in at 126 pounds, her physical fitness has been integral to portraying strong, complex characters, blending seamlessly with her career achievements. Demi’s ability to embody her characters fully, paired with her physical commitment, underscores her status as an icon, demonstrating the true measures of an artist’s stature in the industry.

Kim Kardashian – 5’2″, 114 Pounds

Kim Kardashian tips the scale at 114 pounds and has built an empire that transcends her reality TV roots on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Her ventures into fashion, beauty, and law reform reflect a savvy blend of personal passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Standing at 5-foot-2, she’s a powerhouse in high heels, known for her influential style and business acumen.

Kim’s aura and physique have played pivotal roles in her branding, making her a symbol of modern beauty and fitness. Her ability to leverage her physical attributes alongside her business ventures has redefined celebrity influence, cementing her status as a cultural icon and trendsetter.

Kourtney Kardashian – 5’1″, 115 Pounds

Elevating her petite stature to new heights, Kourtney Kardashian, at 5-foot-1, proves powerful things come in small packages. As the eldest of the Kardashian clan, the media personality gained fame on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” leveraging her reality TV stardom into successful business ventures, including her lifestyle brand, Poosh.

With a weight of 115 pounds, her fitness and health routines are as integral to her brand as her entrepreneurial spirit. Her career is a testament to how seamlessly one’s physical attributes can align with and amplify their professional pursuits, embodying a blend of personal health advocacy and business acumen that inspires her global audience.

Kaley Cuoco – 5’6″, 126 Pounds

Kaley Cuoco, standing proud at 5-foot-6, has charmed audiences with her blend of comedic timing and relatable on-screen personas. Best known for her role as Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” her career has flourished with notable performances in “8 Simple Rules” and “The Flight Attendant.”

The star of “Based on a True Story” has a physical presence that combines both approachability and glamour. Tipping the scale at 126 pounds, her athletic build and radiant energy have made her a dynamic force in both comedy and drama. She’s seamlessly complemented her roles, making her a beloved figure full of creativity, diversity, and depth.

Angelina Jolie – 5’7″, 114 Pounds

Angelina Jolie is an embodiment of talent and humanitarianism who tips the scale at 114 pounds, her physique as striking as her presence on and off-screen. Famous for her roles in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and “Maleficent,” her acting range is as vast as her commitment to global causes.

Standing at 5-foot-7, her height complements her commanding roles, making her a formidable figure in any scene. Angelina’s career and philanthropic efforts highlight how her physical attributes and personal passions blend seamlessly. She projects strength, grace, and empathy—qualities that have made her an enduring icon in Hollywood and beyond.

Adele – 5’9″, 139 Pounds

The voice that has captivated millions worldwide belongs to a remarkable talent standing at 5-foot-9. Adele, tipping the scale at a transformed 139 pounds, hasn’t only redefined beauty standards but also showcased the power of personal evolution. Famous for soul-stirring hits like “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep,” her career testifies to timeless music that transcends generations.

Her physical transformation over the years has paralleled her musical evolution, inspiring fans with a message of self-care and wellness. Adele’s towering presence, both physically and vocally, continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, proving that true artistry knows no bounds.