Surprising Wealth of Beloved Celebrities: Peek into Their Current Financial Status

Ellen DeGeneres, Net Worth: $500 Million

Ellen DeGeneres is a famous comedian known for her syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show which has been on air since 2003. The program, produced by a company she founded, has brought her lots of fame and fortune in equal measure.

Kelly Ripa, Net Worth: $120 Million

You might know Kelly Ripa as the host of Live! With Kelly and Ryan morning show, but the actress rose to fame after her performance as Hayley Vaughan in the All My Children soap opera wowed the masses. Kelly has had a massively successful career in showbiz, winning numerous awards and earning the big bucks.

Over the years, the dancer has accumulated a whopping $120 million from her several endeavors, and it seems the decision to delve into acting has paid off. Despite having already bulging bank figures, Kelly brings in more money from voiceover and spokesperson gigs.

Craig Ferguson, Net Worth: $30 Million

There’s an array of talents in Hollywood, but we don’t think we’ve seen someone as multi-talented as Craig Ferguson is. The Scot is a man of many hats; he’s a comedian, an author, and an actor, having starred in numerous films that he also wrote.

As such, it comes as no surprise that Ferguson is among the millionaires; he has worked hard to get there. The former Late Late Show host rakes in vast amounts of cash from his several ventures, and as a licensed pilot, we’re sure he will get himself an aircraft soon!

Trevor Noah, Net Worth: $100 Million

Trevor Noah is an acclaimed comedian who started his career in South Africa and rose to become one of the most sought-after talents in the laugh industry. The host of The Daily Show began as a standup comedian (which he still does) and a radio DJ before relocating to the US, after he landed his major gig.

Trevor’s journey to the top hasn’t been easy, but all the hard work is worth it if his bank balance is anything to go by. With a massive net worth of $100 million, it’s no wonder he’s able to own an impressive real estate portfolio with homes all over the world.

Jimmy Kimmel, Net Worth: $50 Million

You might know Jimmy Kimmel as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! television show, but did you know he started his career in radio and had no interest in TV? The comedian mostly worked in radio before he was hired to do on-air promotions for the content he wrote, and that’s when he started enjoying the experience, leading him to be among the most influential people in the world.

The decision to stick to television seems to have worked out for Jimmy, as he brings home an annual paycheck of $15 million!

Willie Nelson, Net Worth: $25 Million

When you have released over ninety music albums and starred in over thirty films, then it isn’t surprising that you’d be considered a legend. Willie Nelson revolutionized country music and has made the bulk of his wealth from his music, with his writing and acting talents adding to his bank balance.

The singer started his career at the tender age of seven and has since grown to become a national icon. Despite having some issues in the past that almost rendered him bankrupt, Nelson picked himself up and recovered massively and is currently involved in several charity organizations.

Reba McEntire, Net Worth: $95 Million

Widely considered the Queen of Country, Reba McEntire is an acclaimed singer who is the only female country artist to release 16 chart-topping albums. With a career spanning over four decades, Reba has made her mark in the music industry, and it’s no wonder she has a colossal bank balance.

The artist doesn’t earn from her music only, though; she has starred in several films and television shows which have brought her more substantial paychecks. Reba doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her long career, and we bet her net worth will keep rising.

Keith Urban, Net Worth: $75 Million

Keith Urban is a legendary musician who has achieved fame and fortune from his singing career, with tunes like You’ll Think Of Me and Sweet Thing winning him Grammy Awards. The songwriter is considered among the most incredible country musicians of all time, with more than 15 million records sold.

Apart from his live shows and royalties, making him a millionaire, Keith has a signature guitar line, which has been quite successful worldwide. With that much money, we bet he can purchase all the music equipment he wants and still have enough to take care of generations to come.

Dolly Parton, Net Worth: $600 Million

We don’t think there is anyone who has massively influenced the country music scene as much as Dolly Parton has. With over 100 million records sold and several awards won, the actress has had a career spanning over five decades and is considered among the greatest musicians of all time.

For all her work, Dolly has amassed a considerable fortune of over $600 million, most of which has come from her music. However, that’s not her only source of income; the author is a shrewd entrepreneur who has invested in numerous businesses, including owning Dollywood a theme park in Tennessee.

Robin Roberts, Net Worth: $45 Million

Financially speaking, where would the average retirement age American be? Probably they would be receiving a pension or getting ready to, but not Robin Roberts. The renowned broadcaster is still actively earning, with a lucrative paycheck of $18 million. Various outlets list her net worth at around $45 million, but we tend to think that the anchorwoman is worth more simply because she’s been in the field for decades.

Robin’s nest egg results from consistent work – from her early years on television to ESPN and ABC’s Good Morning America. It seems that she intends to add more to her portfolio and shows no sign of stopping.

David Muir, Net Worth: $20 Million

Some reporters become engrossed with perfecting their craft, and before they know it, their CV cannot contain the record of their exploits anymore. David Muir is precisely this, the darling of ABC News is a dedicated anchorman and a tireless editor; he is an asset to his home network, so his annual salary of $5 million is not surprising.

Reports of his net worth vary with the sources however, given his paycheck, lifestyle, and a house worth $7 million, his bank account is said to be in the vicinity of $20 million. David is still in his forties and has decades to fill his pockets.

OJ Simpson, Net Worth: $3 Million

Being a football and television star comes with numerous perks, including fortune and fame, and OJ Simpson has achieved both. The former football player became the first player in NFL history to rush over 2000 yards and is among the only eight to accomplish that feat!

Simpson wasn’t only a decisive player; he’s also a talented actor with numerous television shows and films in his portfolio. The star is making a name for himself in the broadcasting industry as a football commentator, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Jessica Walter, Net Worth: $4 Million

We all fell in love with Lucille Bluth from the critically acclaimed sitcom Arrested Development, played by Jessica Walter. The actress has made her mark in the film industry with an extensive, stellar career which also saw her join the millionaires club.

They say making your first million is the hardest thing, and once Jessica made hers, she went on to make three more, ensuring that she and her family can live comfortably. The actress worked hard to achieve all that, but unfortunately, left it all behind when she passed away in March 2021.

Elgin Baylor, Net Worth: $60 Million

Being an NBA legend can come with its own perks, be it in terms of fame or fortune. Take Elgin Baylor, for example, who awed the world with his honors collection, which was the result of 14 seasons of masterfully dribbling the ball and shooting hoops without fail.

Not just a momentous player, but this man was also an equally talented general manager. It is no wonder that the $60 million worth-sportsman left behind an unforgettable legacy, which has set an unreal benchmark for the players awaiting their drafting. He is indeed a perfect idol to look up to!

Yaphet Kotto, Net Worth: $5 Million

After Yaphet Kotto’s passing, his wife posted a heartfelt letter describing what a great man he was. Indeed, he left behind a great legacy and a body of work that can only be matched by few people in the cinema world.

Besides acting, Kotto had many other interests, such as scriptwriting and direction. And this played a pivotal role in helping him accrue $5 million in net worth. Moreover, he wrote a book named The Palace of King Soul, which contributed to his fortune in royalties. Without a doubt, he ensured that his wife and six children would lack no comfort, even if he wasn’t around.

Snoop Dogg, Net Worth: $150 Million

The iconic Snoop Dogg is leagues above the typical American rapper. Sure, his music videos feature fast cars, rich, lounging friends, and beautiful women, but the artist did a lot more than freestyle rapping to build his $150 million bank balance. He entered profitable businesses deemed unlikely for a singer like himself, such as cooking shows, commodity branding, reality television, and hosting.

While Snoop’s musical talents and wise financial decisions made him a lot of money, the willingness to reinvent is the key to his overall success. The way he transitions from one field to another is worth copying as he turns everything he touches into gold.

J. J. Watt, Net Worth: $50 Million

J. J. Watt is an NFL player whose career is a tale of brilliance and breaking records left and right. The athlete has racked up the reputation of being a “sack master,” and when he hit his peak in 2012, Watt was able to negotiate a jaw-dropping contract of $100 million with Houston Texans.

When he is not on the field, the sportsman earns millions from endorsements with established brands, including GatoradeVerizonReebok and Ford. All this, coupled with a new offer from Arizona Cardinals has pushed his net worth to a whopping $50 million!

Bill Maher, Net Worth: $140 Million

The famous Bill Maher started his career as an actor, appearing in several movies like Pizza Man before switching to full-time comedy, making his big break on Comedy Central hosting Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. The move seemed to have done wonders for his career, as he rose to become one of the highest-paid television hosts in showbiz, with his programs receiving rave reviews.

Maher is one of the world’s wealthiest comedians with his hard work and intelligent business ventures, with a colossal worth of $140 million. The comedian has strived to get to the top for what it’s worth, and he deserves all he has.

Carrie Symonds, Net Worth: $500,000

Carrie Symonds currently has her hands full with being a mother to a newborn and navigating life in the public eye that comes attached with the role of being a partner to Britain’s current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. She started her career as a writer and wrote pieces for a well-established newspaper, but when Symonds got the opportunity to work in politics, the conservationist took it.

The move seemed to have done wonders for her career as she joined as a press officer, but through consistent promotions and hard work, Symonds landed Head of Communications’s role and now has a net worth of $500,000.

Jimmy Carter, Net Worth: $10 Million

It’s been decades since the most senior living former president Jimmy Carter left the White House. However, unlike his successors and predecessors, who make millions for speeches and books, Jimmy Carter does not desire to earn big bucks. Currently, Carter is estimated to be around a whopping $10 million. Most of it comes from writing books, including bestselling novels and children’s books. So far, he has written more than thirty.

These days, the former commander-in-chief likes to keep mostly to himself and spends his time in his Atlanta ranch that he built-in 1961.

Barrack Obama, Net Worth: $70 Million

Barrack Obama might be among the well-known presidents in American history, primarily because of his down-to-earth personality and humane policies. But not many people know about his $70 million fortune, a large portion of which came through lucrative deals with streaming giant Netflix and numerous book deals. Soon after leaving the presidential office, the $200,000 annual salary also kicked in.

Besides that, the Obamas also earned $400,000 from speaking at several public events. Plus, his wife signed a $60 million book deal. We are sure that the duo’s net worth is likely to increase in the next few years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Net Worth: $400 Million

If you are not into bodybuilding, we are sure that many of you might still know the legendary superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. After his short stint, he ventured into the film industry and became a household name following the blockbuster franchise Terminator‘s release.

Over his years in the entertainment business, the multi-talented celebrity has worked as an actor, author, philanthropist, politician, and activist. Given his outstanding achievements, his massive $400 million net worth should not come as a surprise. It would be fair to say that Arnold is a living example of working your way up to the top through determination and hard work.

Bernie Sanders, Net Worth: $2 Million

Who in their right mind does not know that most popular American politician Bernie Sanders? We are sure that many of you might know him for his famous mittens that he wore on Biden’s inauguration. Well, have you ever thought about what he is worth? It turns out that Sanders has amassed an impressive $2 million fortune over his decades-long political career.

In recent years, Sanders published as many as three books and earned pretty hefty paychecks from royalties. On top of that, he is entitled to two pensions and has been making his $175,000 Senate salary!

Joe Biden, Net Worth: $10 Million

The former vice-president and incumbent commander-in-chief Joe Biden have a whopping $10 million in net worth. Reportedly, his two houses in Delaware are worth $4 million, and other investments are also worth the same amount and $1 million in federal pension. Besides that, he would be making $400,000 a year in presidential salary.

Associated Press reported that Biden made big bucks from speaking at public events and his book Promise Me, Dad, which remained a top New York Times bestseller. Here is another interesting fact, the former VP made $540,000 as a university professor in Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Warren, Net Worth: $9 Million

According to her tax returns, the democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a net worth currently valuing at a staggering $9 million. You might be wondering how did she manage to amass such a massive amount?

Just like his fellow-politicians, she made big bucks from her work as a top-selling author as well as her earnings as a congressional leader.
But what most of Warren’s followers don’t know is that she and her husband, who happens to be a Harvard University professor, donate 9 percent of their annual income to charity. That’s impressive!

Elijah Cummings, Net Worth: $1.5 Million

What made the late Elijah Cummings so rich was his decades-long struggle and his political campaigns. Before being elected to the House of Representatives, he practiced law for almost two decades. Over the years, not only he managed to gain quite an experience as a legislator, but he also managed to amass $1.5 million in fortune.

You might be surprised to find out that Cummings earned as many as 13 honorary doctorates from universities across America during his decades-long career. Elijah was undoubtedly an immensely talented man and served as an inspiration for millions of African-Americans.

John Lewis, Net Worth: $300,000

Civil rights leader, politician, and activist, John Lewis was best known for his struggles alongside doctor King. As the chairman of SNCC, he organized the historic march on Washington in 1963 and was later successfully elected to Congress’s lower chamber. President Obama awarded Lewis with Medal of Freedom in 2011 for his outstanding services for the American nation.

Unfortunately, he left his millions of followers at the age of eight. But to this day, Lewis is remembered as the beacon of light for the oppressed. At the time of his demise, he was estimated to have a $300,000 net worth.

Kamala Harris, Net Worth: $6.1 Million

Kamala Harris made history when she became the first Indian-American to assume the office of US Vice President. Not only she made history, but Harris also earned big bucks. It would be fair to say that Kamala worked pretty hard to earn her massive $6.1 million fortune. Harris started her career as a district attorney in San Francisco, where she made $140,000 per year and is now eligible for the pension.

Apart from her Senate salary, Harris managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from her books. We think that you can expect more of her writings in the years to come!

Hillary Clinton, Net Worth: 120 Million

Since Hillary and Bill Clinton left the White House, they have used their political fame to personal fortune. The powerful-duo is estimated to value at a whopping $240 million, and most of it comes from writing books, consulting private companies, speeches, and advising billionaires. Besides that, Hillary’s election season release Hard Choice also earned her $12 million in royalties.

We don’t know what they have planned for the years ahead, but we are sure that if they kept going like this, Hillary and Bill’s net worth is likely to double within a few years!

Ted Cruz, Net Worth: $4 Million

Out of Texas comes big things and of these is the statesman Ted Cruz. The representative is easily worth $4 million, which he amassed from various sources, primarily investments. Being a savvy lawyer and businessman helps a lot in building up a fortune, but so does a steady salary. The government pays the representative an annual salary amounting to $174 thousand, although we don’t have the details if this is before or after taxes.

American public servants, the likes of Ted Cruz, spend time and money growing their fortunes. They secure their finances, and we should look up to their investing wisdom to learn a thing or two ourselves.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Net Worth: $100,00

Out of the potent mix in New York comes a host of famous personalities from celebrities, civic leaders, and elected officials. One of them is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who is among America’s youngest civil servants today. The lady, who’s presently worth around $100,000, hails from a modest background and supported herself with a bartending job while she was a student.

She just entered her 30s, and it is mainly due to her young age that Alexandra has not had much time to accumulate more money. Still, what’s left of her $174,000 salary after expenses is not a shabby figure. Indeed, there’s plenty of room to grow.

Ben Carson, Net Worth: $20 Million

Most American public servants came from a background built on the study of law. One big name is an exception to this- Ben Carson, who came from Medicine before switching to government service. The neurosurgeon’s move to a separate area of serving the people may have contributed to his $20 million fortune.

Doctor Ben’s coffers are filled by medical work, statesman salaries, book royalty payments, and investments. His being on the board of Costco and Kellogs help too. Sources say he may be worth more, but one thing is sure, at his age, plus the number of years spent working, clearly spells a high net worth.

Nikki Haley, Net Worth: $4 Million

American lawmakers came from diverse backgrounds and kickstarted their financial portfolios with old money, law practice, and sometimes even athletic careers. Nikki Haley, born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, is slightly different from the typical public servant as she hails from an accounting background. Being number-savvy enabled her to build assets from diverse sources such as book deals, federal salary, and various private sector investments.

Online sources say that the diplomat also has liabilities. But payables are just part and parcel of the dynamic world of business. Nikki is on the board of Boeing too, so her net worth of $4 million is a moving part of a bigger picture.

Mike Pence, Net Worth: $1 Million

There will always be differences in people’s net worth due to their sources. Some have a good head start because they were fortunately born in wealth. Others, like Mike Pence, spent decades working and still do not have a very visible portfolio. The recent retiree is known to have small amounts in index funds and his bank account, and he’s not known to have flashy homes or cars to boot.

Government work is the bulk source of Mike’s net worth, which means that his retirement nest egg is secure. After deductibles, the $1 million in his name, is still a handsome, dependable figure at the end of the day.