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About why he often starred in bad movies, how he treats memes about himself and what he plans to do in the future.

In the 90’s Nicholas Cage was one of the leading actors in Hollywood. But in recent years, he has become the hero of ironic memes, starred in dozens of bad movies and committed several eccentric acts. For example, he bought a three-meter tomb in which he should be buried after his death.

But nothing lasts forever, and now, it seems, a bright streak has come to the actor’s life again. In April, the film “The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talent” was released, in which Cage played himself.

Before the release of the picture, he spoke with GQ reporters and answered questions that have long tormented his fans. We chose the main thing from the interview.

Why does he have so many bad movies?

In the 90’s and mid-2000’s, Nicholas Cage was considered one of the most profitable actors in Hollywood and received $ 20 million for some roles. But by 2010, he began to have financial problems due to ill-considered real estate purchases. The actor bought mansions and castles in Europe and even bought one of the Bahamas.

There were also “modest” expenses: once he paid 276 thousand dollars for a dinosaur skull and 150 thousand – for the first comic about Superman. Wastefulness, of course, struck the actor. After the crisis of 2008, Cage owed 14 million to the US Internal Revenue Service and even more – to various creditors.

Cage bought castles in Europe because, he said, he was hunting for the Golden Grail. The search led to nothing

In addition, Cage’s father died in 2009, with whom the actor had a good relationship. Therefore, at the end of the zeros, the artist turned out to be an emotionally broken bankrupt trying to take care of his elderly mother. Cage was no longer invited to blockbusters, so he began to accept any role to pay off debts.

In less than ten years, the actor has starred in 49 films, many of which have not even been released in cinemas. By comparison, Brad Pitt has worked on 19 paintings, Tom Cruise on eleven and Leonardo DiCaprio on nine. In 2020, Cage finally dealt with debt and began a new phase of life.

I tried to do my best even when I made four films a year. Not all of them turned out, although some, like Mandy, turned out to be amazing. But I always worked on my conscience. If someone thought I was just serving a number, it wasn’t – I didn’t care.

Nicholas Cage


How does he feel about memes about himself?

Nicholas Cage always behaved defiantly. For example, in 1990, on the show Wogan, the actor performed somersaults, scattered money and took off his T-shirt. According to him, at first he liked to behave eccentrically. Especially since his actions and unique style of play brought him rewards and love of the audience.

Cage on the Wogan show

But with the advent of the era of social media, Nicholas Cage has become a walking meme. Users made snippets from movies in which the actor’s characters scream and go crazy. Based on episodes taken out of context, some have decided that Cage is a bad artist who constantly overplays.

The number of memes with him, from stills from movies to a trip to Kazakhstan, can not be counted. At first, Cage did not like his Internet fame, but eventually the actor resigned himself, as he could not influence the situation. However, Cage still does not fully understand why his face is so popular with memorabilia.

Is he really “hello”?

Over the years, Nicholas Cage has made many eccentric antics. For example, in 2019, the actor married his girlfriend and divorced four days later. According to him, at the time of marriage he was so drunk that he did not understand what was happening. Such episodes complemented Cage’s strange image and further convinced the audience that he was crazy.

Cage knows that Reddit has a fan community called OneTrueGod

However, all colleagues of the actor say that working with him is a pleasure. They call Cage one of the most hard-working artists in Hollywood, who is very serious about his work.

He is ready to discuss the script and offer ideas for hours, and then immediately go to the site to implement them. During the work, the actor does nothing strange.

“Pigs” director Michael Sarnoski is convinced that Cage is always serious and says what he thinks. The GQ reporter argues that perhaps it is because of his sincerity and desire to always act as he sees fit that Cage thinks people are crazy. By the way, the actor knows about his reputation and does not agree with it.

People like to think I’m crazy and insane. To this I reply that no one will be able to spend 43 years in Hollywood and star in 120 films if he has a head problem. You won’t get along with people, and they won’t want to work with you.

Nicholas Cage


How does he live now?

In April, a new film with Nicholas Cage will be released – the comedy “The Unimaginable Weight of Great Talent.” In the picture, the actor played himself, and she has already received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Interestingly, it was the work on this tape that allowed Cage to pay off his debts.

The actor does not want to return to work on blockbusters such as “Treasures of the Nation” and “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and plans to continue filming in indie films. In addition, Cage may appear in a new film by his uncle Francis Ford Coppola – “Megalopolis”

In general, the actor plans to carefully choose the roles and work on each subsequent picture as if it would be his last.

As for Cage’s personal life, in 2021 he married for the fifth time and is expecting a new wife with a child. The actor hopes that this marriage will be forever. The artist lives in a spacious mansion near Las Vegas, which has everything: portraits of his father, bronze statues of dragons, Persian carpets and movie posters.

Cage also has pets – a Maine Coon named Merlin and a talking raven Hugin. Recently, the actor brought to him several turtles and fish from a local pet store, the owner of which died: Cage felt sorry for the animals. They live in aquariums set up in the kitchen and bar counters. Somewhere next to them is the Oscar, which the actor received in 1996.

We can say that for the first time in many years in the life of the great and terrible Nicholas Cage, everything is fine. The actor has solved his personal problems, and one of the most highly acclaimed films in his long career is about to be released. Let’s hope that Cage will once again delight fans with his roles.

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