Nikita Mikhalkov spoke about artists leaving Russia because of a special operation: “No compassion, no condescension”

Nikita Mikhalkov

Director Nikita Mikhalkov performed at a master class for students of his Academy of Cinematographic and Theater Arts. In a conversation with students, Mikhalkov touched upon not only creative but also topical social issues related to the art world. Excerpts from his speech are given by the publication “Arguments and Facts”.

The director commented on the mass departure of cultural figures against the background of a special operation in Ukraine.

How do I feel about colleagues who have left the country? I have no compassion or indulgence for them. And then: who left? Those who have a place to go. And for what? Earned here, and spent there … You know, I think so: you can then deal with what happened. But running away at the moment is a betrayal. Among those who left, of course, are talented people. But talent is talent, and conscience is conscience,

Said Mikhalkov.

The famous director also touched upon the so-called “Western values”, which were repeatedly criticized by President Vladimir Putin. Recently, the head of state was also skeptical about the outgoing representatives of the “fifth column”, who can not “do without foie gras or so-called gender freedoms.”

The English philosopher Toynbee said: “A great civilization cannot be conquered from the outside until it destroys itself from within.” You can think as you wish, but I will say as I think: today we are the only country in the world (I do not take China or India, it is a different culture), which can still resist and is resisting. That is why what is happening is happening. This confrontation, which has lasted for centuries, has now reached its peak. And here we will either survive or break,

– Mikhalkov noted.

The director also said that “the infantilization of people is reaching its limit today, when a person under 40 is considered young.”

Nikita MikhalkovNikita Mikhalkov

Mikhalkov also shared his opinion about the hype in classic works, which directors are trying to “modernize” in their productions.

When you put your last name next to Chekhov on the billboard and leave almost nothing of the essence of what he wrote, what do you expect? To the fact that people will be amazed: “That’s right!” – and everyone will forgive you? Do you have a lot of ideas on how to make a play modern? So write it yourself! Or order from someone. But do not change Chekhov and Dostoevsky,

Said the director.

Since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, many theater and film representatives have condemned Russia’s actions, after which some of them went abroad. Director Kirill Serebrennikov moved to France the other day – right after he was acquitted of fraud in the “Seventh Studio”. Earlier, Renata Litvinova also went abroad, which in the performance of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov’s “North Wind” will now be replaced by Sofia Ernst and Chulpan Khamatova, who moved to work at the Riga Theater.

Mikhalkov himself supported Russia’s actions and had previously spoken positively about the recognition of the DNR and LNR. Vladimir Medinsky recently proposed to translate Mikhalkov’s author’s program “Besogon TV” into foreign languages ​​and actively distribute it.

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