“Novosibirsk” on the detention of the player “Amkala”: “Mavrin swore and damaged the property of the arena. Everything developed within the laws of the Russian Federation “- Football

“Novosibirsk” made a statement about the detention of Amkal player Vasily Mavrin by police.

Footballer was detained after a friendly match of the teams.

“FC Novosibirsk’s official position on the situation with Amkala player Vasily Mavrin.

FC Novosibirsk has 100% fulfilled all security obligations agreed before the match.

According to the initial agreements with the founder of FC “Amkal” Herman Popkov, the photo shoot with the fans was to take place after the match outside the arena “Dawn”. At the same time, Herman Popkov himself was aware that a photo shoot in the stands could raise security issues.

However, taking into account the circumstances, the administration of the arena and FC “Novosibirsk” went to meet the audience and extended the communication between “Amkala” and the fans until 21:30. However, the football club “Amkal” violated this timing.

The stewards in the correct form repeatedly reminded the player of “Amkala” Vasily Mavrin about the need to comply with the previously agreed conditions to ensure the safety of match participants and rules of conduct in the arena “Dawn”. Vasily Mavrin damaged the property of the Zarya football arena, publicly swore and insulted a representative of the arena administration, but the organizers gave him the opportunity to take pictures with everyone on the podium A, where the incident took place.

After that, Mavrin went not to the locker room, but to the podium B, where he continued to rudely express dissatisfaction with the actions of stewards, the administration of the arena and the organizers, which attracted the attention of the police officer, who first remarked to him.

Videos posted by casual witnesses to the conflict confirm that the stewards behaved correctly, despite the violation of previously reached agreements.

FC Novosibirsk is not responsible for the conduct of Amkal’s representatives outside the agreed conditions and timing.

FC Novosibirsk is against any forceful solutions to the issue, conflicts, etc., but in this situation everything developed within the framework of the laws of the Russian Federation and the agreements reached between the clubs.

Our club provides all possible support to the detained football player “Amkala” and we hope that everyone will appreciate the level of organization of the match!

PS Vasily Mavrin, as well as the administration promised to him, did not compensate for the damaged property, but paid for the damage to FC Novosibirsk, – said in a statement the club FNL-2.

“Will you shoot at us? Funny. Police detained the Amkala player: the conflict arose because of a photo with children after the match

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