Now is not the time to change your smartphone. But if necessary – take this model of Xiaomi middle class: Phones –


Yes, if you read the text in a row, and not just clicked on the content of the “Results” (and there are many such callers among you, so few), then read the review as follows: “Such a loud title and such a sad smartphone. .. ». So now I’ll take you back from heaven to earth and remind you how much smartphones from the category “Why do I need this Redmi Note 11, if I recently bought% smartphone_name% for% price%”.

So, Redmi Note 11 with 128 GB of memory costs 28 thousand. Before the fall of the ruble (we will not be hypocritical with the “growth of the dollar” – for everyone else on Earth, except Russia and Ukraine, no growth of the dollar during this time) you could buy at this price Redmi Note 10 Pro. Compared to the Note 11, the Note 10 Pro has a better screen (120 Hz instead of 90 Hz), a radically better rear camera and a slightly more lively processor. AND? And nothing shines for you anymore – Redmi Note 10 Pro now costs 33-36 thousand rubles. The most daring sellers have even under 40 thousand. Similar bullshit with prices for Realme 8 Pro, which also previously fit in 30 thousand and was a good formula “cool screen, good 108 MP camera, good processor and autonomy” – also under 35 thousand in general.

Unless Oppo Reno 5 4G for 30 thousand can be grabbed – if you find, buy, due to weak demand for it did not raise prices, and this is a smartphone with a slightly better camera, and not worse in quality screen or processor than Redmi Note 11. Only in terms of autonomy is it inferior, but the competitor is generally equal.

You can also find Realme 8 with 128 GB for 25-27 thousand rubles. But in general, it is no better than the new Xiaomi, and in some ways (60 Hz in the display instead of 90 Hz, the processor is hotter) worse.

For 20-25 thousand in the new conditions sell generally simple smartphones, which previously sold for 13-15 thousand.

So it turns out that in the new beautiful world of Redmi Note 11, even with all its marketing downturns – still a reference smartphone of the middle class and healthy, you can buy up to 30 thousand rubles at a new rate among popular mobile phones. Mass – this is when in your particular locality there is an opportunity to get or order one, and not “he, in FE Torgashov in Moscow is sold on Yandex.Market, you just need to pick up and pick up for cash, one copy.” We will also find and teach such an exotic, which must be urgently pursued, but in the “Smartphone of the Month” section, and not the usual reviews, because these artificial diamonds are still not enough for everyone.

Together: if you need a smartphone with a good screen, good speed, good autonomy, and on camera you have the requirements of “over-retirement” (once every couple of weeks to take pictures without claims to art and super-beauty), take – for today normal option, even among the old models on sale (in the new state) it is difficult to find something radically better. If you want a camera that will please – start hunting for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, Realme 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A52 (this one is slow compared to the Chinese, but the camera is great). Among the new models – Realme 9 Pro + is very cool in terms of photo, speed and autonomy. And prepare for this 32-38 thousand rubles, such are the current price range of middle-class smartphones, which have no obvious weaknesses.

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