One kidnapped the child, the other did not even meet his daughter. Husband of Olga Tumaykina

Olga Tumaykina’s father worked in the criminal investigation, and her mother was the director of the Krasnoyarsk store. The parent believed that Olya would also connect her destiny with the sphere of trade, but she was wrong. Since childhood, Tumaykina has read classical literature, loved history and English, and in high school she became seriously interested in theater.

After graduation, the girl went to Moscow, intending to conquer the admissions committee of the Moscow Art Academy. In front of the teachers, the entrant did not hide, rather, on the contrary – she bent her stick with hooliganism. Tired teachers asked what Olga had prepared. Among the options were Anton Chekhov, Marina Tsvetaeva and Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the choice of masters fell on the text of Anton Pavlovich. However, Tumaykina began to read to Tsvetaeva, and the members of the commission did not appreciate this prank…

Not confused, Olga auditioned for the Schukin School. After graduating from high school, the actress opened the way to the Vakhtangov Theater and Cinema. She succeeded in the profession, but what happened in matters of the heart? Tumaykina turns 50 on April 3, and we tell you why she was never married.

A place under the sun

Olga immediately settled in the theater, making her debut in the play “Princess Turandot” as Adelma. The actress not only became friends with the “Vakhtangovites”, but also captivated the audience, transforming into the characteristic heroines of the plays “Seagull”, “For two hares”, “Deer King”. The audience especially remembered Sofya Petrovna from “Uncle’s Dream”: people knocked on the dressing room to check if the actress was really drunk – so convincingly she played Colonel “Podshofe”.

Olga first appeared on the screen in 2000, in an episode of “New Year in November”. Later, the actress starred in “Cop Wars” and the series “Love, Children and the Factory”, and became widely known through her participation in the sketch show “Women’s League”. The schedule was hellish: I had to work 12-16 hours a day. Scenes were performed in restaurants, on sports grounds and on the streets, so sometimes the group was forced to close the filming, failing to prove to law enforcement officers that everything is legal.

Olga shared that the main screenwriter of the project participated in the filming of the series “Friends”, where he acquired a specific sense of humor, which he used in the work on the “Women’s League”. There were haters who reproached the actress for filming in a lightweight show, but Tumaykina assured that she had high demands and for this work she is definitely not ashamed.

Especially since the Women’s League brought the actress a bunch of proposals: Olga appeared in the series “My Beautiful Nanny” and “Zhurov”, starred in the film almanac “Fir-trees”, became Lyudmila Gurchenko’s mother-in-law in the project of the same name, and in “In Sagittarius Constellation” played by Minister of Culture Ekaterina Furtseva.

Among the latest bright works of the star – roles in “Unprincipled”, “Strippers” and “Chikatilo”. In addition, the actress starred in the projects “Moscow Soap Opera” and “Stream”. Tumaykina’s contribution to art was appreciated, because last year she received the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

Sad experience

While a student, the actress fell in love with her classmate Andrei Bondar at first sight. The feeling turned out to be mutual, so the young people soon reunited and later became the parents of Polina’s daughter. The actors were in no hurry to sign, which Olga now considers a great success: she did not have to divorce.

The fact is that Tumaykina had a favorable career, but Andrei was expelled, and he was left without prospects. The man went into business, and in the theater, where he was ordered, he turned his real life: he loved to play plays in front of strangers, make beautiful gestures, writhing himself a successful rich man.

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Sometimes in his games, Andrei crossed all boundaries: once he told the guests that he was cheating on Olga, just to see her reaction. The other side of the man’s nature was envy – Tumaykina went to work eight months after the birth of Polina, and Bondar could not contain his jealousy of the theater. But the worst thing is that the civilian husband got drunk and started beating the actress, on the go figuring out what to accuse her of.

Olga had nowhere to go, and then Lyudmila Maksakova, noticing bruises on Tumaykina’s body, personally paid for her colleague’s rented accommodation. For six months our heroine avoided Andrei, but the tyrant convinced her that he stopped drinking and corrected himself. The actress and her daughter returned home, but Bondar promised to buy them his own family apartment soon.

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Only the man invested in MMM, and when the default occurred, he was left without a penny. Andrei started a new business, and when he got back on his feet, the beatings returned to the actress’ life. “I am just ashamed to be beaten by my husband. She endured to the last. But sometimes, when Polina was in the garden, she still couldn’t stand it, she shouted at the neighbors: “Help, call the police!” Sometimes I had to call for several hours. Finally the doorbell rings, fat cops enter, everyone has a machine gun on their belly: “Well, what do you have? Why do we break the order? ” Andrew walks away with them into the corridor, and I hear the rustling of bills outside the door. The outfit is leaving, and with it my hope for protection, ”the artist complained.

Under his daughter, Bondar never beat her, apparently for fear of spoiling the child’s opinion of himself. One day Polina woke up at night and saw her father dragging her mother by the collar to the door. Noticing the girl, Andrei retired, pretending that nothing terrible was happening. But Paul was already crying and shouting at him, “Go away!” The next time the man took Olga down the stairs, the victim finally decided to run away from the abuser.

Stolen daughter

Subsequent events were much more painful than the blows. The actress bribed money and through Mikhail Ulyanov managed to buy a separate apartment in Moscow, where she moved her daughter. There was a lull before the storm: Cooper got married, and Polina was sometimes taken away for the weekend. But when the girl was 11, Andrei decided not to return his mother’s heiress…

The cooper lied to the girl that she was a parent on a business trip, changed schools to make it harder for Tumaykina to find her daughter. Appeals to the police did not bring results: in court, Andrei’s friends testified about Olga’s insanity, but the actress’ friends could not describe in paint how the man mocked his civilian wife – out of shame, the star did not tell the details of the beatings. Polina herself said in confusion that she was comfortable with her father, but she would also like to live with her mother. The verdict crushed the actress – Paul remained with her father.

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Olga refused the appeal for two reasons: first, she understood that Bondar was cunning and would most likely hold a trial again, and second, she did not want Polina to be tortured with psychological examinations and hearings. After a while, Andrei allowed Tumaykina to see his daughter. It was infinitely small, and fate sent the actress to the rescue…

New family

In order to somehow distract herself from the family tragedy, Tumaykina started a fleeting affair. The actress did not name her lover, but noted how grateful she was to him for the gift – her daughter Marusya. The pregnancy was difficult, several times the actress was kept in the clinic, afraid of losing the girl. The biological father did not appear in the baby’s life, which suited the star.

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While still in position, Olga went to a car repair shop to repair the car. A man named Alexei fell in love when he saw Tumaykina for the first time, and when her car broke down again, he began to take care of her. The man understood that the star kept his distance, so for many months they talked to “you”. The fortress fell when Marusa was two years old.

It is now clear that, it turns out, I have two options: either an instant attack, but there were not so many brave men my age, or a long siege of my “fortress”. It was the second option that worked in the case of Alexei, and my fortress began to surrender. I began to think about him, and realized that tenderness has some kind of physical shell. She enters with a heat stroke, and after that comes gratitude, calm. Alexey is very funny, we have a similar sense of humor, ”the actress shared with StarHit.

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After experiencing hell before, the actress managed not only to bring Polina back into her life, but also to make her friends with Alexei. The actress was not going to get married. “It simply came to our notice then. I am quite satisfied with today’s life, and if I dream of a wedding, it is connected only with my daughters, ”she summed up.

According to “7 Days”.

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