Oston Matthews was the first in the NHL season to score 50 goals, will he be able to become a better sniper than Ovechkin

Today in Toronto is a holiday – their “our everything” Oston Matthews for the first time in his career knocked out a penny! The striker, who broke into the NHL with poker in his debut match six years ago, has long been expected.

And here – waited. Matthews made six shots on goal, seven more – to the side, the partners took the whole game to throw him, however, the puck flew only into the empty net. The stands did not care – they rejoiced.

Surprisingly, in the more than century-long history of Toronto, the American is only the fourth player to submit to this achievement. And the first – for the last 28 years! Before him, Rick Wave had succeeded three times (in three consecutive seasons from 1982 to 1984), Gary Lyman (in the 1989/1990 season) and Dave Andreychuk (in the 1993/1994 season).

The sniper club record belongs to Wave (54 goals), and given that Matthews is now scoring at a cosmic pace (17 goals in the last 16 games), he should soon fall. The Maple Leafs have 15 more regular games left.

“I still have work to do, I’m not done yet. It is especially nice that he scored the 50th goal at home. I didn’t think I’d score him. I was very lucky to play with such amazing partners and in a good team. There are many important matches ahead, but it’s nice to enjoy today, “said the culprit of the celebration. In honor of such a historic event, Matthews received a festive shower from partners in the locker room.


Matthews won his first Maurice Richard last year and is also one of the top contenders for the best sniper this season. Curiously, five people have already aimed for 50 goals, which has not been the case since 2006, when Chichu, Jagr, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin and Heathley overcame the grandmaster mark.

Ovechkin, the record holder for the Richards, probably won’t be able to catch up with his younger rivals this year, but he can score half a penny. And in North America, they have already started dreaming about how Matthews will break Ovi’s record, which will break Gretzky’s record before. Let’s think about how real this is.

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Reporter: If Ovi breaks Gretzky’s record, it’s only a matter of time before Matthews gets around him

This week, Matthews is ahead of Ovi in ​​the number of goals since his debut in the league. The Russian has had 247 goals since 2016, and Matthews has 249. But let’s not forget that Ovi scores so much, being exactly 12 years older than Austin. Therefore, in the end, it is sniper stability and physical endurance and can be decisive factors.

In fact, it was these qualities that allowed Alexander to aim for the record of all time. Gretzky threw the lion’s share of his goals (637 out of 894) in the first 10 seasons, this period ended his last year with a penny.

Ovechkin has “only” 475 goals in a similar period of his career. But then – the opposite picture. In the next seven seasons (and the seventh is still going on) Ovechkin – 297 goals, Gretzky had only 200.

Gretzky spent several outstanding seasons, scoring 70, 80, 90 goals, but Ovechkin took his incredible stability. It’s not just that he is known by the code nickname “Russian car does not break.”

“Ovechkin is not a man, he runs on other fuels. He needs to be tested for Superman. ”

Yes, Matthews is an outstanding sniper, but will he be able to show the same incredible performance when he is 30, 33, 35 years old? And will he be able to avoid injuries? So far, he has had only one full season – the very first – in which he has not missed a single game. And then there were three injuries – twice the shoulder, once – the wrist.

Let’s remember Mike Bossi, who had everything to become the best sniper of all time. In 752 matches, he scored 572 goals, but his career ended in 30 years due to injuries. Ovechkin is now 36, and he still competes on an equal footing with the youth and, which is also extremely important, misses very few games. Alexander is a unique player in this respect.

So far, if we take the first six seasons of his career (Oston is still at this stage), then Gretzky – 429 goals, Ovechkin – 301, Matthews – 249. And how hard Enchael’s cabin will withstand Matthews in the long run, we have yet to find out .

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