Paralyzed fan of FromSoftware games from China passed the Elden Ring – he controlled the character’s breathing through the tubes

Due to the injury, the former firefighter lost the ability to move his limbs, but continues to play.

After many attempts, Zhu defeats the Tree Guardian

Chinese streamer Zhu Mingjun, who can only move his head and a little torso, completed the Elden Ring live on Bilibili. It took him about three weeks to defeat all the bosses. He dealt with most of the enemies himself, asking his brother to help only a few opponents. Zhu killed the final boss alone.

Since the streamer is paralyzed, it plays using a special system with several tubes. The actions in the game are performed when Zhu blows into one of them, as well as when he moves the controller to the sides. A fan of FromSoftware games showed in detail the process of configuring the utility for your system on the stream.

After setting up, Zhu got used to driving for several hours. However, it didn’t take much time, as he used to play Dark Souls games, which he really likes. In the course of the passage, the streamer was actively assisted by spectators, who suggested the optimal equipment. It is noteworthy that the player repeatedly refused to take advice because he wanted to figure it out himself.

Like many other players, Zhu immediately tried to kill the Tree Guardian from the first location. After several dozen attempts, he still managed to do it.

Exactly how much time the player spent on the passage is unknown. Judging by the latest videos on his channel, he finished the game by completing the chain of tasks of the witch Ranni. During the passage, he, among other things, defeated Malania, Michella’s Blade, which is considered one of the most difficult action-RPG bosses.


under the spoiler fragments of the battle with the final boss Elden Ring.

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In 2013, while working as a firefighter, Zhu Mingjun was seriously injured in an accident at work. He could not speak for three years after the incident. Even after almost ten years, he still needs a ventilator to breathe. Zhu has been battling mental disorders for many years, including trying to commit suicide.

From 2018, he began streaming on Bilibili. In an interview, he admitted that he was very worried at first, but when he saw how he was supported by strangers, he began to behave more relaxed and found many friends. Moreover, Zhu began to help other people who are struggling with mental illness.

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