Pavel Tabakov spoke about the departure of Renata Litvinova

On June 9, the Russian film “Young Man” directed by Alexander Fomin was released. This picture is about growing up and the first age crisis, when you realize that you seem to be doing everything right, but life does not spoil with pleasant surprises. The main roles in the film were played by Pavel Tabakov, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Danila Kozlovsky, Elena Xenofontova, Danila Poperechny, Valentina Lyapina.

Briefly about the plot of the film. (And you can watch the trailer of the picture here!)

Ivan Revzin, who graduated with a gold medal and a university with honors, cannot find his place in life. He works at a boring job in a bank, from where he is eventually fired, he lives with a woman who only needs money. The situation is aggravated by a bondage mortgage for 20 years. Ivan is angry, realizing that often success in life is not achieved by excellent students, but by those who know how to spin.

A scene from the movie “Young Man”. Photo: the press service of the film

Such is his classmate Kolya (Danila Kozlovsky), a former sophomore and now a millionaire. One day he announces a competition for high school students with a multimillion-dollar prize pool. And the protagonist understands that this amount is enough to close the ill-fated mortgage and solve all the problems at once.

Vanya, who looks much younger than his age, decides on an adventure. He falsifies the age in the passport and goes to the camp of the young leader, believing that thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience he will be able to easily overcome rivals. However, Ivan is wrong… spoke with the lead actor Pavel Tabakov about mistakes, growing up and Renata Litvinova, who never grows up.

“You become an adult when you are responsible for your actions”

– Paul, your hero, an excellent and intelligent young man, seems to be doing everything right, fighting the circumstances, living as he can. Why does he not succeed?

– Probably because being an excellent student and understanding life in general are two different things. Our education system is sharpened and not understanding the material, but just knowing the right answers. Ivan knows how to do it right, but when something goes wrong, he gets lost.

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Young Man”. Photo: the press service of the film

– For me, this film is partly about growing up. And what is it like for you to be an adult? Of course, I do not mean just reaching the age of 18…

– I do not know. Probably when you begin to realize that only you are responsible for your actions. In my world it is so.

– And when did you feel that you have become an adult?

“It’s hard to say.” Probably more or less at the age of awareness, at 16. I will not lie, I do not remember exactly.

– It seems to me that there is a woman in the acting community who always remains a child in the soul. This is Renata Litvinova. I can’t help but ask you about her. You play in two performances by Renata Litvinova with her: “The Star of Your Period” and “North Wind”. How did you react to her departure?

Renata Litvinova left for Paris due to ill health. So far, the hospital where she is has banned her from flying. Maybe she will return, we will continue to play and there will be no problems. Of course, it’s not up to me. But I hope so.

“I was curled for forty minutes”

“Still, let’s go back to the Young Man.” Which scene was the most memorable for you?

– Unfortunately, this scene was not included in the editing. I played a piano song, but the producers couldn’t agree on the copyright. The man first gave permission, and then revoked it, just stopped communicating.

“Who thought your character was curly?”

– Director. He knew exactly what and how.

– Have you been curling for a long time?

“Forty minutes.”

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Young Man”. Photo: the press service of the film

– Were there any complicated scenes? For example, in the final episodes Ivan had to run a lot…

– Boys love to run.

– Do you run fast, well?

“I hope so.” The director was pleased with me.

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