Pensions indexation, spring call and new mortgage rate: what will change in Russia in April 2022

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Indexation of social pensions, new payments to families with children, spring conscription into the army, fines for fakes and other changes await the people of Russia in April 2022.

Indexation of pensions

In April, Russia will index social pensions. It will be 8.6% – at the officially set level of last year’s inflation. Indexation should affect four million people.

Social pensions are received for old age, disability, loss of breadwinner; as well as children whose both parents are unknown.

Spring call

The spring conscription campaign starts on April 1. It will last until July 15. This year it is planned to send 134.5 thousand people to military service. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, this is less than last year. The Minister stated that conscripts would not be sent to Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the military enlistment offices of the Tomsk region will select about 650 guys for military service in the spring-summer campaign.


From April 2022, preferential mortgages without marital status and the presence of children can be taken at 12% instead of 7%. The rate was raised, along with it increased the maximum amount for the loan: up to 12 million rubles for Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and up to 6 million rubles – for other regions.

Family mortgages will continue to be issued at 6%, Far Eastern – at 2%.


From April 1, families in need will be able to count on monthly payments for a child aged 8 to 17. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin announced such a measure of support.

The monthly payment will be provided if the family income does not exceed the subsistence level per capita. The amount of payment will be 50% of the subsistence level for children established in the region of residence.

In some cases, the amount of payment may be 100% of the subsistence level for children.

Interest tax on deposits

You will not have to pay tax on interest income on deposits for 2021 and 2022, it has been abolished. And in 2023 it is planned to consider personal income tax under the new rules. The maximum rate on the first day of each month in which the income is received will be used for the calculation. Previously, the Central Bank rate at the beginning of the year was applied.

Fines for fakes about government agencies

An amendment to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the punishment for fakes, which discredit Russian government agencies abroad, will come into force on April 5. These include the activities of embassies, the prosecutor’s office, the Rosguard, the Ministry of Emergencies and the Interior Ministry.

Earlier, a law was passed on similar requirements for information about the actions of the army. Liability will be under Articles 207.3 and 280.3 of the Criminal Code.

At the same time, the article will appear in the Administrative Code.

Enrollment in first grade

On April 1, the enrollment of children in the first grade began. Until June 30, applications can be submitted for enrollment in the school that is assigned to the child’s address, or if there are benefits.

In the Tomsk region, enrollment in the first grades will begin on April 1. What parents need to know

Registration of children in public services

From April, parents can register their children under 14 on the public services portal. And from the age of 14 the child can draw up an account on their own.

The child and parent profiles will be linked, and the credentials of the legal representatives will be checked automatically. Until the children’s accounts allow them to use all the services. But it will be possible to check the results of the exam and follow the application when entering the university.

Cashback for children’s vouchers

Russians who buy children’s vouchers from April 1 will be able to receive a cashback of 50% of their value. The program will start on May 1, 2022. In this case, the amount of compensation for one ticket may not exceed 20 thousand rubles.


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