People of the second grade. Russian figure skaters banned for the comfort of foreigners?

Figure skating stars enjoy the present and do not care about the future. The payoff for Russophobia may come much sooner than it seems.

While journalists and fans admired how clean and wonderful the World Figure Skating Championships without Russia became, the participants of the tournament remained prudent and tried not to step on the thin ice of Russophobia.

However, it was not possible to carry this healthy trend to the end of the competition. The situation was blown up by a figure skater who would have confidently won the world championship even if our athletes performed.

But without the Russians, Gabriele was still more comfortable.

Medals without Russia are bullshit

– I admit that the absence of Russians at the World Cup is something special. They have lost a lot of trust from other skaters due to the situation in Ukraine and doping. They are looked at obliquely, and without them there is less tension, – RTLSport quoted Gabriela Papadakis as saying.

In Russia, few people liked this passage of the Olympic champion in ice dancing in a duet with Guillaume Cizeron. The negative reaction to the Frenchwoman’s words did not take long. Some wondered how a professional athlete could speak in such a way. Others simply scolded, and some even foreshadowed the collapse of the villains.

– I think they will very soon understand and understand that such words and their European behavior in all senses will lead them to collapse. Let them say what they want, – quoted coach Alexander Zhulin “Championship”.

– Someone, and the Olympic champion and world champion could, in my opinion, be above all this. If you are strong, then you should approach from the position of a confident and noble person, – said the winner of the Olympics in Turin Tatiana Navka.

The president of the Sambo-70 center Renat Laishev called the French medals bullshit. And the honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatiana Tarasova threateningly hinted that Papadakis and company did not have long to breathe freely. TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev did not spare epithets, saying that the world champion “farted into eternity.” Ordinary fans in the comments were even less diplomatic – the reaction of Russians to the insulting statement is quite understandable.

The triumph of Russophobia

Papadakis is not alone in his joy over the absence of Russians. Foreign journalists triumphed after watching the “Healthy Man Tournament” in France. Emigrants offended by the “beautiful pedestal” admired the “beautiful pedestal”. And the participants of the tournament themselves were probably happy with the opportunity. Some were lucky enough to win medals in those disciplines where our athletes would not allow them to come close to the awards. Others actually won without a fight.

Another thing is that this momentary celebration of Russophobia will not turn into anything good for the world of figure skating in the long run. The lack of competition and the reduction of the overall level of competition will not save any overestimation. The decline in interest in tournaments under the auspices of ISU will be a natural result of Russia’s denial of this sport.

The federation will not have to wait for significant reductions in revenues for a long time, and this, in turn, may affect the amount of prizes. That’s when it will be possible to talk about tournaments of a healthy person with a beautiful pedestal.

However, Papadakis, who joined the fashionable Russophobic agenda, is hardly worried about the prospects of figure skating in the world. During her career, she has already collected a collection of gold medals in all major tournaments – you can, if you wish, finish with a great sport.

It strikes another. Papadakis believes that her comfort (lack of oblique views towards the Russians and excessive tension) is more expensive and important than the right of innocent Russian figure skaters to perform at the World Championships. In other words, Gabriela similarly recorded Russian figure skaters as second-class people. And after all, none of the bosses of the world “figure” will think to condemn her.

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