Plastic Mandalorian in the land of fan fiction: We are talking about the series Halo from Paramount +

Full-fledged film adaptation Hello – a project of complex creative destiny. Microsoft she fought unsuccessfully against the wall for almost two decades, during which her flagship brand grew old.

And how it all began! In June 2005, the Greens frightened Hollywood producers when armored men on ATVs broke into the studio, delivering drafts of a screenplay with proposals from Bill Gates’ team. The California police had a marked increase in work that day.

However, nothing came of the idea. In Hollywood, Microsoft’s requirements were considered inadequate, which is amusing in the conditions of the winning film universe Marvel.

The project went to production hell, and Microsoft had to deal with the production of budget films. Only a collection of Japanese short films and a cartoon based on the writer’s works are worth mentioning. Edward Niland.

However, this year Master Chef fans have finally received a film adaptation in the form of a series, which is also one of the flagship projects of the long-suffering streaming service Paramount +. Did their expectations come true? Of course not.

Planet Madrigal. A group of colonists sitting around an oil rig, telling tales about the Spartans – super soldiers UNSCwhich turn the rebels into mince. At this time the daughter of the leader of the settlement by name Kwan Ha (Erin Ha) drags around the neighborhood in search of drugs (no joke). As a result, the girl stumbles upon a reconnaissance team of lizards Sangheiliwho dig in a cave in search of a “mysterious” artifact.

This is followed by a massacre in which the colonists are killed, and Kwan Ha rescues the Spartan team Silver Team, commanded by Master Chief.

From the first frame, the series “pleases” the overall budget. It is not only about computer graphics, but also props. Local rebels, who for some reason can’t wash their faces, are dragged with AK and MP5, while Spartans and UNSC fighters flaunt cheap plastic armor.

It is impossible to look at the local elites without tears, because instead of elegant lizards, the audience is shown some bulky cabinets. Such a feeling that the basis was unsuccessful designs from Halo 5that proves the protruding jaws. Associations with Guardians intensify, because the plot was shoved delusional line with the desertion of the Chief.

The main problem of the series is that the writers took a solid foundation in the form of games and digested it into an incomprehensible mess. Paramount + had a chance to deepen the ENT by showing the opposition of the colonists and the UNSC, as well as the beginning of the invasion Covenant. Instead, the project team admitted that they did not focus on the games, giving birth to an alternative “silver” timeline (so Blue Team replaced by Silver Team). That is, we are talking about mediocre fan fiction.

At the same time, the plot was clearly written by some idiots, because at least some exposition completely failed. As a result, Halo fans will be furious, and beginners will not understand anything in this mix.

The current Hollywood agenda has gone nowhere, so be prepared to see the darkened toasked Kiza (Bokim Woodbine) with her daughter, as well as the main heroine-Asian, who is all so “strong and independent” (stands for stupid hysterical fool).

There are also questions about the installation. Covenant ‘s attack is partially shown through blinds (school Gareth Edwards, not otherwise), and after the arrival of the Spartans begins to demonstrate porridge, in which the general plans are combined with a miserable “first-person view”. And the effect of the “green screen” will haunt the audience on a regular basis.

But the main failure is Master Chief in execution Pablo Schreiber. The fact is that the hero of the franchise was a kind of Mandalorian, and his face was shown only in scenes from childhood. However, the creators of the series decided on the main sacrilege – the Chief takes off his helmet at the end of the first series.

Already in the first series it becomes clear that the series Halo is another example of parasitism on a successful franchise. Such confusion should not be surprising, because Paramount + can not be called a stable service. He is losing money, while stubbornly continuing to pour money on the dead. “Star Trek“.

Note that at this point in this text could initially be a review of the entire first season, but due to sanctions streaming service Amediateka was left without a series. Therefore, you can get acquainted with Halo now only on Paramount +.

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