Players at Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 faced crashes – developers advised to “zero” progress in the campaign

Not everyone appreciated this way of solving the problem – especially those who started the game.

Problems with flights to Marvel’s Avengers for PS5 owners began a few days ago – the developers admitted the mistake and said they had already found the cause of the bug. However, a full-fledged fix at the time of writing the note has not been introduced.

As a temporary solution, the developers advised to select the option to restart the campaign in the menu, and then forcibly close the game, as the prologue begins for the young Kamala. After that, there should be no problems with flights on the PS5.

The studio warned that this method will nullify all the current progress of players in single player mode.

Fans called this decision strange, noting that it will definitely not work for those who have not yet passed the plot of the action. Some have written that with the same success, the developers could advise to completely remove the game.

Many other users have reacted to the situation with humor, mentioning the other numerous problems in Avengers since its release in August 2020.

Response to the publication @PlayAvengers

Oh I wonder what the workaround is

* checks follow up Tweet *

Theworkaround is literally resetting your campaign progress

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. * Checks the next tweet in the thread *. Solving the problem is literally nullifying all the progress in the campaign.

Response to the publication @PlayAvengers

“Have you tried deleting your data and starting again?”

“Have you tried deleting your savings and restarting the game?”

Response to the publication @PlayAvengers

I didn’t it was synonymous with “Start from scratch”.

“Detour”. I didn’t know it was synonymous with the phrase “Start from scratch.”

Response to the publication @PlayAvengers

There’s an even easier fix. Uninstall the game entirely and then play literally anything else.

There is a fix easier. Remove this game completely and play something else.

Response to the publication @PlayAvengers

I mean even the developers want to kill the Avengers at this point.

At this stage, even the developers themselves want to “kill” the Avengers.

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Initially, items of this kind were promised not to be added to the game at all.

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