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The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement regarding the detention of Amkal player Vasily Mavrin

According to police, Vasily Mavrin after the match “Amkal” – “Novosibirsk” urged fans to start a “wave” and not to leave their seats, and at the request of the stadium and police to stop the “illegal behavior” showed aggression

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Vasily Mavrin

(Photo: mavrinlive / Telegram)

Police officers stopped the illegal behavior of the football player of the team of video bloggers “Amkal” Vasily Mavrin after the match in Novosibirsk. This was reported on the website of the Interior Ministry in the Novosibirsk region.

The head office said that after the friendly match at the Zarya stadium between Amkal and the Novosibirsk football club, one of the players in the video blogging team “began to behave inappropriately towards others.” “At the request of the organizers of the event through a loudspeaker after the meeting, the end of the game and the need to leave the stadium, the man began to urge fans to start the” wave “and do not leave their seats,” – said in a statement.

The police stressed that the footballer did not react to the requests and remarks of the stadium and security guards and was rude to them. Probing on the lord of polycycles, as affected in the communication, uncommonly predefined by the plot of the need to write an anti-removable behavior, on which it is aggressive, raging obscene in the address of policeis.

The head of the department noted that the footballer also refused and resisted the request to follow up to the police department for further investigation. “In this connection, physical force and special means (handcuffs) were used against the offender. He was taken to the police station, “the statement said.

Amkal reported that the player was detained after the match in Novosibirsk

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

An administrative report was drawn up against the football player under Part 2 of Article 20.1 of the Administrative Code (petty hooliganism associated with disobedience to a lawful request of a government official or other person performing duties to protect public order or prevent the violation of public order).

The incident with Mavrin took place the day before, on March 26, after the meeting between Amkal and Novosibirsk from FNL-2. As the journalist and player of “Amkala” Dmitry Egorov told, after the match the players began to be photographed with the fans. Then the police were called to the arena and detained Mavrin.

After his detention, Mavrin himself wrote in the Telegram channel that he was being taken in a paddy wagon to a distributor, after which there would be a trial. According to the football player, the police captain, whose name he did not name, drew up a report on him for petty hooliganism. Mavrin said he would sue the police officer. “For exceeding official duties, as well as causing physical and psychological harm! Good videos are available! We are following the truth to the end, “he explained.

Amkal is an amateur football club, mostly represented by video bloggers. Mavrin also plays for other teams, in particular Celtic in the Amateur Football League (LFL).


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