“Predictably, whoever was there – Bach, Ivanov or Petrov. If in some countries they call for a ban on Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky “, informs Vyalba about the removal of Russians – Ski

The head of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR) Elena Vyalbe spoke about the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to international federations to remove Russian athletes from international starts.

– Sanctions and removal. Can we find anything positive in this?

– Nothing positive can be taken from this situation for sports, absolutely, one hundred percent. If all this drags on, we will step in the opposite direction, fall down.

This is for all sports, no matter how high we call domestic starts, even if representatives of friendly countries come to us, there are no leaders in cross-country skiing among them. So it’s bad.

The only thing is that now we will study Russia even more, we will look for opportunities for training. Maybe some big officials, leaders will understand that we need a good base at a great height.

– Do you think that Thomas Bach could have somehow avoided such a development?

– In the beginning of this whole situation we were emotional, and then, looking at what happens next, I can say that it was all predictable. Whoever is there – Bach, Ivanov or Petrov. I think it would have happened anyway.

Sorry if people who play the piano or sing in the opera are already removed, and in some countries they even call for a ban on Dostoevsky or Tchaikovsky. Well, it’s so …

It is a pity that people will not see this immediately after the end of everything that is happening, their eyes will not open in a month, but in a few years. Now the world is still strongly connected to the Internet, so everything will come to people much earlier. It’s just a shame.

I want everyone to open their eyes. Although, on the other hand, many people have their masks removed. This is also important.

– After all, international sport suffers because of this. There was a sign “The Bolsheviks against Johannes Clabo”. And now what?

“Oh, guys, I don’t care.” There will be no such sign – there will be another, with someone else he will compete. I honestly don’t think that much. I think that the world sports community will lift these sanctions faster, but it is not the economy.

Although they are beating from all sides, what can I say. The more we are beaten, the stronger we become, we know that too. I do not want to talk about these topics, because politics is far from sports, but we understand that there is no sport without politics. Everything is mixed, – said Vyalbe.

The collapse of relations between Bach and Russia: first hockey with Putin and tea with Isinbayeva – and then the removal of our

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