Profession of the future: the first engineering quiz for the TPU Cup takes place in Tomsk

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The first engineering quiz started on April 2 at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 11th-graders from different schools in Tomsk and other cities will compete for the TPU Cup. Also, winners and finalists will receive additional points in case of admission to the Polytechnic.

The engineering quiz for the TPU Cup is held for 11th grade students. The event is divided into three rounds: the first will take place on April 2-9, the second on April 23, and the final on May 11.

The quiz is entirely devoted to engineering topics. A total of several dozen schoolchildren from Tomsk, Yurga, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Zelenogorsk will take part in it. They have to answer a variety of questions related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, inventions of world scientists, engineers, history of TPU and other topics.

The initial stage of the kiz is divided into two parts, the first of which takes place at the ICC TPU on Saturday, April 2. After the quarterfinals, 50% of the participants who score the most points for the correct answers will go to the second round. Participation in the team quiz. There are six people in each team.

“I learned about the quiz from the teacher. My classmates and I wanted to take part: we got together as a team and registered, ”Elizaveta Kitris, a student at Tomsk School 23, told reporters. – We study in a physics and mathematics class, most of our guys will take the exam in physics or computer science, we are interested in participating in the quiz. I’m still thinking about my future profession, I’m choosing a university. I am attracted to cybersecurity, but I also consider engineering. The choice of profession today is huge, it’s hard to decide right away. “

The participants of the first round were greeted by the vice-rector of TPU for educational activities Mikhail Solovyov. He wished the students victory and an interesting time during the quiz.

“I am sure that there will be no losers, you are all winners in life, you have everything you need for this: interest in knowledge, new, desire to do something new, solve problems. With such qualities you will be successful in your life, “Soloviev said.

The TPU notes that the university plans to gradually translate all its traditional activities related to admission to the university into a game format. It attracts young people, say the polytechnic.

According to Roman Laas, director of the Institute for the Development of Engineering Education at TPU, the quiz is first and foremost a way to have a good time and immerse yourself in the context – to understand what engineering is, what engineers were, what they are known for influencing the world.

“Engineering is a very broad field. Wider than usual. <...> Any specialist who creates something is, in a sense, an engineer, he uses an engineering approach. This is constructive thinking, when a person perceives the real world and some ideal world in which the model of the real world is. And he can carry out operations both in reality – to collect, design something with his hands, and in an ideal world – to work with models, abstract concepts, adding, calculating, modeling, forecasting. Therefore, engineers in a broad sense are the main profession of the future, “said Laas.

The main prize of the quiz is a cup from the rector of TPU. All members of the team that took first place will receive eight additional points in case of admission to Tomsk Polytechnic. The second place team will receive seven points, and the third place team will receive six points.


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