Pugacheva’s grandson – in the bar, Vodyanova – in the vegetable market, and Buzova washed the floors: where celebrities worked

The stars in their youth did not shy away from ordinary earnings.

Nikita Presnyakov and Natalia Vodyanova. Photo: Global Look Press

Not every star was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Some people know firsthand what it’s like to work from dawn to dusk to save at least a little money for food and clothes. And there are those who despised conventions, refusing to be supported by a famous family. Who among the current stars in his youth was not averse to ordinary earnings? All details in the material of the site

Olga Buzova

The ex-host of the “House-2” project was born into a simple St. Petersburg family. Olga Buzova, being the most ordinary student, never dreamed of stardom. At the same time, even then she tried to earn money for out-of-pocket expenses. Before studying, Buzova could wash the floors in the clinic where her mother worked. The future TV station did not consider it shameful. And he still remembers those days with pride.

“At the age of 18, I washed my mother’s floors in the clinic, and I will have to, I will wash now! But I showed my example to my multimillion-dollar audience that everything can be achieved in our lives! You just have to work hard and believe in yourself! ” Buzova clarified.

TV presenter Olga Buzova
During her student years, Olga Buzova washed the floors in her mother’s clinic. Photo: Global Look Press

Nikita Presnyakov

But Alla Pugacheva’s grandson could not complain about the lack of money in his youth. At the same time, studying in America, Nikita Presnyakov refused to take money from the famous family for out-of-pocket expenses, getting a job in a bar. During the day, Christina Orbakayte’s eldest son disappeared from school, and in the evenings he worked part-time as a simple student. Nikita did not want to sit on the neck of the star’s relatives. Well, after studying, the grandson of the Prima Donna returned home. Presnyakov immediately played a wedding with model Alena Krasnova. And the famous grandmother gave the newlyweds an elite apartment in the heart of Moscow.

Singer Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova
Nikita Presnyakov worked part-time at a bar while studying in the United States. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / KP

Natalia Vodyanova

The story of the model from Nizhny Novgorod is like a fairy tale about Cinderella. As a child, Natalia Vodyanova helped her mother: in the summer she sold oranges at the market in a vegetable tent, and in the winter she sold ice cream, standing in the sun for fourteen hours. The only happiness is to enjoy a cool dessert. Mom allowed Natalia to eat as much ice cream as she wanted.

Well, when already being a model, Vodyanova earned her first large fee, she immediately bought her mother a new spacious three-room apartment. Prior to that, the family huddled in a tiny Khrushchev. Elegant apartment model furnished with expensive furniture and everything you need for comfort and coziness.

Model Natalia Vodyanova with Antoine Arnault
As a child, Natalia Vodyanova traded in oranges at a market in a vegetable tent. Photo: Global Look Press

Julia Savicheva

The singer made her debut in the project “Star Factory”, few people know that this star of the domestic stage faced poverty. Yulia Savicheva once mentioned that as a child she traded things in transition with her parents. And even wore clothes for someone. The singer is not ashamed of her past.

Singer Julia Savicheva
Yulia Savicheva traded in things in transition. Photo: Ivan Makeev / KP

“We lived in poverty. After all, when there were no concerts, there was not enough money. As they say, sometimes empty, sometimes dense… Sometimes I wore clothes for someone. We even traded things in transition. They ran away from the police… I was only ten years old at the time, so I remember everything quite vaguely. More often, of course, parents traded.

I remember that we were constantly moving from apartment to apartment, my father negotiated with some of his many acquaintances, the good thing is that he is such a person who knows how to like, knows how to be friends, “Savicheva said.

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