Rastorguev justifies Beyonce, Deryavyanko admires new passion: stars at the party

The number of celebrities has significantly decreased over the past month, however, secular Moscow has decided that it is time to resurrect the star parties. In fact, the first full-fledged event of the spring was the presentation of a video for the song “Strong”, which was performed by producer and singer IVKA. The song became the soundtrack to Alexei Chadov’s directorial debut.

Probably the most unexpected guest of the evening was Nikolai Rastorguev. The leader of the group “Lube” certainly can not be called an avid partygoer. In the spotlight, the 65-year-old artist decided not to waste time and commented on the sensational comparison of the new track Beyonce We Alive and his long-standing hit “You carry me, river.”

Web users have noticed that the beginning of both songs is almost identical note to note, from which we can assume that the American singer was “inspired” by our Russian product. Nikolai Vyacheslavovich admitted that he listened to the song of the Western diva and really found similarities, but was indifferent to it.

“I heard the first eight bars. Well, there is some similarity. I’m not saying I approve, but I’m not exactly condemning. I have a drum. And I never followed Beyonce’s work, “the leader of the country’s most patriotic team commented on the funny coincidence.

It was more usual to see Pavel Derevyanko at the party with another passion. The 45-year-old actor has long had a reputation as a lady’s man, and perhaps simply chooses the perfect life partner. However, Paul himself jokes about it, not hiding that he loves a pleasant female company.

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Last night, Paul spent in the company of a bright blonde in an orange cardigan and stylish glasses. The artist’s companion behaved emotionally and liberated – she told stories loudly, laughed and gently stroked the actor’s cheek. Derevyanko’s face showed that he was fascinated.

But recently there were rumors about the reunion of Derevyanko with his daughters’ mother – Daria Myasishcheva. In January of this year, Paul, Daria and their daughters went on vacation to Thailand. However, the actor decided to prudently place dots over the “i”.

“I repeat once again that we do not live with Dasha, but we are very friendly and raise our two beautiful daughters. Each of us has a personal life. We are each other’s people. As you can see, we are resting together from everyday work in Thailand. Please do not speculate. Everything is exactly as I say, no more and no less. Girls, don’t write that Daria has sad eyes, she is absolutely happy and self-sufficient, ”he signed the family photo.

The closed show was loud and large. The show was opened by singer and actress, winner of the “New Wave 2021”, Junior Eurovision contestant Tatiana Mezhentseva with her song Mon Ami. The host of the evening was the scandalous journalist Nasty Pilyagin, known for his reports on the stars of Russian show business.

In Chadov’s future film, he will play love with Christina Asmus. The clip, shown yesterday to a small circle of friends and journalists, saw emotional and erotic scenes between their characters. However, the 40-year-old actor immediately assured everyone that Christina is first and foremost a professional actress, and everything seen on the screen is just a good game. Nothing more!

Also guests of the premiere of the video were Vitaly Gogunsky, Alena Vodonaeva, Irina Bezrukova, Artem Tkachenko, Anatoly Tsoi, Lyusya Chebotina, Dima Krasilov and other bright representatives of show business.

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