Rastorguev ridiculed Beyonce for plagiarism of Lube hit

The Russians heard notes of the Russian song “You carry me, river” in the composition of the foreign pop star.

The Oscar ceremony turned into another scandal. American singer Beyonce, who performed the song Be Alive, which sounded in the nominated film “King Richard”, was suspected of plagiarism. The astute Russians heard familiar notes in the song – the hit of the group “Lube” at the beginning of zero “You carry me, river”. The reaction of the team leader Nikolai Rastorguev did not take long.

The artist was contacted by journalists of the Super publication, and he gave them a comment. According to the member of the group, he is not proud to compare their hit with the composition of a foreign singer, and in general said that “to hang out with some Beyonce” he has no time.

“I don’t know if she herself suspects the existence of the Lube group in distant, snowy and aggressive Russia. But she has authors who could have contributed in some way, I do not rule out. We, of course, would not mind receiving compensation for use. But no to the court, I don’t think we will go. Why all this squabbling, for the sake of PR except that. Now our country and all of us have more important things to do than to fight with some Beyonce, but she failed, ”Rastorguev was quoted as saying.

At the same time, the artist stressed that he never followed the work of the foreign pop star. He had heard her songs before, when the singer was just beginning to gain popularity, but they did not impress him.

How such a coincidence could have happened, no one understood. However, the similarity of the melody in the songs is heard not only by fans, but also by music producers. Thus, the husband of the singer Valeria Iosif Prigozhin did not claim that the authors of Ve Alive openly stole a melody written by our domestic composer Igor Matvienko, but hinted that they could be inspired by the “soulfulness” of Russian song.

Nikolai Rastorguev with the group “Lube”

“Well, yes, there are similarities. But it’s hard to say who took whom, seven notes in all. I can say that in Russian music there is a soul and a melody. Apparently, Beyonce also wants to feel the Russian soul in music. That’s why they turned to the soul, I think so, “Prigogine said in a conversation with Channel Five.


Note that plagiarism issues are quite common in show business. Earlier, Svetlana Loboda was accused of stealing music. When the singer presented her new song “Allo”, fans instead of enthusiastic comments scolded her for using a very similar melody from the song “Sad Dance” by Artik & Asti. In their opinion, the introduction turned out to be especially similar.

Danya Milokhin, a young tick-picker, came up with the idea for the video. The guy presented fans with an animated video for the song “Friend”, in which he presented the hero of the cartoon, and caused a storm of positive comments. However, exactly the same video for the song “Depression” was released by the rock band Bi-2 in the midst of the pandemic in 2020.

Earlier at the Oscars, Hollywood actor Will Smith hit the host of the event live. He stood up for his sick wife, whose diagnosis was made by comedian Chris Rock.


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