“Real” – “Barcelona” – 0: 4, review and statistics of the match, March 20, 2022, Spanish Football Championship

That’s right! “Real” was defeated by “Barcelona” in the “el clasico” at the “Santiago Bernabeu”. After this game, it is especially sad that the Catalans are far behind Madrid in the course of the season and are unlikely to have a chance to compete for gold.

The main loss of “Real” before “El Clásico” was Karim Benzema. “Cream” coach Carlo Ancelotti, answering the question of who will come out instead of the injured French center-forward, asked reporters and fans a riddle.

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“Benzema and Mandy will not play tomorrow. They will start working with the team next week and will be here with us. There is no point in taking risks. I have already decided who will replace Benzema, but I will not tell you who I chose. An alternative to Benzema? Bale, Mariano Diaz, Jovic, Isco, Rodrigo. We have many options. We will choose the one that is best for this game, “Ancelotti said at the pre-match press conference.

Even Xavi spoke about Benzema’s absence. The coach of “Barcelona” did not answer in the style of “irreplaceable no”, but admitted – this is a problem for Madrid: “Benzema – one of the best” nine “in the world. This is a significant loss, but it will not change our approach to the game. But “Real” is possible. “

As a result, after some difficult thinking, Ancelotti replaced Benzema with no one.

When the match started, it turned out that “Real” plays without a center forward. Luka Modric and Federico Valverde were in front, alternating places. Ancelotti bet on the advantage in the center of the field, and in the attack – on the intrusion through the flanks and semi-flanks of winger Rodrigo and Vinicius Junior, who, in fact, played the role of forwards in the difficult to describe scheme of the Italian coach.

Real almost scored a quick goal when Valverde scored from Vinicius’ pass (Marc-Andre ter Stegen pulled out the toughest ball), but overall Ancelotti’s plan didn’t work. Barça dominated, constantly finding options in the middle line and moving the ball quickly and, despite the large number of “cream” midfielders, brought their possession to 63%. Xavi’s team also used a great team selection on the other half, and to help Pierre-Emerick Obameyang, the nimble Pedry rose to the central defenders. Madrid did not press the opponent so intensely, often defending positionally. In this situation, the center defenders of the Catalans felt like on a picnic: with the ball on them a minimum of pressure, without the ball – too.

At one point, a whistle blew at the Santiago Bernabeu. The fans of the hosts understood that it would not end well. Ferran Torres on his flank “twisted the vertebrae” Dani Carvajal, but the goal still came from the right edge of the attack of the guests. It turned out to be not very simple in Barcelona: Usman Dembele dealt one-on-one with Nacho, and Militao missed Obameyang in the penalty area.

But it is amazing that even at 0: 1 the nature of the game has not changed. After the first half, “Real” lost on shots with a score of 4: 9 (on target – 2: 5), on transfers on someone else’s third – 26: 121! Madrid’s best moment ended with a wild simulation of Vinicius Jr.: did the Brazilian think that in the VAR era this would be a ride in the match with “Barca”? Xavi’s second goal was not the result of any subtle draw. A simple pass from the corner to the right point and incorrect jump timing from David Alaba. Ronaldo Araujo’s goal made Ancelotti bored.

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The reaction of the Real Madrid coach to the failed 45 minutes is a double substitution. In the second half, the quartet of “cream” defenders looked like this (from right to left): Nacho – Militao – Kazemiro – Alaba. That is, the Italian made three changes to the line, which must be the most played and reliable. The striker Mariano Diaz finally appeared in the attack.

What happened? One-on-one in the first attack of “Barca” after the break, lost by Ferran, and two goals in the goal of “cream” in five minutes. Torres scored with a pass from Obamayang, Obamayang scored with a pass from Torres. These two in the open space did with the leader’s defense Examples of what they wanted. And in the first case it all started with the lost key martial arts fresh Eduard Camaving. “Real” contested the fourth goal of the guests, talking about offside, but VAR was not on the side of the hosts that day.

After an hour of playing football in “El Clásico” became boring. Nobody expected that. And it was not Barca’s fault that brought fans back to the Santiago Bernabeu at a time when Xavi midfielder himself was shining with his team. The main match of the spring was ruined by the incompetent game of “Real”. I wonder if Madrid would be so hopeless with Benzema in the lineup?

At the “El Clásico” Madrid came out in black. It turned out to be symbolic: for Ancelotti’s team it was a “black” day. The final score on shots on target – 4:10, on goals – 0: 4. Real’s chances in the championship race are unlikely to be affected in any way, but the aftertaste due to the defeat of Barça will remain unpleasant. Memories will suppress and stifle emotions. And Xavi is the main character of the evening. His team’s game is a masterpiece. In the end, the coach released his old friend Dani Alves on the field for the Brazilian to play the 400th match for “Barcelona”.

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