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Irina Rodnina about the change of citizenship by skaters: someone will consider it a betrayal

The State Duma deputy believes that when it comes to the security and interests of the country, the change of citizenship by athletes is not the right thing to do. “Some will consider it a betrayal, some will simply condemn such a decision,” she said.

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Irina Rodnina

(Photo: State Duma Press Service)

State Duma deputy, three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina commented on the words of Honored Coach of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova that skaters can start changing citizenship en masse if the International Union of Skaters (ISU) keeps the exclusion of Russian athletes from international competitions for a long time.

“Whether to change sports citizenship or not, skaters will decide for themselves, each individually. Will moving to another team be considered a betrayal? In this case, if it concerns famous athletes, it will be perceived as very painful. Some will consider it a betrayal, some will simply condemn such a decision, ”Sport24 quoted Rodnina as saying.

According to the deputy, in a situation where it is a question of security and interests of the country and all people, change of a national team – business not the most correct. She stressed that there are certain circumstances and restrictions that are dictated by reality, despite the desire of athletes to perform in the international arena.

“It is a fact that the mass outflow of our athletes will cause a negative reaction. But I do not undertake to assess this negativity, “Rodnina concluded.

The day before, on April 4, Tarasova said that Russian figure skaters could start to change their citizenship en masse due to ISU sanctions. “If this issue is not resolved and we are not returned, then, perhaps, our skaters will start leaving en masse. Those guys who are preparing for the next Olympics and other international competitions will have to think about changing their residence permit, “she said. The coach added that the athlete’s life is very short and many will never have the opportunity to perform at international competitions again.

According to Tarasova, athletes who have changed their citizenship cannot be considered traitors. “ISU criminals are taking the lives of our athletes. It’s not our fault, it’s ISU’s. They are traitors, “she said.

On March 1, ISU suspended Russian and Belarusian athletes from competing under its auspices due to events in Ukraine. Russian athletes have already missed the World Cup, which took place in late March in Montpellier.


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