Reliability Villa and the defeat in Ufa. Results of the series “Tractor” – “Salavat Yulaev”: News: Continental Hockey League (KHL)

The Chelyabinsk-Ufa series included results from 1: 0 to 7: 1, the injury of the leader of the “Tractor” and the disqualification of the captain of “Salavat Yulaev”, as well as the brilliant game of Roman Will.

Anwar Gatiyatulin and Tommy Lams faced each other last spring, and then “Salavat Yulaev” won 4-1. This time Chelyabinsk took revenge – 4-2.

How the series turned out

Bleeding out due to the departure of the legionnaires, but united in the first round of the playoffs “Salavat Yulaev” started the series in Chelyabinsk, winning 1: 0. Ufa tactically competently built the game on defense, not allowing skillful players of “Tractor” to throw at least one puck, and Alexander Sharychenkov at the last frontier he acted flawlessly. In the second match, the hosts added in the mood, and, most importantly, in performance. With a score of 1-1, the series moved to Ufa, where “Salavat Yulaev” again took the lead, but in the fourth meeting was defeated 1: 7. In it Chelyabinsk lost one of its leaders – Lukasz Sedlakwho fell under a crushing force Gregory Paninwho, in turn, earned a disqualification.
In the fifth and sixth matches he played well Roman Willwhich reflected, respectively, 25 and 34 shots, and “Tractor” won two victories with a score of 2: 1.

Unlike Ufa, who faced problems of implementation both in equal squads and in the game in the majority, Chelyabinsk “their” not without problems, but scored. Hockey players of Salavat Yulaev were able to score more than one goal in just one match out of six.

The key episode

“Salavat Yulaev” twice came out ahead in the series, and “Tractor” twice compared. The fourth match was a turning point: the victory with a big score, and even away, gave Chelyabinsk confidence in their abilities, after which they took the two remaining meetings – no longer in such a bright style, and much thanks to the reliability of Villa.

Heroes of the series

Tomasz Gika

Geek spent a lot of the series, scoring seven points (3 + 4). In the second game he gave three effective passes, in the third he calmly realized the exit “one to zero”, ran out of the penalty area, in the fourth made a double.

Roman Will

Will confidently held all six meetings, reflecting a total of 149 shots. In five matches he missed one puck, in another – two.

Evgeny Biryukov

Biryukov, who has a wealth of cup experience behind him, played reliably, selflessly and usefully; blocked two shots during the storming of Chelyabinsk at the end of the third match. He did not score points, but became one of the five hockey players of “Salavat Yulaev”, who completed the series with a positive “+/-” (+1).

What’s next?

The Chelyabinsk team is resting and waiting for their rival in the East finals, Metallurg or Avangard, to be determined. Gatiyatulin will probably not back down from his system of defensive hockey with quick counterattacks. Much will depend on the timing of the recovery of the best scorer of “Tractor” Sedlak (21 + 28).

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