remained a widow with three children

The actress had a big test.

Anna Tabanina. Photo: frame from the series “Poor Nastya”

After filming the historical telenovela “Poor Nastya”, Anna Tabanina was going to leave the cinema forever. The girl even considered taking a haircut and dedicating herself to serving God, but it was then that she met her future husband Dmitry Kudin. This meeting changed her life.

Their romance developed rapidly and rapidly. And when an acquaintance of the father blessed the couple for the wedding, Anna and Dmitry strengthened their union in the registry office. It seemed that the happiness of lovers is boundless. Tabanina gave her chosen one three children: Vanechka, Sonya and Sima. The age difference between them is one and a half and two years. The actress gave birth to her first child at the age of 30. Apparently, this, as Tabanina says, was facilitated by the state of calm in which she was then. Anna felt that her life was an impregnable fortress.

Anna Tabanina in the image of Lisa Dolgoruka with Daniil Strakhov. Photo: frame from the series “Poor Nastya”

Well, then the actress returned to the movies. Victor Merezhko invited her to star in the movie “White Night, Gentle Night”. Other suggestions for filming followed. Everything went its own way, when suddenly an accident happened…

The actress’ husband was diagnosed with sarcoma. After talking with relatives, Anna decided to continue filming, she had just been approved for a role in the series “Leningrad 46”. The couple did their best to protect the children from unnecessary experiences. However, they still understood that their father was seriously ill. And a year after treatment, Dmitry passed away.

Tabanina later admitted that from the very beginning of the illness it was clear that Dima would not be able to save her. Since the form was very heavy. Anna always tried to be close to her husband, although she understood that she would have to learn to live without him. She continued to shoot, take care of the children – her husband encouraged all this. The actress remembers comforting the children after the death of their father. She tried to convince the children that their father still stayed with them. After all, he is alive in their memories, photographs.

The couple sincerely believed that after death nothing ends and, having ended their earthly life, they will definitely meet. It was comforting and hopeful.

According to StarHit.

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