Residents of Bucha were angry with the return of the mayor, who fled at the beginning of the special operation

The city is run by looters

The departure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not bring order to the small town of Bucha in the Kiev region. Locals are urged to report those suspected of collaborating with Russian troops. Theft and looting became commonplace for Bucha. Shops and malls have been looted.

The unsinkable mayor Anatoly Petrovich Fedoruk, who has been managing the city for more than twenty years, also fell out of favor with the townspeople. He is accused of treason and fleeing. If Fedoruk decides to walk the streets of Bucha, he may come across unflattering epithets about himself, painted on fences and buildings.

He has run the village and later the city of Bucha since 1998, during which time he has been embroiled in a series of scandals involving both corruption and a change of political orientation. An active member of Yanukovych’s Party of Regions in 2013, Fedoruk campaigned to support the then government, but on the eve of the parliamentary elections he suddenly joined the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. He was also seen in the parties “New Faces”, “Our Ukraine” and “Servant of the People” by Vladimir Zelensky. At the same time, he has received state awards from both Zelensky and Yanukovych.

At the beginning of the special operation, the mayor lay down on the bottom, suddenly appearing after the soldiers left the city. According to official information, which few believe, he actively worked in one of the settlements near Bucha. “He is a traitor,” Fedoruk is accused of on social media. “I was in the city until March 9 and did not see this mayor at all,” “His name must begin with P. Only in photos can publicity, and humanitarian aid was distributed by completely different people.”

Over the years, Fedoruk has amassed an impressive fortune. According to income tax returns, in 2017 his family owned many apartments in Bucha and Kyiv, land and commercial real estate. A significant part of the assets was issued to his wife Ludmila – she owned about 25 office space, as well as an unfinished building. The head himself loved to drive around the city on a huge premium SUV Mercedes-Benz GL 500.

Fedoruk was accused of fraud with land and construction projects in the region, as well as the transfer to private hands of much of the Bucha forest. As a result, the mayor became a participant in a criminal case, was at large, then under house arrest, his apartment was searched. The mayor was repeatedly summoned to the prosecutor’s office for land deals, but they were unable to remove him from office. But the prosecutor of the Kiev region Vityaz, as well as his deputy, was caught in 2013 on the “roofing” and concealment of violations related to construction in Bucha. It is unknown whether the unsinkable mayor will remain in office even now. But today he loomed in the background during the arrival of Zelensky, who last year awarded Fedoruk the Order of Merit of the II degree.

But looters have become the city’s main problem now. The other day a famous bicycle shop was looted. Photos of this process are published on the social network. On them old and young people take out bicycles from the Velobucha store. The author asks to identify the thief so that “glory finds its heroes.”

But not all Ukrainians share his point of view. There were in the comments those who do not see anything wrong with this, and some even supported fans of other people’s things. “Do you feel sorry for the bike? – writes one of the women. – Why are you posting photos of old people here? The looters left immediately, who robbed the people, and now they are climbing abroad with fat faces and in cars, from which the eyes of the locals are on their foreheads. ” “And why didn’t you guard the store when the doors were broken, but came when everyone was taken out?” – the locals are interested in the author.

“It has become a habit to take someone else’s. When it started, the whole Bucha was taking something out of the shops, – the residents of the city share with each other. “We were standing in line to leave, and a bag of sugar was being dragged past us.” Some people don’t see anything wrong with stealing food, but they wonder why people also take away household appliances, in large quantities: “I understand about food, but why do they need 10 microwave ovens? Those who stole should be punished, including in homes. Now is the first days, and you can catch them safely ”


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