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Good morning, friends! With you Fruitcake, and today we officially end the road to a two-day WrestleMania 38 on a special “WrestleMania” episode of the blue brand. The announcements promise: a trilateral match for the intercontinental championship, in which Ricochet will fight against Angel and Umberto, as well as another battle-grand piano in memory of Andre Gigant, in which the participants include US champion Finn Balor and NXT champion Dolph Z.

The show begins with a battle piano in memory of Andre the Giant. Some stars have received separate appearances, including NXT champion Dolph Ziggler and Finn Balor.

Battle Giant in Memory of Andre the Giant 2022:

The most idealess battle piano of all this type of match. There were no special skirmishes, teasers of the “unexpected” winner, nothing that could catch the eye of the average viewer. The turning point in the match came when Aziz and Shanky threw out the Vikings, then started fighting with each other, got too carried away with the ropes, and were eliminated by the remaining participants in the match, including Priest, Balor, Chiampa, Ziggler, Rudd, and Madcap Moss. Priest and Balor began to fight each other, Damian dominated, but missed Pele Kick, as a result of which Finn managed to throw him out. Meanwhile, Ziggler throws out Chiampa after a super kick on the apron. Afterwards, Balor began to fight off Ziggler and Rudd, they clamped him in the ropes, but Madcap Moss, who was resting imperceptibly, scratched himself, and enterprisingly tried to throw everyone out. Ziggler and Rudd take off, Finn clings to the ropes. Balor holds Moss’s sling blade and tries to throw it away, but Moss reverses and sends the Irishman out of the ring! Madcap Moss wins!

The winner: Madcap Moss

After the match, Moss says he did it all himself. It was incredible. Ever since he was a small child, he had looked at Andre the Giant from the bottom up. Andre was his hero. Everyone loved him, as well as himself. Moss dreams of following in Andre’s great footsteps. He tells an anecdote that makes fun of Texas residents, after which he begins to laugh like crazy on the floor near his trophy.

Ricochet makes his way to the ring for a three-way match against Angel and Umberto for the title of intercontinental champion.

Ricochet Avenue Angel Avenue Umberto:

As expected, the cousins ​​attack Ricochet together and are actively fighting him. Ricochet manages to fight back when his opponents throw him into the turnbucks, and he gives them a double hurricane. Ricochet beats Angel and attacks Umberto with his shoulder, but the guys do not allow him to maneuver from the ropes and reverse it into a kind of spanish-fly arm drag, somehow. Ricochet flies out of the ring, and at this point the match is interrupted by a commercial break. We are on the air again, and Ricochet is fighting again in an unequal battle against two Latin Americans. However, two against one is two against one, and Ricochet misses another shot when Umberto makes a round kick from the ropes. Umberto tries to keep Ricochet after this reception, and this infuriates his older cousin. It seems that there is tension between the guys! Ricochet holds Huricanran Umberto and tries to hold him back, but gets a super kick from Angel in the head. Umberto tries to turn Angel down, and he escapes. The guys start arguing seriously, and the audience starts wishing for a fratricidal fight! Meanwhile, Ricochet from the ropes flies into them from the crossbody. He drops a drop to Angel, and then the musolt from the place. Ricochet goes out on the entsigiri and climbs on the turnbucks. Angel tries to stop the high flyer, but he fights back. Ricochet prepares 630 senton, but this time Umberto prevents him. Umberto prepares a superplex, but Ricochet blocks the attempt and throws it at Angel! Ricochet goes to 630 Senton, and then immediately gets to his feet and meets Umberto Recoil! Ricochet holds the retention, and with it, the first successful defense in his title rain.

The winner: Ricochet

We are shown the WrestleMania Stadium, after which we see the whole background of the confrontation between Steve Austin and Kevin Owens in two videos.

Naomi and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring. We are waiting for their match against the team champions Queen Zelina and Carmella without titles at stake. Ripley and Liv and Shane and Natalia also came to the ring side.

Naomi and Sasha Banks Ave. Queen Zelina and Carmella:

Carmella and Zelina beat Sasha the whole match, constantly changing the tags and not letting Sasha herself to Naomi to pass the tag. Zelina also pushed Naomi’s apron so that Sasha could not achieve this goal. Sasha finds a way to solve the problem by performing a deceptive folding on Zelina, and immediately breaks it to give the tag to Naomi. Naomi easily copes with Zelina, Carmella tries to interfere, but the rested Sasha gets involved. The match ends after Naomi’s crown split-leg mussolt.

The winner: Naomi and Sasha Banks

We are shown how Ronda Rousey trains with Shane Baisler. Afterwards, she gives an interview to Kyle Braxton. Ronda says she has a few rehearsals with Shane. Kayla asks why Ronda doesn’t look angry enough after all that Charlotte has done. Ronda says she’s angry, but holds back. At WrestleMania, she will either turn off Charlotte or tear off her arm and present her to her loved ones as a souvenir.

We are shown a video about the enmity between Charlotte and Ronda.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Charlotte says she could watch this video around the clock. What she created to hurt Ronda is better than KODA. Ronda is very, very evil. She is so angry that whatever subjugation she tries to impose on her, she will destroy her. Ronda behaves as if she is in control of her anger and pretends to be calm. But we all know that’s not the case. Charlotte declares herself to be the coolest. Everyone wants her autograph and a selfie with her, that’s cool. Beating Rhonda Rosie to death and leaving WrestleMania while still a Smackdown champion is cool. If Ronda wants to learn a decent lesson, she needs to stay with Charlotte, who will take her to school and show that there really is a steepness.

Madcap Moss polishes his new trophy “Andre”, but suddenly a sword appears next to him. Moss is a little scared, but sees that it’s his friend Corbin’s trick. The guys start laughing together.

We are shown promos dedicated to the enmity between Roman Raines and Brock Lesnar. The video received musical accompaniment in the form of a composition by Metallica “All Nightmare Long”.

Rick Bugs announces the release of Shinske Nakamura. McAfee, who traditionally breaks away from the Japanese, began to dance on the commentators’ table, but Austin Tiori, who appeared, attacked him from behind and knocked him off his feet. McAfee chased after Tiori, but he hid in Vince’s office again. Pat kicked the door into Vince’s office, then Vince himself, behind whom Tiori was hiding, came out and asked him what he thought of himself. Vince asked if Pat wanted to lose his match at WrestleMania for such behavior, or be fired, Pat said no, and Vince said that in that case he should clean up and do his job.

Rick Bugs Ave Jimmy Uso:

Bugs pushes Jimmy into the turnbucks. Jimmy runs to Bugza, but at least henna. Bugs catches Jimmy while trying to cross the body and starts squeezing it like a barbell, doing it 10 times, and finishing the procedure with a bucket slam. Bugs tries to hold Jimmy’s military press, but he jumps off his hands and pushes Bugs into the ringpost with his shoulder. Jimmy attacks Buggs a few more times, but he catches him once again, lifts him from his knees to the press, and then holds a fallow slam. Austin Tiori reappears on the ring side, and asks the audience for a glass of water, which he pours into McAfee. Cole persuades Pat not to fight. Meanwhile, Finn Balor runs out of the backstage and attacks Tiori and throws him into the ring. There is a fight, which actively sympathizes with McAfee, shouting to Finn to beat Austin. The referee decides to stop the match.

The winner: without result

After the commercial, we will have a 3-on-3 team match.

Rick Bugs, Shinske Nakamura, and Finn Balor Ave. Austin Tiori and the Uso Brothers:

Relatively good team match, which can even be watched in its entirety. In the first half of the fight, Uso and Tiori took over, beating Finn and throwing him out of the ring. In the second part of the fight, the faces became more active due to constant tag transfers and intense attacks in the ring. Nakamura did well with the Uso Brothers, but fell under a double super kick. However, he was helped by Bugs, who threw the Samoans out of the ring, however, in the ring side he went to the steel steps. Balor enters the match, throws Tiori into the ringside, then returns to the square, and from there covers the whole crowd of hills with excellent plans. Balor returns to the ring Tiori, where he conducts a sling blade, shotgan dropkik, and prepares to enter Ku De Gra. Uso begins to interfere, Balor fights off both, but spends a lot of time on it, leaving Tiori with enough time to come to his senses, and push Finn, who hits the ropes causal place. Tiori goes to the ATL and takes the match in his favor.

The winner: Austin Tiori and the Uso Brothers

After the match, Tiori again tried to provoke McAfee to hit him, but Pat did not give up because of the desire to keep his match at WrestleMania.

Happy Corbyn enters the ring with Madcap Moss and Drew’s sword in his hand. Moss says today’s show will be very fun. He asks Corbyn if he is happy for him because he won the Andre Giant trophy … Corbyn says Moss won as his protégé, and he expected that from him. Corbyn reminds Moss and everyone else that he won the trophy in 2016 in his WWE debut. But tonight he is in euphoria over how he got the sword.

This sword will be his lucky trophy at WrestleMania. Corbyn mentions that he fired Kurt Engle at WrestleMania 35. Tomorrow he will destroy Drew. The sword is an insurance policy. In Drew’s hand, it’s just a bizarre accessory, but in Corbin’s hands, it’s a dangerous weapon. According to Corbyn, the sword needs a happier name than Angela, because Drew gave the name to the sword in honor of the departed mother. Corbyn calls the sword “Euphoria.” Corbin asks Moss to joke, but eventually jokes himself, saying that Drew’s sword and his mother are united by the fact that Corbin lost them both.

Drew’s music plays and he heads for the ring. McIntyre cuts down one of Moss’s leftists, then takes a chair, and enters the ring, where Corbin is waiting for him with a sword. Drew throws a chair at Corbyn’s head, takes his sword, then smashes everything in the ring, and splits the table in half with his sword.

McAfee and Cole are on the card of WrestleMania, and at this point the show is off the air.

Rating Friday Night (WrestleMania) SmackDown: 5/10 (author)

There were two good matches on the show (a trilateral for the intercontinental championship and a three-on-three team match), and one good segment shown in several acts (McAfee-Tiori), and that’s all you need to know about this show. The rest of the program of the episode was presented by numerous promotional materials designed to heat up the interest of the television audience, which may not be aware that the main show of the year will start tomorrow, and it will not be superfluous to remind once again. WWE, in principle, could have canceled this episode altogether, and nothing would have changed, because formally, the road to WrestleMania was completed last week.

Summing up the road to WrestleMania this year, I will be as honest as possible and say that it was one of the dullest roads to the main show of the year. Some matches would be ashamed to put even on a weekly, not to mention WrestleMania. But we have what we have. One way or another, WrestleMania has never been a show that is exclusively about wrestling. And do I have any hopes that this year we will be able to entertain this payer? Definitely, yes. Let me cross out a good half of the matches from the card, if not more. In some places there is intrigue, there is passion and interest in what the result will be. Probably, this is enough for WrestlingMania to remain WrestlingMania. To all who still decide on this two-day live trip, I sincerely wish you a fascinating pastime and a pleasant viewing.

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