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However, in the end, the heroine was given a completely different, but at the same time consonant name.

Leading action platformer designer Mark Stewart spoke about working on Rift Apart during the GDC 2022 conference. In her next game in the long-running Insomniac series, she wanted to show that “anyone can be a hero,” and it was a good chance for the studio to add a strong female character to the franchise.

Originally, the heroine, who is an alternate version of Ratchet from another universe, wanted to be called simply Ratchet – in the spirit of the protagonist. However, the studio believed that such a name reduces the importance of the girl in the plot to the usual “female version of the protagonist.”

Later in the development of the new character was called Ratchet, but for the game about the constant movement between dimensions, it would be too confusing, so this option was also abandoned.

For a while, we all decided to call it Ratchet. After all, these two heroes are technically twins of each other from different universes. In addition, Ratchet is a neutral name without reference to a specific gender. This name was fixed in the team, but it was inconvenient to work on a draft version of the script. Just one example: “Ratchet needs to save Clank from Ratchet, who doesn’t trust Ratchet and has been fighting Dr. Nefarius for a long time.”

Mark Stewart

leading designer of Insomniac Games

Then the developers began to call the heroine Nut (Gadget) – it was a good option, but the studio still abandoned it, because such names have previously appeared in classic cartoons of the 90’s like “Inspector Gadget” and “Chip and Dale”, where one of the heroines was a mouse nicknamed Nut.

During the next meeting, one of the employees suggested the name Rivet, which later became attached to the heroine.

GDC 2022 also showed different concepts of the heroine – initially they wanted to make her the lord of beasts, which completely rejects any technology. She could summon different animals, which would be reflected in the gameplay for Rivet. However, these ideas were rejected because the gameplay for the heroine changed too much, and the script element “girl who loves nature” was considered too banal.

The developers wanted to differentiate between Ratchet and Rivet using different skills, but the playstars complained that they were confused and could not immediately understand what kind of character they were playing. Insomniac even wanted to add the ability to switch between characters on the go, but in reality it was also inconvenient.

In the end, Insomniac decided to explain the similarities and differences between the protagonists with the help of Laura, and the gameplay did not change anything – in the final version, Ratchet and Rivet have a common pumping and arsenal of weapons.

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