Romance with Kudryavtseva, rivalry with Bilan and children from the antimony of Sergei Lazarev

On April 1, 1983, the youngest son, Sergei, was born to graduates of the Valentina and Vyacheslav Lazarev Aviation Institute. The mother of the future singer called her husband with good news, but he did not immediately believe his wife – after all, Laughter Day. But the artist himself was bypassed by the jokes: he never joked about the “white back”.

Sergei was six and his older brother Paul was 11 when his parents divorced because of his father’s addiction to alcohol. Valentina Viktorovna raised the children alone, because her ex-husband paid meager alimony – four rubles for two boys. Only 10 years later, Vyacheslav Yurevich half-heartedly resumed communication with the heirs. By that time, his son Andrei was growing up in his new family.

A poor childhood without a father was only the first step in a series of trials. How did music help Sergei find himself, and why was he never married at 39? On the artist’s birthday we remember his biography.

“Fidgets” and Smash !!

At the age of four, Sergei was sent to the gymnastics section, but five years later the boy’s interests changed dramatically. Together with his older brother Lazarev performed with the children’s song and dance ensemble named after Vladimir Loktev, and at the same time engaged in acting in the studio at the Boris Pokrovsky Theater.

At 12 Serezha joined the band “Fidget”, where he met Vlad Topalov. Well, after school Lazarev entered the School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theater. From the second year the young man played in the Pushkin Theater, which turned out to be difficult to combine with a musical career – in 2000, producer Mikhail Topalov united his son and Sergei Lazarev in the duo Smash !!

The first music video for the song Belle had the effect of a bomb exploding and elevated the band to the pinnacle of success. The Freeway album quickly gained gold status, with fans going crazy over “light” and “dark” soloists. However, the second record was the last for the duo: the first time the guys were not spilled water, but a couple of years later in the team there were misunderstandings and conflicts.

“Dizzying success often provokes all this,” Sergei explained to StarHit. – Gradually we quarreled terribly, I was forced to leave, and six months later began a solo career. A painful expense, a difficult period for me – because I was going nowhere, with wild ambitions, a desire to do something of my own in spite of everything, to prove that I am also capable of something without a team. “

Lazarev noted that everyone is to blame for the breakup: he, Vlad, and his father Mikhail. At one point, they became like a swan, a crab and a pike, pulling the group in different directions. Sergei’s grievances reached their apogee, so he saw no other way but to go free sailing. Six months later, Channel One invited the guys to reunite for a trip to Eurovision, but by that time the brunette was already preparing a solo album, there was no going back.

“Only after, probably, 15 years ago, they started to contact Vlad again normally,” Sergei shared in December. – And now they have become even better friends than they once were. We have grown up, we have nothing to share, communication has reached a new level. For the 20th anniversary, we recorded a long-awaited joint track: we dedicate it to all Smash fans !!, and for us it is an important moment. “

Rivalry with Bilan

The English-language album Don’t Be Fake presented fans with at least three hits, and the re-recording in Russian of the track Just Because You Walk Away – “Even if you leave” – ​​entered the top of the most popular songs of 2006. That year, Lazarev received the Crystal Turandot for his activities at the theater, and for his musical success – the title of best performer at the MTV Russia Music Awards.

This was just the beginning: duets with Ani Lorak, T-Payne and Timati, singles “Why invented love” and “Find me”, concerts, shows, music videos. In 2016, Sergei took third place at Eurovision with the track You Are the Only One, and in 2019 he repeated the same result with the hit Scream. Of course, all this gave rise to comparisons of Lazarev with Dima Bilan, who also twice represented Russia at an international competition. Many believed that artists competed fiercely with each other.

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“If Dima and I didn’t have each other, we would have achieved less. It spurs. Both me and him. I know this very well. Of course, we have already calmed down at the expense of who is more popular. They have long proved their worth and even recorded a duet. Moreover, I am also calm about the awards. I used to worry, now I don’t, ”Sergei shared before his second trip to Eurovision.

Interestingly, in the same 2019, Bilan and Lazarev appeared at the MUZ-TV Awards in white suits, once again giving gossip a reason to discuss their rivalry. “We try not to lag behind each other in anything,” Dima Bilan joked on the red carpet.

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Later, Sergei presented fans with the albums “I’m not afraid” and “It’s me”, but with the album “8”, released in November 2021, again reminded the public about a colleague in the shop – the disc was a cover of Dima Bilan’s song “Dreamers”. However, in August Lazarev already sang Bilan’s track on “New Wave”, and also performed with the artist as a duet. It seems that the singers finally managed to convince the listeners that they are bound by friendship, not enmity at all.

“In the heart”

At zero, Sergei Lazarev led the event with Lera Kudryavtseva, and the friendship of colleagues resulted in a relationship. However, later the haters began to claim that it was just a PR novel.

“I was wildly in love with him. Here’s to put an end to this. I don’t know about contract novels in our show business. Maybe someone is negotiating. It just so happened to us. Seryoga and I started hanging out and touring together. We did some shows together, and then we didn’t notice how we got together. We were always together. I was really in love. Handsome, clever. There was no agreement on public relations, although many are thinking about it, “Kudryavtseva said on the YouTube show” Better – the truth “with Suren Kagramanov.

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After the break-up, the friendship between colleagues continued, but Lera Kudryavtseva married hockey player Igor Makarov, but almost nothing was heard about Lazarev’s novels. He was accused of having an affair with Santa Dimopoulos, Ani Lorak and Polina Gagarina, but the rumors were not confirmed. In 2015, the artist himself said that he was dating someone not from the world of show business, but it was unclear how long the relationship lasted.

Death of a brother

Sergei always said how close he was to his mother and brother Pavel. “As an adult, Pasha was very proud of me, I know that for sure. He spoke of me with great warmth and kindness. At the age of 16 I left to live independently, and Pasha stayed with his mother for a long time – even when he was already married. We have somehow lost close contact over the years. And lately, on the contrary, they have become really close brothers. We could have our secrets, conversations away from my mother. I helped him, he worked for me, “the singer shared seven years ago.

Unfortunately, in 2015, 37-year-old Pavel was involved in a serious accident. The man refused to be hospitalized, but a few days later he felt unwell and went to the clinic. It was too late: Lazarev’s brother died of extensive hemorrhage and sepsis.

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Sergei’s family has not yet come to terms with the loss. The singer’s brother is survived by his daughter Alina, for whom the star’s uncle got autographs from colleagues. As it soon became clear, Lazarev raised not only his niece.


At the end of 2016, it turned out that for about 2.5 years the singer managed to hide the fact of the birth of a son. Only the people closest to Sergei were aware of the birth of the child, even the father, with whom the artist had a difficult relationship, was not honored to learn about his grandson. As a result, Vyacheslav Yurievich heard about the boy when the news spread in the media. The situation offended the man, and he disappeared from his son’s life again. In 2017, Vyacheslav Lazarev died of an ulcer without seeing Nikita.

In 2018, the singer’s daughter Anna was born, and this time Sergei kept the secret for a year. “Nikita was not jealous of his little sister,” the musician told StarHit. – I was very happy to learn that he will become an older brother. Although I was worried that he would compete for attention. He is a sensitive, understanding and kind boy. He likes to watch Anechka, brings her his toys, keeps them neatly on the handles … She looks a little like Nikita now, but she is more stubborn and demanding by nature ”.

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Valentina Viktorovna and the nannies helped the artist to take care of his two children. However, the question of who their mother remained remained relevant. Lazarev said that he used the services of antimony, but some fans continued to believe in the version of the secret wife. So, it was rumored that Sergei came to buy a new house for the heirs together with Anna Belodedova, not a singer, not a boutique owner. There were also rumors that the photo with Nikita, Ana and Belodedova is on the screensaver of the artist’s phone.

There was no reliable confirmation of speculation, and Lazarev himself has repeatedly said that he does not plan to marry. Now Sergei has two main priorities in life – children and career. The son has already gone to school, studies at Todes and draws well, but his little daughter is not yet burdened with electives. The singer is confident that he will be able to compensate with his love for the absence of his mother in the family.

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“The main thing is for children to grow up in love. How many of these supposedly full-fledged families in which no one needs children? Mom is drinking, Dad quit … That’s why a conscious choice is important, it’s important to want children, and the way is a secondary issue, “he concluded.

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