Run, guys, while you can: footage of the mockery of Russian prisoners has reached its recipients

A video of the abuse of Russian prisoners is now being circulated on the Internet, Ukrainian Nazis shooting unarmed people in the legs, watching them bleed and die, all accompanied by hooting and giggling. “We have collected for you the comments of Russian military correspondents and observers who have been watching the ossification of Ukraine all these years,” Russkaya Vesna reports.

Alexander Kots, a Komsomolskaya Pravda soldier who is now marching with a column of the Russian Army to Kyiv:

“I was bombarded with the same video in which Ukrainian voters first mocked wounded Russian prisoners, one of whom died in the process.

Then several more prisoners are brought in and their legs are shot at the camera. I will not publish this video, do not send. These guys who fell into the hands of the beast have parents, think of them. But to the fighters participating in the SVO, I would show this video.

I remember sitting in the mountains of Chechnya in the Vedeno district. And the commander of the reconnaissance detachment of the 119th Airborne Regiment showed me a trophy videotape on which the militants beheaded our guys.

– You don’t even twist it for your guys? I asked him.

“Every time in UCP classes,” he replied. – So that the sense of smell is not lost and anger is gained.

“No illusions about whom we are fighting should remain. And you can’t jump to their level. But we must take revenge. Tough and inevitable. If you still don’t have enough motivation, here it is. “

Eugene Poddubny, military journalist and documentary filmmaker, head of the VGTRK bureau in the Middle East and North Africa, is now also advancing to Kiev as part of column V:

“The bastards are making fun of the prisoners. We all here watched a large group of videos in which bastards mock prisoners. Of course, a Russian soldier will never reach such a level of bestiality. And he would never allow himself to make fun of an enemy who was left without a weapon.

“But, guys, you will not be spared in battle. Run while you can.

We will take all ours, both living and dead. And remember and remember. After the Victory. “

Andrei Medvedev, Vice Speaker of the Moscow City Duma and journalist of the VGTRK:

“In a personal message they write:” Have you seen these shots? ” and send videos of the Ukrainian military torturing prisoners. Our prisoners are shot in the legs. I will not publish. Who wants, will find.

“I have only one question: is something surprising you? Did you really think that the state media had been telling you stories about the cruelty of the APU in Donbass all these years? ”

Did you think that we were, as they used to say, “working out a propaganda narrative”?

When in our plots or in the studios of big programs, the residents of Donbass or the militia told how the APU tortured prisoners of war or fighters of the republics, did you think it was all for the red word? What is really not there?

“That is, the terrible shelling of Donetsk and Luhansk, peaceful neighborhoods, was not evidence of the brutality of the APU? Or when we said that Bandera’s Nazi ideology was being planted in Ukraine with all its consequences, did you also think that it was state propaganda that was poisoning fables? ”

Bandera is like this. Who is not Ukrainian – not a man. And if not a person, then you can do everything with him. And you can do anything, because “Ukraine is above all.” That is above morality, God, faith. Banderaism is a quasi-religion, a demonic sect. And this hatred for everything non-Ukrainian is laid from the school desk. And the streets of Bandera and Shukhevich are the legalization of Bandera – the shootings, Babi Yar, the Volyn massacre, the Lviv pogrom, the burned Russian and Belarusian villages. However, we have talked about this many times.

And so I have a question again: did you really expect another from them? And that is why in Donbass, which the APU planned to attack, it would be the same as in the video that is being watched on Telegram today. Even worse. There would be massacre and destruction of everything. That’s SVO and started just to prevent all this.

“You have been told for a long time that we are at war with the Nazis. The APU is largely imbued with these ideas. And the Nazi evil will have to be cleaned up completely. “

But we also talked about it. And compare how the Russian military treats prisoners. Here is the answer to you all once and for all, on whose side the Truth is.

So don’t be surprised by the atrocities. There are Nazis. An operation to make them gone. Nowhere. This has been told to you many times by my colleagues, the veterans of Vesti, who host Vesti.

Just understand at last: many people are accustomed to contemptuously reasoning that, say, there is only one propaganda on your TV. Seriously?

So for 8 years we have been saying that an anti-Russian, Nazi project is being sculpted from Ukraine. The video is just one of thousands of proofs of that. I hope that the commanders of the Russian army will show the video to their subordinates. To understand who they are fighting and for what. “

Military columnist Boris Rozhin:

“Ultimately, all the atrocities, threats and complete loss of human image committed by the Ukrainian Nazis do not stem from their strength, but from the fear of retribution.

Like the German Nazis, the Ukrainian Nazis fear retribution for their crimes, which they are well aware of. The impunity of these crimes has simply disappeared.

The task of the armed forces is to ensure this retaliation within the framework of the set military and political tasks. Of course, it is not necessary to go down to the animal level, the army has many civilized ways to kill a large number of people who painted themselves in the colors of Nazism.



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