Ruslan Alekhno, who left Maska, said that he really thinks about Kirkorov and other members of the jury

In the eighth issue of the TV project, Malysh was declassified. Photo: NTV press service

The most secret television show – “Mask” on NTV – crossed the equator: of the 14 participants hidden behind impenetrable sham costumes, seven have already gone home. The struggle is getting fiercer, and in each issue, viewers are really sorry to say goodbye to their favorite characters. So, on the eve of the “Mask” left a charming kid, who was Ruslan Alekhno. What did he remember about participating in the project, the artist said in an interview with

– Ruslan, congratulations on your enchanting participation in the “Mask”. How do you feel about dropping out of the eighth program?

– On the one hand, of course, relief. But on the other hand, we were preparing interesting compositions for the next programs, and I would, of course, like to present them. For example, a very beautiful song “In the heart” from the repertoire of Sergei Lazarev. But now, apparently, I will have to sing it to myself (laughs). And in general, why be upset, eight programs are a great result.

Photo: NTV press service

Photo: NTV press service

– How did you agree to participate in the “Mask”?

– Last season, several programs in a row, members of the jury claimed that I was wearing a Rhino mask. My friends and I called: “We know you’re in the Mask.” Honestly, I already believed in it! And I thought then: “If I were invited to the show, what mask would I choose, what compositions would I perform, what would I do so that the members of the jury, with whom I have known for many years, would not recognize me.” And as soon as I really received such an offer, I immediately replied: “Yes, I want to.”

– How did you choose the suit?

– I met with the producers, I was offered several options to choose from. I don’t remember everything anymore, but among them were Grasshopper and Corn. In the end, we stopped at the costume of the Kid. It seems to me that inside each of us is a child. And in what I did on the stage of the show, I am real, I am at home with my family. It was interesting for me to work on this image, to make the audience feel like a little boy on stage. Childhood is a wonderful time, so great to immerse yourself in memories. So where else would I call Kirkorov Uncle Philip? In general, I came up with the image that the jury is my kindergarten teacher. And in the end, not everyone figured me out, they walked around for a long time.

– Was it difficult to hide your participation in the show from your family?

– My family watches “Mask” and loves it very much. It was not easy to hide from them. I constantly had to think about where I was going. Usually, if I go somewhere to work, I take a few things with me, and then I had to carry a big bag: in it and skinny, and shoes, and a mask in which I walked the corridors of “Glavkino”, and thermal underwear. I changed my clothes already in the car. I wrote that I was going to the studio, to the hall. In general, I was inventing something, it seemed to work, but the family had a lot of questions.

Photo: NTV press service

Photo: NTV press service

– Did someone recognize you from relatives?

– They suspected, asked if I was taking part in the show. At first I thought I was in the Dragon, in the Joker, the version of the Kid appeared later. Of course, I said that they were wrong, they said I would be happy to participate, but I’m writing an album, and on tour soon.

– What did you have to give up in order to participate in the “Mask”?

– When I was called and invited to the “Mask”, I did not even look at my schedule, I immediately agreed. And somehow everything turned out so well that I almost did not have to cancel the planned activities.

– How did you come up with the idea to make gifts to the jury?

– Uncle Philip gave me an amber pacifier, and I decided to thank in the next program, made gifts to everyone.


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