Russian airlines are preparing to switch to the domestic reservation system

Russian airlines are preparing to switch to the domestic Leonardo air ticket booking system developed by Sirena Travel (affiliated with Rostech). Aeroflot and Pobeda have already started the necessary procurement procedures, a source close to the group told Izvestia.

Russia has been partnering with Sirena for several years and maintains its charter flights in their system.

“Based on the current situation in the industry with the Aeroflot Group, the transition dates have been set – this year. At the same time, a number of functions related to the entry of companies into international alliances have now lost their commercial significance due to the almost complete absence of international flights, which will postpone work on this functionality until later, if necessary, “said one of the interlocutors. News.

Pre-contract work is also underway with other Russian airlines, he added.

Aeroflot’s press service declined to comment, while Pobeda and S7 did not provide them at the time of publication. A spokesman for Ural Airlines confirmed that the company had decided to switch to the Leonardo system (now using the Spanish Amadeus).

“But the contract has not been signed yet, we are in the process of agreeing,” said the carrier’s representative Vera Gasnikova.

According to her, the transition will be carried out within the timeframe approved by Government Decree № 955, ie until October 30, 2022.

The press service of Amadeus told Izvestia that they continue to work with Russian customers “provided that it complies with current rules, including sanctions.”

According to Izvestia, airline booking consists of inventory systems (databases and servers) and global distribution systems (GDS). Inventory system is a key IT product for airline tickets. The largest companies now use foreign systems: Aeroflot and Russia – American Saber, Pobeda – Navitaire, Ural Airlines and S7 Airlines – Spanish Amadeus (owned by Navitaire). More than 50 airlines are connected to the Russian Leonardo, but only Utair uses its inventory system. In Russia, there is a second booking system – TAIS or ORS (it is used by “Azimuth”).

The government obliged airlines to localize reservation systems in Russia in 2019, issuing a resolution № 955. Foreign providers then began to actively seek solutions to localize their products. In 2019, Saber established a joint venture with Russia’s Integro Technologies, but nothing is known about its activities. Last year, former Aeroflot CEO Mikhail Poluboyarinov said the system was planned to be located by October of that year. But this did not happen, there were no official explanations.

On March 3, in response to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, Saber announced the termination of its distribution agreement with Aeroflot and deleted its flight data from its GDS. This did not affect the inventory system, the provider of which is also Saber – its shutdown would mean a complete stoppage of flights.


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