Russian stores have suspended the sale of electronics on credit and in installments

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Russian electronics sellers have refused to sell goods in installments, and some have closed sales on credit. Izvestia writes about this. In particular, installments are not currently available in the stores of the network “M. Video – Eldorado “, as well as re: Store.

Employees of several retailers told the publication about the cancellation of installment programs, and in some retail chains and sales on credit. In “M. Video – Eldorado “confirmed that installments are temporarily ineffective.

“This is one of the promo options, in which the retailer assumes the cost of servicing the loan. In the current situation, with a significant weakening of the ruble, the abolition of additional promotional mechanisms is one way to curb retail prices, “said a representative of M. Video – Eldorado “by Valery Andreev.

According to her, purchases on credit in “M. Video” and “Eldorado” are preserved. The stores have their own credit platform, to which several banks and financial institutions are connected.

Representatives of other retailers and marketplaces did not respond to inquiries or declined to comment, Izvestia reports.

Credit and installments are currently not available in the online store of the Apple re: Store monobrand network. The store’s website has information about these buying tools, but you can’t choose them when paying for the goods. The re: Store hotline confirmed to the journalist that credit and installments are not available in the online store now.

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, believes that the installments provided by retailers and manufacturers may not return to electronics stores for several more years.

According to him, loans are “saved somewhere”, but for retail now it is a “risky tool”.

“They (electronics stores) receive money from banks with some delay. Due to the volatility of exchange rates by the time of receipt of funds sold device in rubles may already rise significantly. In addition, there will be few people willing to buy the already more expensive equipment on credit with a double-digit interest rate, the service will not be very popular, ”Murtazin said.

An employee of one of the retailers told Izvestia that banks now do not issue consumer loans. But banks say that the availability of installments and sales on credit depends on the policy of retail chains.

It will be recalled that on March 18, the Central Bank left the key rate at 20%.


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