Russians are not our enemies, Russia’s economy will double

Biden also said that Vladimir Putin should leave, the dollar costs 200 rubles, the Russian economy is destroyed, and Russia’s goal in Ukraine is to overthrow Zelensky. All this, and not only commented on the political scientist George Bovt

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Russians are not our enemies, said US President Joe Biden. According to him, allegations that NATO seeks to destabilize Russia are untrue, it is a purely defensive alliance. US forces in Europe are not deployed to conflict with Russia, but to protect NATO, Biden said in a speech in Warsaw on the situation around Ukraine.

He called false the statement that the goal of the Russian special operation was to denazify Ukraine. According to Biden, the real goal is to overthrow the legitimately elected President of Ukraine Zelensky. A Jew by nationality, whose grandfather, according to the US president, fought against Nazi Germany.

Biden also said that due to the sanctions, the Russian economy will be halved and will not be among the 20 largest in the world. And he stated that already 1 dollar costs 200 rubles.

According to the head of the American administration, the West needs to prepare for the “long-standing struggle” between democracies and authoritarianism. Biden also said that Europe must get rid of Russian energy, the United States is ready to help Europeans.

Biden commented on the speech political scientist Georgy Bovt:

– President Biden’s significant speech in Warsaw was announced in advance, your impressions?

– He did not say anything special, except for one phrase – that Vladimir Putin should not stay in power, he should leave. This is probably the main content of his speech, and the scale of the sanctions imposed on Russia speaks for itself. that America is betting on “demolition of the regime.” Accusing Moscow that it is going to overthrow Zelensky, in fact, the goal of Western pressure on Russia will now be to oust the current president.

– In general, to whom are these statements first of all addressed? Statements that the dollar is worth 200 rubles, that Russia’s economy will be halved …

– Certainly not to the Russian listener and citizen. First, the dollar is not worth 200 rubles, secondly, the vast majority of Russians do not use dollars, and thirdly, the assumption that the Russian economy will double, does not beat any, even apocalyptic calculations. It simply can not fall twice, even the most terrible calculations above 15-20% do not rise. This is all demagogic pathetic speech, aimed, of course, at the Western listener, at the Poles and at the Ukrainians. This is evidence of the support provided by the West to Ukraine, it is a demonstration of this support, an attempt to show that this support has its effect and, moreover, much more ambitious goals have been set. Putin is in fact called America’s enemy, and she is going to fight him. And all these reservations about the fact that the Russians are not our enemies …. and who are they then? Sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation hit every citizen of the Russian Federation and even those citizens who do not live in the Russian Federation but have at least some ties to it. They are under severe pressure around the world. This speech is akin to Fulton’s speech and other similar speeches of the Cold War.

– But if the course is to overthrow the President of Russia, then what is the essence of this course? Does this follow from Biden’s statement? Will he communicate with the President of Russia or not after all that has been said?

– This is the stated strategic goal, which will be implemented by the methods of economic pressure, and we do not know whether there will be a direct military confrontation. Biden made a reservation there a couple of times that American troops are not in Europe to fight the Russians, but the situation is dynamic, and so far we do not know how far it is developing. The escalation is far from stopped, it is not even slowing down at the pace of its development. I think that there are almost no opportunities for high-level contacts now and in the foreseeable future.

– Do you think that there will be any reaction from Moscow after these statements?

– It seems to me that after a series of sharp insults from Biden, patience is already overwhelmed in terms of how to break diplomatic relations or not – at least, the ambassador’s response is questionable. I do not know what decision will be made. And no one knows. It seems to me that there are certain fluctuations before the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States, whether they will be overcome, we will probably find out in the coming days.

The White House has already stated that during his speech in Warsaw on the last day of his European tour, Biden did not call for a change of regime in Russia.

It is not up to US President Joe Biden to decide who will be in power in Russia – Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on these statements – “Russia’s president is elected by the people.”

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