Russians dominate the American club! Tarasenko and company scored 4 goals per match, not sparing Arizona – 05.04.2022

One of the leaders of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League “St. Louis” in March fell into a serious crisis – in 12 games, the team from Missouri was able to win only 3 victories. It seems that the Blues’ strength reserve was serious, but by the end of the first month of winter it turned out that everything is not so cloudless – the distance to the 9th line in the standings, from which clubs go on vacation, but not in the playoffs -off, it became uncomfortable. To the delight of their fans last week, the “Musicians” again began to score steadily: they did so in 4 consecutive meetings, three of which they won.

The pleasant series continued on the night from Monday to Tuesday Moscow time, when the unfortunate “Arizona” came to visit “St. Louis”, which naturally took the last place in the Western standings. The Blues did not feel sorry for their rather helpless opponent and destroyed him in 12 minutes of the second period. Destroyed by the forces of their Russian diaspora.

It all started with a goal by Ivan Barbashev – he closed the zones and a few seconds later he was in the right place at the right time, taking the finish under the gate.

Well, then rushed! Just 77 seconds later, Pavel Buchnevich and Robert Thomas brought the puck to Vladimir Tarasenko, who carefully packed it into the near corner with a throw from the near circle.

Then the Russian concert was briefly interrupted by a goal by Braden Shann, but soon Buchnevich reminded who is fully responsible for this victory of “St. Louis”. A nightmarish mistake in his zone by Shane Gostisbeer led to a “2 in 1” exit and an accurate shot to the student of Cherepovets hockey.

4: 0 for one game segment – it was a real knockout, but Tarasenko also decided to finish the opponent. Towards the end of the main time, he rolled on the far penny in time and drove the puck into the goal of compatriot Ivan Prosvetov. The goalkeeper has not played in the NHL since January, but his return to the squad was not very successful, although there can be no special claims against Ivan.

The next goals allowed Tarasenko and Buchnevich to rise to the first two lines in the ranking of the most scoring players of the Blues in the current regular season, Barbashev closes the top 6. In terms of the number of points scored, the trio of our forwards are in the top six. At the same time, Buchnevich and Barbashev have long broken their sniper and bomber performance records in one season. Betting on the Russians in Missouri is still playing!

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