Russia’s special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on April 3

Russia is conducting a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. In recent days, there has been a regrouping of Russian forces. The Air Force of the Russian Federation continues to strike with high-precision weapons at military facilities in Ukraine.

Negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations continue. Kyiv is now awaiting Moscow’s written response to its latest proposals, which were conveyed during a meeting in Istanbul.

Western countries are stepping up sanctions on Russia. The day before, Lithuania announced that it was the first European country to abandon Russian gas. At the same time, sanctions are leading to rising prices and rising inflation in Western countries themselves.

Follow the events of Sunday, April 3, with us. The previous day’s online can be read here.

21:55 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an independent investigation into the Bucha events. He admitted that he was deeply shocked by the images of civilians killed in the city. The Ministry of Defense called the “evidence” presented to Ukraine another provocation.

21:33 Belarusian border guards said that Ukrainian citizens were trying to enter the republic by detours and secret trails. Kyiv closed the border for its part. Therefore, refugees have to use the territory of Poland to get to relatives in Belarus.

21:22 Switzerland has seized real estate owned by Russians. According to the press, these are 10 facilities in four cantons. Now the owners of houses and apartments will not be able to sell or rent their property.

20:55 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has promised that EU countries will impose new sanctions on Russia in the near future.

20:47 Alexander Bastrykin supported the proposal of the leadership of the People’s Republic of China to hold a tribunal to assess the alleged crimes of Ukraine in the Donbass.

20:26 The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that large fuel storages in Konstantinovka of the Nikolaev area, Slavuta of the Rivne area and Ternopil were destroyed by high-precision air-based missiles.

20:24 The British authorities may soon nationalize Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited (GM&T).

19:56 The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that DNR units are fighting in the Novobakhmutovka and Troitsky districts. There are also reports of major losses of Ukrainian forces in the Novoselovka area.

19:54 “We believe that the parties are very close to reaching an agreement,” said Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with CBS, commenting on the talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

19:51 Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced a strike on Vasilkov airfield in the Kiev region. As a result, the Center for Aviation Alerting and Air Defense and Air Defense Control of Ukraine was shut down there.

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18:56 The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán stated that Budapest should not take part in the events in Ukraine.

18:45 The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called the immature scale of priorities of the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov because of the words that Ivan Urgant is a “great patriot”. “It’s still strange thinking today. Heroes can’t be called heroes, generals can’t be called generals, cowardly fugitives are called patriots and even great,” Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram channel.

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17:52 Russia’s Ministry of Defense has denied reports by the Kiev regime about alleged “crimes” by Russian servicemen in the city of Bucha in the Kiev region. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that this is another provocation. “During Bucha’s control of the Russian Armed Forces, no local residents have suffered from any violence,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that so-called “crime evidence” appeared only on the 4th day after the units The Russian Armed Forces left Bucha on March 30, when SBU officers and representatives of Ukrainian TV arrived. The Russian Defense Ministry also noted that the outskirts of Bucha, including residential areas, were shelled around the clock by Ukrainian troops.

17:17 The White House said that in the opinion of the American administration, the events in Ukraine are far from over.

17:14 Lithuanian documentary filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius, who once made a film about Chechnya, died in Mariupol with a camera in his hands.

16:46 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that tens of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen trained by the alliance are currently at the forefront in Ukraine.

16:42 Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has stated that Tbilisi will not impose sanctions on Moscow. According to him, the Georgian leadership will act based on national interests.

16:40 Anthony Blinken noted that the United States is working with the world to ensure the transfer to Ukraine of weapons that it needs and can use.

15:49 Slovakia has admitted that it will pay for Russian gas in rubles, as it buys 85% of the required volume of gas from Russia and cannot allow shutdowns.

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14:30 European Council President Charles Michel said on Sunday that preparations were under way for new sanctions against Russia.

14:01 Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, commented on the scheme for paying for gas in rubles and the possibility of cutting off gas supplies to the West.

13:51 In the Belgorod region in Tamarovka there was an explosion and falling of wreckage. Local authorities said no one was injured.

13:33 The head of the DNR Denis Pushilin signed a decree on the establishment of the State Defense Committee of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

13:08 Singer Max Barskykh said that he joined the Ukrainian army and will start taking part in the exercises tomorrow.

13:06 In Moscow, a rally in support of a special operation in Ukraine began at the Garden Ring. The cars are moving with Russian flags attached.

12:57 In the current situation, there is only an option to increase the sanctions pressure on Russia, said Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan Koiti Hagiuda

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11:19 The DNR reported that from 00:00 on April 3 there is a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol to Berdyansk for foreign citizens. Further, foreigners can be evacuated by any humanitarian route: by land transport to the Republic of Crimea or to areas controlled by the Kiev regime, as well as by sea in selected areas.

10:30 Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday morning that 51 Ukrainian military targets had been hit by Russian aircraft during the night. In addition, on the morning of April 3, high-precision naval and air-based missiles destroyed a refinery and 3 fuel depots in the Odessa region.

09:57 Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski called for the deployment of American nuclear weapons in the country, suggested that NATO conduct a “peacekeeping mission in Ukraine” and provide Kiev with all the weapons requested by Vladimir Zelensky.

09:37 Russia’s Defense Ministry has published footage of strikes from Ka-52 helicopters on Ukrainian armored vehicles disguised in the woods.

09:07 Vladimir Medinsky stated that the draft agreement with Ukraine is not ready yet. At the same time, he noted that the Ukrainian side has become more realistic in its approach to the talks.


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