Russia’s special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on April 5

12:52 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko said that Russia is not severing diplomatic relations with anyone. However, the unfriendly policy of the West knows no bounds. According to him, the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from European countries was planned in advance.

12:50 The Russian Defense Ministry demonstrated a volley of seven Caliber missiles from a small missile ship in the Black Sea. The attack was carried out on the Training Center of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces in Ochakovo.

12:40 Vladimir Zelensky said that the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban will have to choose “between Russia and the rest of the world.” According to him, Orban may continue to “flirt” with Russia, as he needs cheap energy, but “it will not be long.”

12:26 The Luhansk People’s Republic reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces blew up a tank, presumably with hydrochloric acid, in the shop of the Zarya plant in Rubezhnoye.

11:49 Italy has joined the expulsion of Russian diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador. He was announced the expulsion of 30 employees.

11:38 Alexander Bastrykin instructed to establish the circumstances of the use of anti-personnel mines “Petal” in Donbass.

11:30 European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell admits that the Russian ruble is well opposed to sanctions. He confirmed that there will be no EU decision to ban the import of Russian gas. All because of the position of Hungary.

11:22 The Wall Street Journal reports that EU officials are considering imposing an additional tariff on Russian oil and gas imports. This will be done instead of an embargo in order to encourage EU member states to reduce imports from Russia. The second option is the gradual imposition of sanctions against Russian energy sources.

11:06 The Danish authorities are also expelling a number of Russian diplomats. 15 employees will have to leave the country.

11:04 The Russian Defense Ministry held a morning briefing. It is reported that the Russian military destroyed four more fuel depots in Ukraine with high-precision missiles. Also, the Russian Armed Forces used high-precision weapons to destroy the training center of the Ukrainian special operations forces, which was used to house mercenaries.

During the night, the Russian Air Force together with missile forces hit 134 military ground targets of Ukraine, including eight command posts. In total, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 398 drones, 214 MLRS units and 1,969 tanks since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.

11:02 During the special operation, Rosguard fighters seized a large ammunition cache. They also detained an artillery fire adjuster, TASS reported, citing the agency.

11:00 Russia’s Defense Ministry reports that on Monday night in Moshchun, 23 kilometers northwest of Kiev, soldiers of the 72nd Ukrainian Main Center for Psychological Operations conducted another staged shooting of civilians allegedly killed by Russian forces. This was done for distribution through the Western media.

In addition, similar events are now organized by Ukrainian special services in Sumy, Konotop and other cities.

10:55 Latvia does not rule out the closure of borders with Russia by all Baltic countries. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of this country Artis Pabriks. According to him, this should be done by all the Baltic countries at once.

10:45 According to Roskomnadzor, fakes about a special operation in Ukraine have started to be posted on Wikipedia. For this, the company faces a fine of up to 4 million rubles if the information is not deleted.

10:20 Vladimir Zelensky said that there may be no meeting between him and Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, negotiations will definitely continue.

10:18 In his Telegram channel, Dmitry Medvedev called the reports on the events in Bucha, as well as information about the maternity hospital in Mariupol, fakes that had matured “in the cynical imagination of Ukrainian propaganda.”

According to him, “the current Ukrainian radical also grew up behind the student bench. In beautiful embroidered shirts and with thoughts of hatred for everything Russian.” He reminded that Russian President Vladimir Putin “firmly set the goal of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.” Medvedev added that it was important to “change the bloody and full of false myths consciousness of some current Ukrainians”

“The goal is for the peace of future generations of Ukrainians themselves and the opportunity to finally build an open Eurasia – from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” he said.

10:12 At the beginning of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the dollar fell to 83.9 rubles, and the euro – to 91.25 rubles.

10:00 Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen commented on the disqualification of his famous rival Sergei Karyakin, who supported the special operation. According to him, he does not agree with Karyakin, but “is it right to exclude people for an opinion that differs from ours?”

9:36 The Russian ambassador to France was summoned to the country’s Foreign Ministry. He was announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats, according to BFM TV. On Monday, it was reported that 35 diplomats would be declared non grata.

9:34 Ramzan Kadyrov continues to share events from Ukraine. According to him, local nationals are suffering significant losses. “Demilitarization, denazification and dechaitanization of Ukraine are quite successful,” he said. According to him, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed most of the enemy’s military equipment, artillery and manpower.

9:30 The French Foreign Ministry said that new EU sanctions against Russia could be adopted on April 6.

9:28 State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said the situation in Bucha was a provocation aimed at discrediting Russia. This is a play designed for the Western audience.

In his Telegram channel, he pointed out that, as ordered, the same headlines and photos were published in foreign media. Zelensky was urgently brought to Bucha. But he answered in the affirmative to the question of whether Kyiv will continue to negotiate with Moscow. “Think about it, if there really was such a situation in Bucha, as it is described, it would definitely affect his decision,” Volodin said.

He also reminded that Russia had twice requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. However, Britain blocked them.

“The goal is one – to discredit Russia, justify sanctions, arms supplies, other unfriendly actions, to further aggravate the situation in Ukraine,” Volodin said.

9:20 The Russian government has simplified the procedure for registering medical devices to avoid shortages. According to the Cabinet of Ministers, the registration period for some medical devices will be reduced from 50 to 22 working days, and for others – up to 5 working days.

9:10 Russia’s Defense Ministry has shown how Tor’s SAM works. He managed to destroy the Bayraktar drone. In total, it is reported that the Russian military destroyed seven such drones.

9:06 According to the latest data, the number of people who arrived in Russia from Donbass and Ukraine exceeded 615,000, TASS reported.

Jake Sullivan, the US president’s national security adviser, believes that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine could take more than a month. He also said that preparations were being made for sending a new consignment of American weapons to Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to criticism of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. He explained that he considered it patriotism. He noted that he considers patriotism “love for one’s homeland, readiness to make any sacrifices for one’s country when needed.” According to him, “competition in who is more of a patriot is hardly necessary, especially at such a time.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock has spoken out against the embargo on gas supplies from Russia. According to her, even a full embargo would not help the West in the situation with Ukraine.

“MK” conducted online events in Ukraine on April 4


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