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18:36 March 30, 2022

Sakhalin egg will rise in price from March 31 by 1 ruble. Ostrovnaya Poultry Farm reports that regular feed suppliers from the Amur region have informed about the planned increase in the selling price of poultry feed mixtures. In April, it will grow by 20.2%.

The poultry farm has already warned that the shortage of grain will cause another increase in feed prices. In January-December 2021, oats in the Amur region rose by an average of 64%, wheat – by 26%, soybeans – by 62%. Rising prices for Far Eastern grain continued this year. Experts attribute this to the growth of annual inflation, which amounted to 14.5% in March.

“But even in such difficult conditions, we tried to keep the same prices for our products. For comparison: at the end of March 2022, a dozen eggs of selected category (O) of local production in Khabarovsk cost 110 rubles, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur – 105 rubles. in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – 84 rubles For a table egg of the first category (C1) the buyer in Khabarovsk paid 105 rubles, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur – 94 rubles, in our country – 72 rubles. , 78 and 70 rubles, respectively, “- said the poultry farm.

Compared to 2021, feed costs will increase by 27.3% in April. Meanwhile, in the cost of eggs, they are 74%. Thus, only an increase in the price of grain mixtures will increase the cost of egg eggs by 15%. And this is not counting the additional costs associated with rising prices for logistics, electricity, packaging materials.

The company cannot operate at a loss. Therefore, it was decided from March 31 to increase the selling price of egg eggs by 1 ruble per dozen. The next increase of another 1 ruble is scheduled for May. At the same time, Sakhalin eggs will still be cheaper than in other regions of the Far East.

The increase in prices will not affect the eggs of the first category, as this product is sent to social stores.

In 2022, the company plans to produce 128 million eggs. This is 8 million more than last year. It is necessary to increase the average annual number of laying hens, and this will require additional feed costs. The minimal increase in egg prices will make it possible to supply Sakhalin residents with a much larger amount of useful products, news agency reports, citing the Ostrovnaya poultry farm.


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