San Jose defeats Vegas with Dallas holiday, NHL standings, who will play in the playoffs

What a drama in the NHL! The team, which has long lost its chances for the playoffs, drove Dallas crazy

Sergey Emelyanov

San Jose beats Vegas

“San Jose” in principle hurt Vegas, if only not to let him in the Stanley Cup.

The San Jose Sharks said goodbye in hopes of reaching the Stanley Cup a month before the end of the NHL regular season. Having lost the tournament motivation, the Sharks began to willingly attract young players, which led to an even greater drop in results – in early April, Bob Bugner’s team lost 10 games in a row, which was one of the worst series in the history of the NHL.

How to find the motivation to continue the season, when before leaving for vacation there are only four matches left to play in the regular season? You need to find an enemy and try to ruin his season to put a spectacular point in the championship. Such an enemy was found for “San Jose” in the face of “Vegas Golden Knights”, with which the “Sharks” has a rich history of relationships.

In the NHL debut season, no one could have imagined that the Knights would be able to reach the Stanley Cup final, but they played Cinderella’s story, entering the history of the league. After reaching the playoff finals, Vegas immediately moved to the favorites, and it was in this status that Gerard Gallan’s team approached its second Stanley Cup draw. In 2019, the rival of “Vegas” in the first round of the playoffs was “San Jose”, and for a while everything at the “Knights” went like clockwork. They led in a 3-1 series, with two of the four matches ending in convincing victories for the Golden Knights. But they did not manage to make the final step to victory in the series – “San Jose” won three matches in a row and made a sensation in the playoffs.

From that moment on, the story of the fundamental confrontation between these teams began. Due to the calendar, rivals in the same division often met with each other – and each time “Vegas” came to the game with increased motivation. As a result, the winning streak of the “knights” in matches with the “sharks” before today’s game day was 11 matches! The last time San Jose beat Vegas in an official meeting was in November 2019.

Panarin will go to Malkin, and Ovechkin will play against Bobrovsky?  NHL playoff schedule
Panarin will go to Malkin, and Ovechkin will play against Bobrovsky? NHL playoff schedule

An additional aspect of the confrontation between the teams was the fact that the current head coach of “Vegas” is none other than Peter Debour, under whose leadership “San Jose” a few years ago reached the Stanley Cup final. This happened in 2016, when Bob Bugner, the current head coach of the Sharks, was Debour’s first assistant at his coaching staff. Today, Debour had to beat his former team and his former assistant in order to continue the fight for the NHL playoffs. And in the camp of “sharks” perfectly understood the importance of the fight for their opponent.

“Our season is not over yet. There are a few matches left, and among them we will play with Vegas. This will be the most important match of the season for San Jose. There is a fundamental confrontation between us. And obviously, we have a chance to deprive them of a chance to get to the playoffs. We have to focus on this game, “San Jose striker Timo Mayer said in the press.

This has not been seen in the NHL for 28 years!  The forward scored 5 goals in 40 minutes and went down in history
This has not been seen in the NHL for 28 years! The forward scored 5 goals in 40 minutes and went down in history

So many subtexts made this match one of the most interesting in the whole game day, but we had to wait for a fantastic outcome throughout the meeting. As befits any real thriller, everything developed slowly and gradually. “Sharks” opened the score in the middle of the first period – Tomasz Gertl excelled. Then “Vegas” set to work and threw three goals in a row, creating a comfortable advantage – 3: 1. Under the curtain of the second period, Nick Bonino played one puck, but at the start of the third period, Nicolas Rua restored the backlog of “Vegas” in two puck.

4: 2 in favor of “Vegas” 15 minutes before the end of the third period. The hosts had to bring the match to an important victory and go to prepare for the next meeting with “Dallas”. But two minutes before the end of the main time on the ice, key events began to unfold. The visitors replaced the goalkeeper with a sixth fielder, and Sharks striker Bonino dared to throw from the blue line – Vegas goalkeeper Logan Thompson could not cope with him, and the intrigue returned to the game.

And then there was the absolutely Hollywood story that is so loved in North America. The Sharks again replaced the goalkeeper with a field player, locked the opponent in the zone and staged an organized onslaught – Brent Burns at the end of regular time threw the puck on the piglet, she bounced on the open striker Sharks, and he drove it a second before the end of the match. . This striker’s name is Timo, and his last name is Mayer. It was he who spoke before the match about how important today’s meeting is for San Jose. And the Swiss forward responded to his words, managing to deprive Vegas of an incredibly important victory.

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Mayer’s reaction to the discarded puck didn’t take long – he put his hands to his ears, performing a gesture in the direction of Vegas fans that needed no explanation or deciphering. “I can’t hear you,” Mayer seemed to show the shocked Golden Knights fans, who were ready to put two points in their team’s piggy bank.

But that was not the end. In overtime, “Vegas” had a great chance to snatch victory, but the hosts missed the majority, failing to excel in the format of “four for three”. The payoff for the missed chance overtook the Golden Knights in a series of bullets, where the author of the winning throw was Thomas Bordelo. The American, who played only the sixth game of his career in the NHL, realized his attempt and stole an important point from “Vegas”.


And do you know who was the most interested spectator of the match with “Vegas” and “San Jose”? Fans and the press service of the “Dallas Stars”, with which the “knights” are fighting hard to get to the playoffs. Bordelo’s winning goal literally drove Dallas’ Twitter “crazy, which exploded with a series of exclamation marks seconds after the puck flew into the goal.

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. We love you, San Jose (today). Tomorrow will be fun, – said in the “Twitter” of the “stars”. Tomorrow, or rather, the day after tomorrow, Moscow time, will be really fun. On the ice of the home arena, “Dallas” will host “Vegas” in a key match at the end of the season. Now the team shares three points in the standings, and the victory of “Dallas” in the main time guarantees them participation in the playoffs, and “Vegas” in this case will go on vacation. But it is noteworthy that now even a possible defeat will not be a disaster for the “Stars”, because they will still retain the advantage in the table over the “Golden Knights”. And they have to thank San Jose for that, which has set the stage for its main rival.

“We do not have time to sit here and be sad about what happened. But if these two points are not enough to reach the playoffs, it will be very painful to remember today’s defeat in the summer, “Debour said at a post-match press conference.

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