Shareholders of the Safonov residential complex, abandoned by the disgraced ex-deputy Ishchenko, have collected 13 million rubles for completion, but 50-60 million are needed

The Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in the Share Construction of the Primorye Territory is trying to bankrupt the company Aurora-Stroy, ex-candidate for governor of Primorye Andrei Ishchenko, and complete the Safonov residential complex for it. So far, neither one nor the other is working. The lawsuit was filed with violations, and the source of funding has not yet been found. Completion is still underway with funds raised from shareholders.

We will remind, the former member of the Communist Party and the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorye who almost won gubernatorial elections in 2018, was detained on April 4 on charges of fraud with money of shareholders of the apartment house on Safonov, 7 in Vladivostok which had to be handed over last year. According to the investigation, as the founder of Aurora-Stroy, he fraudulently stole over 105 million rubles from 187 participants in the share construction. The construction of a 14-storey house began in 2016, and three years later, when the facade even appeared on the frame, construction stopped. By that time, Ishchenko himself was actively completing his political career.

Alexander Podolsky, director of the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Share Construction of the Primorye Territory, which is to complete the house, told RIA Novosti that this can be done by attracting federal funds or funds from shareholders and investors.

“The Primorsky Krai has applied to the DOM.RF fund to apply the federal completion mechanism. The Fund has prepared a statement of claim to declare the developer bankrupt in order to be able to apply these mechanisms and transfer the rights of the developer to the regional Fund. At the moment, the lawsuit for bankruptcy has been filed in arbitration, “Podolsky said.

He noted that the approximate term for deciding on the bankruptcy of a construction company is 3-4 months. Next, 4-6 months will be spent on the preparation of the bankruptcy trustee, who will be appointed, the documents necessary to transfer the rights of the developer to the regional Fund. After that, the funds of the DOM.RF fund will be allocated, which are formed at the expense of the federal and regional budgets in the proportion of 14 to 86.

Podolsky clarified that, according to Aurora-Stroy, the remaining amount of construction is 35 million rubles. “The developer says that some of his works have been contracted and prepaid. What we see will be another 50-60 million at least. We are trying to complete the house, do not bring to federal funding. Because, as practice shows, with federal funding, construction begins a year after the application. So we talked to the shareholders, they raised part of the money: they paid extra money, which had to be paid under the contracts of equity participation in the construction. Somewhere they have exceeded the area compared to the one originally provided for in the contract, somewhere the money under the contract was not paid extra. The shareholders collected about 13 million rubles, and we checked the conclusion of contracts for this amount, “Podolsky said.

Thus, now the work on the site is at the expense of shareholders. But that’s not enough. “We will try to attract investors’ money to complete this house. If it works out, I think we will finish the house this year. If we say that we are going through bankruptcy, through the federal fund, then at best we will start work in a year. If we talk about construction at the expense of shareholders, investors and other mechanisms, then we will try to complete this year on our own, ”the interlocutor said.

In March, the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Share Construction appealed to the arbitration to declare Aurora-Stroy bankrupt, but the court found that the application was filed in violation of the Bankruptcy Law, so the court ruled to leave it without motion May 2022 to fix the problem.


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