“She replied that all power belongs to men”: what Polina Dvorkina, who was going to kill boys in a kindergarten in Krasnoyarsk, told educators

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On March 30, the main department of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs awarded educators Evgenia Tolstoy, Natalia Stus and Irina Shabanova, who showed themselves heroically when shooting at a kindergarten in Krasnoyarsk. After the ceremony, the women told what happened on March 28. But first to understand:


As it all happened, 14.00 on March 28, 2022.

What do the groups in the garden look like?

The place where the children of each group are consists of:

Locker rooms with three entrances. Two of them lead directly to the group. One – in the common corridor.

Photo: IVANOVA Diana

Next is the game room. It also has a kitchen with access to a common corridor.

Behind the playroom is a bedroom (the children were sleeping in it at the time).

Photo: IVANOVA Diana

How it all happened (approximately from 14:00 to 14:10)

Polina Dvorkina calls the intercom, she is opened, and goes to the territory.

Approaches the main entrance, calls again, she opens.

An employee of the CHOP is on duty, but for some reason Dvorkina enters the building unhindered.

Dvorkina walks down the corridor, goes to the locker room of the group “Caramels”.

Dvorkina walks through the locker room and enters the game room.

Photo: IVANOVA Diana

At this time, educators are:

Eugene Tolstoy and Natalia Stus in the game room

Irina Shabanova in the children’s bedroom

Tolstoy takes Dworkin back to the locker room. Realizing that the girl is inadequate, he decides to call Shabanov – calls her straight from the locker room, leaving Dworkin alone.

Shabanova comes to the locker room and closes the door of one of the entrances to the group.

Tolstoy notices Dvorkina’s gun. With a shout, he runs out for help into the corridor.

Stus hears screams, enters the locker room and rushes to the armed Dworkin.

Shabanova at this time closes the second door to the game and comes to the aid of Stus.

The fight continues on the floor.

Dvorkina manages to shoot, the bullet hits the locker.

Shabanova manages to seize the gun. She runs away with him into the common corridor.

At that moment, Stus had already pressed Dworkin to the floor.

Other employees of the kindergarten and an employee of the PPC come to the rescue. He has handcuffs with him, but for some reason the teachers fasten them on Dvorka’s wrists.

Dvorkina’s legs are tied.

The Rosguard arrives.

Photo: IVANOVA Diana

The story of Eugene Tolstoy

The day was quite ordinary – a walk, lunch and a dream hour. 17 children in the group “Caramels” from 4 to 5 years old slept soundly in their beds, Eugene Tolstoy was directly in the group, preparing for afternoon classes. She was the first to meet Polina Dvorkina:

Eugene Tolstoy

Eugene Tolstoy

Photo: Maria Lenz

– I saw a girl who joined the group. She seemed suspicious to me. She behaved restlessly, was in the same boot, and said that she had come for her brother Artem. I took her to the waiting room, and realized – there is something wrong. I asked her, “What band is your brother in?” She replied, “Caramels,” that’s right. I called Irina, and the girl began to live. She opened her coat, and I saw a weapon sticking out of her pants. Ira shouted that she had a weapon, and she ran into the corridor to call for help. While I was taking her to the waiting room, Dvorkina did not resist, was not rude, but she was given strange movements, there was no boot, and Artemov is not in our group either, – says Eugene Tolstoy.

The story of Irina Shabanova

Irina Shabanova found herself in the same room with an armed Dvorkina:

I was sitting at my desk in the bedroom, typing documents, I heard that someone had joined the group – the door slammed. It was at this point that some intuition worked. I heard Eugene talking to a young girl. And at that moment she just called me. When I went into the locker room, the girl was standing with her back to me, but it was obvious that she was behaving strangely. She staggered, and I thought she was drunk. When she began to undress there, Eugene shouted – “She has a gun!”. She started turning to me and pulling out a weapon. I shouted something about the door, the children and the gun. We have two entrances to the group, and I ran to the second to close it. While I was running, which was two seconds, Natalia Stus managed to knock down the girl and press her to the floor. She saw that she had a weapon in her hand, but it was not clear where the barrel was aimed. She was probably not aiming anywhere, but the barrel was near Natasha, towards the children. I ran up, we started trying to pick up the barrel, at that moment there was a shot. After that, I don’t know how, I pulled out this gun and ran out of the group with it. Our employees have already run up there, there is a kitchen. I started shouting that we had a woman with a gun. I gave them this weapon. They said they had already pressed the alarm button. When I returned to the group, Natalia was still holding Dworkin. Natasha shouted at me to take the children out and said that the girl had sprayed a pepper spray. The children woke up from the shot and sat in their cribs. I shouted at them, “Get out quickly.” They started taking them out with the other girls through the kitchen. At one point, a security guard appeared and handcuffed her, then tied her legs. Well, the three of us, Evgenia and Natalia, held her until the police arrived, – Irina Shabanova recalls.

Photo: Maria Lenz

The story of Natalia Stus

Natalia was the last to learn that a man with a gun had entered the kindergarten. She was sitting in the gym and heard that something was happening in the next locker room, but the final understanding of the threat arose when Irina ran to her screaming, followed by Polina Dvorkina:

– I heard their whole conversation. Group, everything is nearby. When I went to the locker room, I saw Ira Shabanova, she was in such a state, I had never seen her like that. I’ve already got up and this “body” is standing. Well, I put it on my shoulders and on the floor. I did all kinds of sports. And when I pressed her to the floor, I held her with one hand and she had a gun in the other.

Natalia Stus

Natalia Stus

Photo: Maria Lenz

It would seem that it will not be very difficult for two women to keep a young girl. But no, according to Natalia Stus, Polina at that time had some inhuman strength, which even she, a former professional hockey player, had a very hard time:

– She was so strong herself that I did not have enough strength, and the gun was dangling, it was moving chaotically. It was Ira who helped. The two of them were able to send to the closet.

But it turned out that Polina was armed not only with a gun. She took a pepper spray with her, she managed to spray some gas. But in the heat of the struggle, Natalia thought it was a grenade, he held Dvorkina’s hand to the last so that she could not press:

– I didn’t think she could shoot, but it was scary when the gun was gone and her hands were free, and she snatched this can, and since in the movies – a grenade, a thumb… But she somehow before she sprayed it, but it all happened so fast that the gas did not reach the children.

Fortunately, the children did not even have time to get scared, although the kids woke up only after the shot:

“They only started moving when the cotton came.” I don’t think they understood anything, because when the gas… when Ira took them out, it didn’t even have time to spread. They all came out so quickly. And this girl – she’s kind of worse than me, maybe a little taller, but she had so much energy. I held her, the girls held her legs. We didn’t handcuff her right away. Everything happened so fast that literally seconds passed when she was knocked down, we were already handcuffed. But we do not concern security at all, Natalia adds.

In conclusion

No one was injured in the kindergarten. This is almost the second birthday for both educators and children. Police detained Dworkin. During interrogation, she admitted that she killed her father with a shot from the same gun before going to kindergarten. Dvorkin also came to the kindergarten with the intention of organizing a massacre. She told this to her educating teachers:

– She did not say anything during the fight, but when she was tied up, Natalia asked why she came here. Well, she replied that all power belongs to men, they have all the money. I asked her why kindergarten? Why didn’t she go to the men? And she says: “So there they will resist me, and here we will be heard.” She did not say anything more clear, – added Irina Shabanova.

On March 30, Polina Dvorkina was arrested until May 27. Two criminal cases have been instituted against her: “murder” and “attempted murder of two or more persons, a minor.”


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