Show Lovers of figure skating in Moscow report – Kamila Valieva, Anna Shcherbakova, Mark Kondratyuk, Evgenia Medvedev video performances – April 2, 2022

For top athletes, April and May are the most unusual times of the season. After major starts, skaters can finally afford to relax a bit. And performing in a show is a great reason to perform without adrenaline and get high.

The Russian gala evening was opened by the traditional festival “Lovers of Figure Skating”. Almost all the best athletes of Russia performed in Megasport. However, the composition of the participants turned out to be so stellar that the plot numbers between the skaters’ hires did not arouse much interest among the public. An attempt to link the numbers to the general scenario was unsuccessful – the ties between the champions’ hires were boring and protracted, which is why the show lasted more than three hours.

Evgeny Semenov, Sport24

Evgenia Medvedeva this evening she managed to combine two roles at once. In the first section, the figure skater showed the audience’s favorite program “Memoirs of a Geisha”, with which she performed in the 2019/20 season. After the winter break, Eugene restored the triple salkhov and confidently demonstrated a jump on the ice. During the intermission, Medvedev changed her kimono suit to a bright red dress and successfully performed the second part of the show on stage as a host.

The main star of the Russian single Mark Kondratyuk once again confirmed its status. For the gala evening, the athlete returned last year’s free program in the form of a black swan. The same production that helped Kondratyuk break into the elite of the Russian national team and bring Medvedev to tears in the Channel One Cup in 2021. The Olympic champion was not afraid to risk four jumps even in dark light – three of the four attempts were successful. Great for the show.

Kamila Valieva came out on the Moscow ice for the first time since the final of the Russian Cup – 2021. Unlike many colleagues, the girl performed only one number. “Storm” by Canadian figure skater Eric Radford has become the calling card of the adult Camilla. At “Lovers” Valieva appeared in a new dress, emphasizing her elegance, and emotional performance broke the loudest applause from the audience. The audience was delighted with every gesture of the skater, and Valieva herself was one hundred percent invested in skating. It was Camila who aroused the greatest interest in the audience – this is evidenced by the views collected by her number on social networks.

Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin’s group continues to experiment. Before the Channel One Cup – 2022 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Eugene Semenenko put new short programs, which is a rarity at the end of the season. The skaters showed the same numbers in “Megasport”. Semenenko decided to surprise at the gala, choosing a popular Korean track. The audience appreciated the unusual silver costume and original choreography, which means that the experiment can be called successful.

Evgeny Semenov, Sport24

During the press approach, Tuktamysheva dispelled rumors about a possible suspension of her career. The world and European champion plans to prepare for next season. If the Russian figure skaters are banned from participating in international competitions, the Empress may well light up in the next post-Olympic season.

Mikhail Kolyada also supported the trend of change. We are accustomed to seeing Christmas in various classical and profound images, but not flirting with the hall of Michael for the incendiary song “Sway”. The transformation was a complete success – we can only believe that in competitive programs, the skater will take risks in the coming seasons.

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