Show “Mask” Season 3, April 3, 2022, latest issue (8th issue). Watch online for free all series 1-8 in a row on NTV without blocking

“Mask” is a continuation of the most exciting and mysterious project on Russian television, in which participants will come together in a vocal competition, while their faces will be hidden behind impenetrable masks.

Jury: Philip Kirkorov, Regina Todorenko, Timur Batrutdinov, Timur Rodriguez, Valeria

Host of the show: Vechyaslav Makarov

Actors: Vyacheslav Makarov, Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Timur Rodriguez, Regina Todorenko, Larisa Dolina, Alexei Glyzin, Lena Katina, Stas Kostyushkin, Anton Lirnik, Oksana Fedorova, Karina Koks, Anna Pletneva, Svetlana Masterkova, Vlad Tomei, Anato Topai, Anato Topalov,

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On the eve of Valentine’s Day on NTV – the grand premiere of the third season of the main show of the country!

Description of the new 3 seasons of the show “Mask”

The most intriguing vocal duel will bring together 14 new participants, under the guise of which will hide singers, actors, presenters, showmen, athletes and bloggers. Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Timur Rodriguez, Regina Todorenko and the new fifth member of the jury, participant of the second season of “Masks” – Hare Timur Batrutdinov will continue to try to figure out who is under the mask. Vyacheslav Makarov will take the lead again.


14 new heroes will surprise, admire and delight the judges and spectators: Joker, Dragon, Capricorn, Leopard, Horse, Baby, Monster, Amanita, Octopus, Peacock, Dog, Donut, Bee and Sphinx.

The essence of the show “Mask” season 3

The essence of the show will remain the same: in each issue, the participants will appear on stage, tell a few facts about themselves and perform songs in their real voices. As a result of the issue, the nominees will be determined: one of them will take off his mask at the end of the program and reveal his identity. Before that, all participants will be accompanied by security guards: behind the scenes, their figures will be hidden under black hoodies with the inscription #nocomments, and faces – mirror masks.


They will also be accompanied on stage by security guards, and costumes specially designed and carefully designed for each character will completely hide their identity. The only thing that will not be able to hide for a long time is the voice, although some participants of the first and second seasons have repeatedly managed to confuse the judges with their performance.

Below you can find the release date and watch the show online on NTV every Sunday at 20:10. You can watch all issues in a row for free in good quality.

The story of the show’s appearance on NTV

The program is based on a Korean show. The rights to the film were acquired by more than fifty countries, including Russia. The first part of the project showed extremely impressive ratings. According to jury member Timur Rodriguez, the program was a success due to its uniqueness.


In the first chapter of the work, 12 participants performed on stage. In the second – their number has increased to 14. Each singer hides his identity behind a bright and unique costume, which does not give the audience and the jury any opportunity to find external clues. The heroes come to the shooting in the same black robe, completely hiding their faces. Let us remind you that not only professionals perform on the stage, but also people far from their musical careers: singers, athletes or other media personalities. Heroes can change their voice only in a natural way, for example, singing higher or lower.

At the end of each issue, one participant must be guessed by the audience and the other by the judges. The third person to win shows his face.


Many critics doubt the veracity of the show, saying the project is a common pretext. Where the judges know the names of all the performers. To the provocative statements, the producers respond that then the members of the jury would not agree to waste their time.

By the way, in one of the issues the invited hero was Regina’s husband – Vlad Topalov. Not surprisingly, it was the wife who guessed the singer in a Panda costume. However, the showrunners insist that all participants sign a non-disclosure agreement with the studio. After his exposure, Vlad Topalov told the public that he was rehearsing the number in the absence of his wife.

Presentation of the show, the fifth member of the jury and six new masks in the new season “Mask”

Bee in the show “Mask” Season 3

Interesting about the show

  • The winner of the first part was Anatoly Tsoi – a member of the MBAND group.
  • Regina Todorenko was surrounded by a serious scandal after her statement that the victims of domestic violence were to blame for the beating. Vlad Topalov had to defend his wife in front of angry subscribers online.
  • The premiere of the second chapter of the program took place on February 14, 2021, and although nothing has been heard about the release date of the series on NTV Mask Season 3, everyone is waiting for the announcement.
  • The scenery and costumes of the performers have been developed by artists for about six months.

What’s new in the show “Mask” in 2022?

In the new season of the music project, 14 new participants will compete for the title of winner, whose personalities will be carefully hidden under mirror masks and impenetrable costumes, prepared individually for each character. Behind them will once again hide presenters, actors, musicians, athletes and bloggers, and they will be guessed by the constant Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Regina Todorenko and Timur Rodriguez. They will be joined by the fifth member of the jury, whose name, traditionally, will be known just before the start of the season.

Even behind the scenes, the conspiracy of the heroes will remain at the highest level: they will be guarded, and the participants themselves will be dressed in dark voluminous hoodies, hiding even their physique. The only thing that the participants will not be able to keep secret is their vocal data. The heroes will perform famous songs in their real voices, as well as tell some true facts from their biography. These tips will be the only clue for the jury and an opportunity to find out whose identity is hidden under a mask.

Issue 1 show “Mask” (3 season) from February 13, 2022

Issue 2 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from February 20, 2022

Issue 3 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from February 27, 2022

Issue 4 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from March 6, 2022

Issue 5 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from March 13, 2022

Issue 6 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from March 20, 2022

Issue 7 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from March 27, 2022

Issue 8 of the show “Mask” (season 3) from April 3, 2022


Click on the spinner to view. Beginning April 3, 2022 at 8:10 p.m.

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