Show “Mask”, Season 3, Issue 8: Monster brought Kirkorov to tears, and the Kid left

The premiere of the eighth issue of the third season of the show “Mask” took place on NTV last Sunday. This time, the jury decided to get closer to the participants in terms of appearance: three of the five looked very extravagant. So, the chairman Philip Kirkorov chose a bright orange suit and a black headdress with shiny elements. “In honor of April and my upcoming 55th birthday!” – the pop king explained his image. Valeria, in turn, tried on a pink wig. And pregnant Regina Todorenko dressed in all gold. Two Timur – Batrutdinov and Rodriguez remained true to their style.

Jury members of the show “Mask”

A series of performances began playfully A bee. The ex-passion of Philip Kirkorov (he insists that he “had” with this participant) performed Let’s Get It Started at Black Eyed Peace. The number did not leave anyone indifferent, as this kind of song, as Rodriguez noted, few people choose. “I love it! My queen! My buzzer from the past! This is Lada Dance! ” – Philip Bedrosovich continued to insist. Valeria suggested that among the former companions of the pop king should be remembered about Masha Rasputin. “By the way, once her husband punched me in the face,” Kirkorov revealed. And he explained: “my husband,” crazy Vladimir, the kingdom of heaven to him, found us on a cruise in the cabin, we indulged there. ” Interrupted the flow of spicy memories of the chairman of the jury Regina Todorenko and published an extremely exotic version according to the established tradition. “And what if there is Instasamka ?! By the way, you have 95% horoscope compatibility with her! ” Said the pregnant woman, addressing Philip. But colleagues quickly reminded that Instasamka was married. To which the married Todorenko suddenly noticed that, they say, this is not a problem.

An appetizing favorite of Philip Bedrosovich Donut still keeps the intrigue of who is hiding behind the mask. Kirkorov decided to thoroughly undertake this muffin and prepared a whole list of possible contenders. There are: Ekaterina Skulkina, Irina Pegova, Marina Fedunkiv. “The donut all the time hints at the letter O. Maybe it’s a type of figure, such a donut?” – suggested the pop king. Timur Batrutdinov added Anna Ardova to the list, while Regina Todorenko stayed on her wave and named make-up artist Goar Avetisyan. “She asked to pay attention to the hands, they look like brushes, and Goar is a make-up artist,” the TV presenter was surprised by the flight of her logic. Timur Batrutdinov cautiously suggested that Irina Ponarovskaya might be hiding behind a mask (by the way, our editorial office is in solidarity with him). But Philip Kirkorov sharply rejected this option.

Bee in the show “Mask”

WITH Capricorn Until the last issue, everything was more or less clear: almost everyone came to terms with the fact that Nikita Presnyakov was hiding behind a mask. Every issue, Philip recalled warm stories about Alla Pugacheva’s grandson’s childhood, called him a “red-haired boy”, and praised his growth in music. All members of the jury thought twice. And really, why not? Moreover, when asked if Kirkorov drove him to Eurovision, Capricorn refused to answer.

The jury had many options about Baby. Todorenko decided that she could hide under a mask ELMAN, Valeria announced Emin’s name, and Kirkorov does not forget about Dava. Colleagues agreed on only one thing: this participant is both a singer and a showman. The child’s performance of the song Hi-Fi “Not given” did not clarify the situation. But the participant traditionally had fun, jumped and even aroused Kirkorov’s suspicion: “Yes, it’s exactly Dava, he recently married his brother and still has not sobered up.”

Hot disputes continue around the participant in the mask Amanita. This time he brilliantly performed the song “Oh, God” by Sergei Chelobanov. “Triumph tonight!” – said Philip Kirkorov. Moreover, after Muhomor’s performance, the pop king wanted to include this song in his show. “There is little left – to agree with Pugacheva,” said Philip Bedrosovich. It was the Prima Donna who wrote poems for her then favorite Chelobanov. Most members of the jury think that Eugene Dyatlov is hiding under the mask of Amanita, and we agree with them. But Timur Batrutdinov, despite the protests of colleagues, nominates Alexei Chumakov.

Amanita in the show “Mask”

Before we start discussing Anubis, Regina Todorenko got for Philip Kirkorov… ammonia. “I still think Anita Tsoi is there,” Regina said cautiously. But the pop king, for some reason, categorically did not want to believe it. Valeria is also considering the option with Anita. By the way, she watched all of Tsoi’s performances on various shows to analyze her performance and behavior. But Kirkorov insists that only Diana Ankudinova can be behind Anubis’ mask. The chairman of the jury is not embarrassed by the fact that one detail does not merge: according to Anubis, she was born in Moscow, and Diana from the Primorsky Krai. “This is Anita! I even made up your compatibility, – Todorenko did not stop, for some reason again courting Kirkorov’s married lady – 81 percent of compatibility at work, 91 – in friendship, 95 – in love. “Well, no, there’s a very serious husband,” said Philip Bedrosovich.

A favorite of many Monster came on stage with a glued giant tear. It turned out that the participant was saddened by the departure of Leopard (it turned out to be Marie Kraimbreri). “We sent notes to each other and supported, not even knowing who was behind the mask,” said Monstrick. Then he gave a touching speech about human feelings, which made even Philip Kirkorov cry. “Your tear was passed on to me. You’re kind of extraordinary, subtle, “said the pop king. The host disturbed the lyrical mood, joking in his usual manner that Monster seemed to have passed the notorious “Marathon of Desires”. The participant supported his touching speech with no less heartbreaking song by Alexei Glyzin “Late Evening in Sorrento”. Here Philip Bedrosovich could not stand it and called the Monster his winner. Regina Todorenko, in turn, cried and remembered how her father sang this song at her wedding. The celebration took place in Sorrento. After all these discussions, the jury forgot only one thing – to make their assumptions about the identity of the participant. However, everyone already seems to understand that the Monster is Alexei Vorobyov.

Monster in the show “Mask”

Dragon as usual, he dumped both the jury and the audience on the spot, demonstrating the strongest vocals. Experts are sure that the opera singer is hiding behind a mask. Valeria and Timur Batrutdinov bet on Ildar Abdrazakov. “If he really takes part in our show, then we have reached the world level, because Ildar is a multiple Grammy Award winner,” Kirkorov said. By the way, it turned out that the Dragon is a favorite and father of pop king Bedros Kirkorov.

As a result, Donkey (once again!), Monster and Kid were nominated for relegation. The monster was saved by spectators. The jury hesitated for a long time, but decided that the mask should be removed by the Kid. “It’s just that we’ve been discussing for a long time and we don’t understand who it is,” Valeria explained. In her final version, she suggested that the Baby was Emin. Regina Todorenko bet on Vlad Sokolovsky, Rodriguez on Kirill Nechayev, and Kirkorov on Dava. “If it’s DAVA, you’ll all answer to me for leaving!” The pop king threatened his colleagues. Both Timur decided to pretend to be dead. For the sake of his favorite, Philip even voted against Donut, who brings sweets to the chairman in every show! But Kirkorov’s fears did not come true: Ruslan Alekhno was behind the mask. Only Timur Batrutdinov recognized the participant. Before leaving the show, Alekhno sang Philip’s song “Fire and Water”. Thus, there are seven masks left in the project. We will find out in a week who we will say goodbye to next.

Ruslan Alekhno in the costume of the Kid

Watch the show “Mask” every Sunday at 20:40 on NTV.

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