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Year: 2022, Russia

Genre: real TV

Director: Alexey Repnikov

Duration: 65 min.

Cast: Dimash Adilet, Alexander Grankov, Elizaveta Kiryukhina, Takhmina SuleimanovaKamilla and Karina Ziganshina, Elina Krupskaya, Yana Sapeta, Yulia Golygina, Elvina Garaeva, Arina Pereverten

The Bachelor is a real adventure for anyone who wants to plunge into a fairy tale and possibly meet their other half.

Description of the 9th season of the show “The Bachelor”

“The Bachelor Season 9” is another season of the popular project “The Bachelor”, which started on the TNT channel in 2013.

Every season of the show “The Bachelor” is a big event! In its nine seasons, the project has gone beyond simple romantic reality.

The essence of the project “The Bachelor” 9 season 2022

Every season of the show “The Bachelor” is a big event! In its eight seasons, the project has gone beyond simple romantic reality. The Bachelor is a real adventure for anyone who wants to plunge into a fairy tale and possibly meet their other half.

The heroes of the project are young, beautiful, successful and ambitious individuals who are ready to become participants in a romantic reality show, change their lives and rediscover themselves. To participate in the ninth season of the project, you need to send a questionnaire to the producers and pass the casting.

Below you can find the content of the series, the release date and watch online all the series of the show on TNT from March 12, 2021 at 21:30. New issues of the show “The Bachelor on TNT” are added quickly – you can watch all the series in a row for free in good quality on TNT.

What will the new “Bachelor” look like? Let’s find out on Saturday at 21:30 on TNT!

Participants of the show “The Bachelor” season 9

  • Elizaveta Kiryukhina (Lisa Kay) – actress and model from Rostov-on-Don. She starred in a cameo role in the American film “Street Fighter”. He currently resides in Los Angeles.
  • Tahmina Suleimanova – Russian model of Azerbaijani origin. Actively blogs on Instagram, participated in the show of the TV channel “Friday!” The Twins.
  • Camilla and Karina Ziganshina – twin sisters from Kazan. Together they conduct investment courses, as well as talk about how to make money on cryptocurrency.
  • Elina Krupskaya – model and blogger from Kiev. Conducts his own SMM course.
  • Jana Sapeta – a model from Ekaterinburg, the former wife of the player of the football club “Nizhny Novgorod” Alexander Sapeta. The girl has a daughter from her marriage to an athlete.
  • Julia Golygina Is a popular blogger with about 6 million followers on Instagram. He is also involved in teaching social media users the art of how to promote their accounts to the top.
  • Elvina Garaeva – Psychologist and blogger, organizer of marathons on Instagram, where he reveals to women the secrets of relationships with men. From the first marriage he raises a daughter.
  • Arina Pereverten – a model working and living in Istanbul, who has a failed marriage and an affair with an abuser.

The participant of the show “The Bachelor” from Komi told about the intrigues and rivalries in the project

On March 12, 2022, the ninth season of the reality show “The Bachelor” aired. One of its participants will be Arina Pereverten – a girl from Syktyvkar. Pro City of Syktyvkar has prepared an exclusive interview with the model for its readers.


Tell us about yourself, when and where you were born, why did you leave the Komi Republic?

I was born on April 10, 1997 in Syktyvkar. She left Komi in 2020. First I went to Moscow, lived there for a while and then flew to Turkey. I made this decision because I got divorced, I wanted to change the situation and go to work. Very any profession.

How did you get on the show “The Bachelor”?

I was invited to the show via Instagram. They invited me to the casting, but at that time I was in Istanbul and it was not possible to come to the casting. So we called on the video with the producer, we talked. Everything went great, I immediately understood it. After that, the guys asked me to make another video call, in which I was invited to come to Moscow for a casting, I, of course, agreed. After the casting, I was immediately picked up, told the dates of departure to Mexico and I flew back to Istanbul to collect things.

Were the participants of the show intriguing?

Yes, there were intrigues, you imagine: we did not have phones, they are taken away. During the whole filming, the phone was given only 10 minutes to answer messages and call my mother. No one could be told that you were on the project. And 24/7 you just do what you sit, think about the bachelor. And you discuss it, you discuss girls… So yes, there were intrigues. Without them in any way.

Who is the main bachelor of the country in the 9th season in 2022

The creators of the program “The Bachelor” decided to reveal a little intrigue in early February this year. The editors said that the number one bachelor was 27-year-old businessman Alexander Grankov. The brand new handsome man has his own stable and farm in the Moscow region.


Fans of the show did not have time to come to their senses that in the ninth season there will be two main characters, as the creators of “The Bachelor” called the name of the second participant. It turned out to be a 29-year-old enviable groom and blogger from Kazakhstan – Dimash Adilet.


The man studied at Moscow State University and UCL in London. Now Alexander is in business, monetizing his hobby, running a farm and stables near Moscow. He noted that fame and status are not important to him in a girl.

“I want the show to help me find my man and this man to find me. If that happens, it will be great. But I can already say: I will live by my rules on the project, I will be as open and sincere as possible, ”Grankov said.

1st series of the show “The Bachelor” (issue of March 12, 2022), watch the show “The Bachelor”

The bachelors of the new season Alexander Grankov and Dimash Adilet will get acquainted with the participants who came to fight for their attention and hearts. Who will get the first impression rose?


Click on the spinner to watch the live broadcast.

2nd series of the show “The Bachelor” (issue of March 19, 2022), online viewing

The main characters of the new season will be two men at once – farmer Alexander Grankov and businessman Dimash Adilet. A variety of participants will fight for their hearts. Which of them will win and find their love – the question is still open.


Click on the spinner to watch the live broadcast.

3rd series of the show “The Bachelor” (issue of March 26, 2022), watch online

A new episode of the first double bachelor project in Russian history. Alexander Grankov and Dimash Adilet at the villa with the girls. They choose the lady of the heart, and they choose them. Who will eventually receive the cherished rose.


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4th series of the show “The Bachelor” (issue of April 2, 2022), watch online


Click on the spinner to watch the live broadcast. Start at 21:30.

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