Sobchak: “The fate of Maxim Galkin is practically predetermined”

Ksenia Sobchak.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Ksenia Sobchak returned to Moscow from Israel, where she spent almost a month. The TV presenter did not announce her return home. Instead, she filmed a new issue of the YouTube show “Caution, Sobchak!”, In which she discussed the fate of celebrities who went abroad. The TV presenter shared her fears that the future of some of her colleagues in the world of show business may be unenviable. Unlike Ivan Urgant, who has returned home and is going to continue filming his program, the fate of Maxim Galkin and his wife Alla Pugacheva remains unclear. At the end of February, the couple and their children flew to Israel and do not seem to be going back.

“But whose fate is practically predetermined is Maxim Galkin,” Sobchak said in her YouTube program.

Ksenia noted that Alla Borisovna remains a national treasure of Russia, and she can be forgiven a lot, but her husband – no. Especially since, according to Sobchak, Maxim Galkin is a kind of mouthpiece for his wife. Where Alla Borisovna is silent, her husband says.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin took the children to Israel.  Photo: social networks.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin took the children to Israel. Photo: social networks.

We will remind, spouses together with children settled down in the Israeli settlement of Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast. The star couple rented a three-storey villa with a swimming pool. Harry and Lisa’s school holidays were over, and the children began to miss classes. According to rumors, Galkin and Pugacheva are already looking for a twin school in Israel. And Alla Borisovna allegedly prepares documents for obtaining Israeli citizenship. Galkin has every reason to settle in the Promised Land – the TV presenter’s mother is buried in Israel.

Maxim Galkin will be the main breadwinner of the family – he has already announced that he plans to hold several concerts in Israel. The comedian’s performances are scheduled for June in different cities of the country. In his Telegram channel, Maxim published a new video in which he invited Israeli fans to his concerts.

The comedian urged subscribers not to believe everything they say about his family. He also said that he would no longer show his children on social networks. Previously, Maxim was happy to share photos of Harry and Lisa and touching videos with them on his page. The happy father told about their everyday life, successes and lovely household chores. But now the artist has decided to temporarily hide his heirs from prying eyes.

– I am asked to continue to lead social networks as I led them before, with fun content and videos with children. But I do not see any moral or mental possibility to do so. Therefore, for the time being, my communication channels will not be the same, – Maxim said.

Caesarea is a special city for Alla Borisovna: in the 90s she married Philip Kirkorov in a local church. Galkin and Pugacheva used to often spend their holidays in Israel, renting their favorite three-story villa. It was rumored that Alla Borisovna even decided to buy it, but the singer denied these rumors. Maxim’s older brother Dmitry Galkin also lives in Israel. He bought a house there a few years ago.


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