“Staging in its purest form.” What’s wrong with the fight of Will Smith at the Oscars?

The actor, who played the father of the Williams sisters, dragged the comedian for a joke about his balding wife. The rating of the ceremony skyrocketed.

Even those who are far from the film industry, on the morning of March 28 began to hotly discuss this area. However, the reason for that was not another cult blockbuster or a shrill turn of the drama, but a fight. Short, but bright.

During the Oscars in Los Angeles, popular actor Will Smith, who starred in the sports drama “King Richard”, cracked the face of host Chris Rock. The comedian joked, deeply hurting Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who has long suffered from hair loss. Roku often lost his temper, but this time he received a loud cashback.

“Jada, I love you.” “I can’t wait for Soldier Jane-2 to come out,” Rock said, after which the actor took to the stage and dragged the joker.

Then Smith calmly returned to his chair and shouted to the host, “Don’t say my wife’s name again with your damn mouth.” This is a showdown! And the men are already adults, Roku is 57 years old, Smith is 53.

But is it correct to use force even after an insulting joke, given the place, time, broadcast to the whole world? Maybe it was worth waiting for Chris in a dark corner and punishing him there? The question is debatable. But Smith received a lot of respect for such a gesture. However, among other things, there is another pressing issue.

Oscar incident – staging?

Many doubted the veracity of the fight. The most attentive noticed that already during the assassination attempt Rock began to lean to the side. Interesting thing! And what does a person do when they want to drag him? Moves towards the fist, and then substitutes the other cheek? Hardly.

On the other hand, if it is a pre-planned action, then it is ingenious. This immediately lifts Smith, Roca, the Oscars, Jada, Los Angeles, and everything else in the top news, plus it becomes a highlight in the history of the film industry. In recent years, the award has been harshly criticized – the Oscars are awarded for their skin color or gender. And there are no backstage games – all the action before your eyes, just watch your hands.

In favor of the version that the scandal was only part of the script, says the rise of the broadcast rating. Immediately after Smith’s antics, the audience grew from 9.6 to 17.4 million. It’s hard to believe that the saving episode for the Oscars happened by itself. Former world boxing champion Grigory Drozd does not believe in the coincidence of the scandal.

– This is a production in its purest form, everything is played out here. I think Smith hit a little faster than he should have. It is clear that this is not a blow. And I did not hear a click. If you hit your face with your palm, there will be a click. In general, the production, – quotes Drozd “Match TV”.

Is Smith a genius of improvisation?

Smith eventually won an Oscar for Best Actor, burst into tears on stage, and then gave the following speech:

“Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family.” I am called to love people, to protect people. In this business, you have to let people disrespect you and smile, pretending that’s the way it should be, ”Smith said from the stage, expressing hope that he would still be invited to the ceremony.

If Will didn’t know about the clash with Rock in advance and reworked the speech on the go, he’s just the king of improvisation.

The comedian refused to file a complaint with the police, but the department said that Rock has the right to change the decision at any time. But no matter how this showdown ended, the Oscars are back in the top. Like the movie “King Richard”, which many have not watched, and now will watch. It doesn’t matter if Smith or Rock planned the show. There is a necessary resonance, everyone will cut out their advantages.

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