Steam Deck owners solve problem with noisy fan with a couple of pieces of insulators – Valve does not advise to do so

But obvious side effects from this method have not yet been found.

Steam Deck complained about the loud fan from the very beginning of sales, but with the release of the beta version of the update on April 27, the situation got a little better. Valve has optimized the operation of the fan, after which it works less intensively at rest and makes less noise during unpretentious games.

The Verge wrote that the company could not completely get rid of the extra sound, but Reddit user under the nickname OligarchyAmbulance was able to do it.

He noted that the Steam Deck stops making noise if you press a little on the back of the device. After that, OligarchyAmbulance removed the body cover and glued four pieces of insulating tape to the place where the Valve logo is located outside. According to him, in this way he was able to solve the problem with the loud fan forever.

Steam Deck without insulating tape

Steam Deck with insulating tape

Other Reddit users and The Verge have confirmed that the method is really effective. Judging by the first observations, glued to the back of the insulator does not affect the temperature of the device, but Valve engineer Lawrence Young does not recommend doing so.

In an interview with The Verge, he said that the company could not say exactly how such manipulations will further affect the thermal characteristics of the laptop.

Despite this, The Verge decided to leave the tape, noting that the problem of the loud fan is clearly hidden in the hardware, not in the software. The publication believes that if Valve itself does not offer a formal recommendation to eliminate noise, some Steam Deck owners will sooner or later try to fix it themselves.

In late April, Valve released public versions of updates that added a lock screen with a PIN code, keyboard layout in different languages ​​and an updated menu with achievements.

PIN lock screen and more convenient achievements menu – Valve has released updates for Steam Deck and Steam OS

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