Steiner: Mick’s chassis can still be used in racing

Gunther Steiner is confident that his team will be able to continue to earn points steadily. But most of all, the head of Haas F1 is pleased that Mick Schumacher was not injured in the accident that occurred during the qualification in Jeddah, and the chassis of his car was not seriously damaged.

Question Your team in the second race in a row earned points, although, of course, the most important thing is that Mick Schumacher was not injured in Saturday’s accident
Gunther Steiner: After the Bahrain Grand Prix, I was sure that we had a good car, and in Jeddah we confirmed it again. Although, of course, the result is not as good as in the first race of the season, but most importantly, it is true that Mick is fine.

And still it’s great that we earned points again. Kevin Magnussen started from 10th position, but we chose an alternative tactic, not like most rivals. We were unlucky, because a safety car drove onto the track at the most inopportune moment, but then luck still smiled on us, because several riders came down from the distance.

Question You are lucky that you had a good pit stop on lap 38
Gunther Steiner: Yes, it was the right decision, but good luck – talent helped us!

Question What can be said about the state of Kevin after the finish He complained about neck problems on Saturday after qualifying, and in the race he had to endure 50 laps – how did he cope?
Gunther Steiner: Yes, he was in quite a lot of pain, I even called him a “Viking with a weak neck”! But it’s such a specific track, there are a lot of high-speed turns, and Kevin did not drive a Formula 1 car for a year. They require very good physical training from the rider.

Question Let’s go back to the conversation about Mick: it’s just unbelievable that he was discharged from the hospital that evening because he showed no signs of concussion or any other health problems
Gunther Steiner: Yes, this is an amazing story. But the racers are very trained people, and modern cars are very safe and very strong. In addition, Miku was lucky, all the security structures that absorb the energy of side impacts worked perfectly.

Also, I’m glad the chassis survived. Everything else in the car is broken, but not the chassis.

Question Do you want to say that you are going to use this chassis in the next races
Gunther Steiner: Absolutely true. It is necessary to change the side structures of security, they worked properly and collapsed. And everything else can be repaired without much difficulty.

Question Finally, share your expectations, how long will you be able to perform at such a high level Judging by the reaction of the stands, the fans are very happy with your success, but if you think realistically: what can you expect from Haas F1?
Gunther Steiner: Now I will ask you a question: why should the series of these successful performances end? Why do you think we will not stay at this level?

Question But let’s look at the resources available to Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and other teams – can you compete with them
Gunther Steiner: We are not competing with Ferrari or Red Bull yet, but I think we can continue to show such results as in the first two races. Of course, the rivals will catch up with us, but let’s not forget that the budgets of all teams are limited. Now the picture does not look like in the old days, when top teams could spend as much money as they wanted to upgrade equipment.

We will also refine the car and we will also perform better. I will refrain from forecasts, but now all teams are in more or less equal conditions. That is why we switched to the current financial regulations.

So now Formula 1 has become much more interesting, because small teams may well fight for positions in the middle of the peloton and claim points every weekend. Of course, there will be bad days when we will roll back again, and someone will take our positions, but we will try to win back.

I think that was the point of moving to limited budgets: the level of rivalry in Formula 1 has grown significantly.


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