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But Paramount managed to persuade the director to make two more films.

Bay spoke about his experience working on “Transformers” in an interview on the occasion of the release of his new film – the action movie “Ambulance”. The director noted that he liked all his movies and that he enjoyed shooting “Transformers”, but he should have left the franchise after the third part.

According to Bay, Steven Spielberg, who was the executive producer of “Transformers”, recommended him to do this. It was Spielberg who invited Michael Bay to direct Transformers in 2005, and Bay, according to Empire, initially declined because he thought he would have to work on a “stupid toy movie.”

I shot too much [«Трансформеров»]. Steven Spielberg told me, “Stop at the third part.” And I said I would stop. But the studio begged me to make a fourth film, I made it, and it then raised a billion dollars. And I said again that I’m done with the Transformers. And the studio begged me again. I had to stop. Although it was fun to work on them.

I love all my films, from “Blood and Sweat” to “13 Hours”. I like to go from big to small, I don’t want to do the same thing.

Michael Bay


Michael Bay has made five films based on Transformers. After them came the spin-off of the franchise – “Bumblebee”, which worked on Travis Knight.

Paramount has already announced the seventh film on “Transformers” – “Climbing St. John’s Wort”. He must start a new trilogy.

The Triquel “Quiet Place” in 2025 and the new trilogy “Transformers”: the main announcements Paramount +

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